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アジア太平洋地域の開発途上国における公正な移行の実現に向けて.. Tokyo: Global Environment Outreach Centre (GEOC); 2024 4 4
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UNU International Institute for Global Health, Sunway University and Sunway Centre for Planetary Health ed. Asia Regional Workshop on Climate and Health Co-benefits 2024/02/05-06 Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur: UNU International Institute for Global Health, 2024. 10 8
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Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking FAST (2024). Exploring Migrant Survivors’ Remittance Needs in the United States. United Nations University. 5 3
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Wadumestrige Dona, Chethika Gunasiri, Mohan, Geetha and Fukushi, Kensuke, (2024). Multifunctionality benefits of small-scale urban agriculture. Sustainability Science, n/a-n/a 3  
Liu, Xinhui, Yang, Yu, Takizawa, Satoshi, Graham, Nigel J.D., Chen, Chao, Pu, Jian and Ng, How Yong, (2024). New insights into the concentration-dependent regulation of membrane biofouling formation via continuous nanoplastics stimulation. Water Research, 253(1 April 2024), n/a-n/a 1  
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Resilient Horizons: Building Sustainable Environments for Climate Adaptation and Health, ed. He, Bao-Jie, Jupesta, Joni and Pignatta, Gloria (Cham, Switzerland: Springer Cham, 2024). 124  
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Nandika, Muhammad Rizki, Rachman, Herlambang Aulia, Eguchi, Tsuyoshi, Setiawati, Martiwi Diah, Chatterjee, Uday, Adi, Novi Susetyo, Husain, Badrul Huda and Muslim, Aidy M. ed. Sentinel-1 SAR Imaging for Detection and Analysis of Oil Spills in the Coastal Waters of Bintan: A Case Study and Environmental Monitoring Application 2023/10/23-27 Bali, Indonesia. New York: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2024.    
Akrofi, Mark M., Okitasari, Mahesti and Korwatanasakul, Upalat, (2024). Stakeholders' awareness of urban form effects on rooftop solar photovoltaic in Ghana: Implications for integrated solar energy and urban planning. Energy for Sustainable Development, 78(February 2024), n/a-n/a 5 1
Frank Haberstroh (2024). Tackling Illicit Financial Flows at Source: Adopting a ‘Location-Centred Approach’ to Address Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. United Nations University. 3 32
Maetens, Willem, Masante, Dario, Barbosa, Paulo, Rossi, Lauro, Wens, Marthe, de Moel, Hans, Van Loon, Anne, Cotti, Davide, Sabino Siemons, Anne-Sophie, Hagenlocher, Michael, Bláhová, Monika, Blauhut, Veit, Szillat, Kathrin, Stahl, Kerstin and Toreti, Andrea (2024). The European Drought Observatory for Resilience and Adaptation (EDORA). European Commission. 3  
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Day, Adam (2024). The Summit of the Future is a Chance to 'Human Proof' Our Global Governance System. United Nations University. 3 2
Hannah Eger, Shubha Chacko, Salma El-Gamal, Thomas Gerlinger, Alexandra Kaasch, Marie Meudec, Shehnaz Munshi, Awa Naghipour, Emma Rhule, Yatirajula Kanaka Sandhya and Oriana López Uribe, (2024). Towards a Feminist Global Health Policy: Power, intersectionality, and transformation. PLOS Global Public Health, n/a-n/a    
Turmena, Lucas, Guerra, Flávia, Freitas, Altiere, Ramos-Galvez, Alejandra, Sandholz, Simone, Roll, Michael, Freire, Isadora and Oliveira, Millena (2024). TUC Urban Lab Profile: Alliance for the Centre of Recife, Brazil. TUC Profiles. United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security. 1 2
Guerra, Flávia, Menezes, Monique, Turmena, Lucas, Ramos-Galvez, Alejandra, Sandholz, Simone, Roll, Michael, Alberti, Camila and Távora, Tátila (2024). TUC Urban Lab Profile: Alliance for the Residencial Edgar Gayoso, Teresina, Brazil. TUC Profiles. United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security. 5 4
Guerra, Flávia, Nesprias, Julia, Ramos-Galvez, Alejandra, Turmena, Lucas, Sandholz, Simone, Roll, Michael, Hardoy, Jorgelina, Almansi, Florencia, Ochagavía, Macarena and Almansi, Fernando (2024). TUC Urban Lab Profile: Barrio 20, Buenos Aires, Argentina. TUC Profiles. United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security. 6 8
Ramírez, Andrea, González Barbosa, Sabrina, Guerra, Flávia, Ramos-Galvez, Alejandra, Sandholz, Simone, Roll, Michael, Campos-Sánchez, Mariana, Enríquez-Alcaraz, Ana Iris, Villasís-Escobedo, Andrea and Pozos-Espinosa, Óscar Jair (2024). TUC Urban Lab Profile: León, Mexico. TUC Profiles. United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security. 2  
Roll, Michael, Romero Magallán, Marisol, Ramírez, Andrea, Guerra, Flávia, Ramos-Galvez, Alejandra, Sandholz, Simone, Campos-Sánchez, Mariana, Zubicaray, Gorka, Pozos-Espinosa, Óscar Jair, Villasís-Escobedo, Andrea and Enríquez-Alcaraz, Ana Iris (2024). TUC Urban Lab Profile: Naucalpan, Mexico. TUC Profiles. United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security. 1  
Jupesta, Joni, Akimoto, Keigo, Halsnaes, Kirsten, Denton, Fatima, Teng, Fei, Creutzig, Felix and Castaneda, Antonethe, "Twinning Digital Transformation and Green Transformation toward Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific" in Digital Transformation for Inclusive and Sustainable Development in Asia (Tokyo: Asian Development Bank Institute, 2024), 77-98. 2  
OLUWASANYA, Grace, OMONIYI, Ayodetimi, PERERA, Duminda, QADIR, Manzoor and MADANI, Kaveh (2024). Unmasking the Unseen: The Gendered Impacts of Water Quality, Sanitation and Hygiene. United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU INWEH). 83 100