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Walz, Yvonne, Sandholz, Simone, Urrutia, Manuel, Narvaez, Liliana, Ramírez, Andrea and Saenger, Nathalie (2023). Nature-based Solutions for integrated planning and implementation of disaster and climate risk management. United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security and United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction. 100 64
Nakamura, Takashi, Osaka, Ken'ichi, Chapagain, Saroj Kumar and Nishida, Kei, (2023). Nitrogen Contamination and Denitrification Occurrence in Shallow Groundwater of Urbanized Area at Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi) , 132(2), 183-196 40  
de Magalhães, Larissa and Ben Dhaou, Soumaya, (2023). Open Data and Emerging Technologies: Connecting SDG Performance and Digital Transformation. STI Forum, n/a-n/a 25 1
Hahn, Angela, Kirschke, Sabrina, Caucci, Serena, Müller, Andrea, Benavides, Lucia and Avellán, Tamara, (2023). Perceptions of Transdisciplinary Research – A Comparative Case Study from Latin America. Current Research in Environmental Sustainability, 5 100207-n/a 58  
Permana, Indra, Sudirja, Rija and Jupesta, Joni, (2023). Potential of Vermifiltration Technique to Reduce Chemical Oxygen Demand, Biological Oxygen Demand, and Total Suspended Solid of Farm Dairy Effluent in Developing Countries: Case of Indonesian Farm Dairy Industry. Green and Low-Carbon Economy, n/a-n/a 38  
Eduardo Albrecht (2023). Predictive Technologies in Conflict Prevention: Practical and Policy Considerations for the Multilateral System. United Nations University. 86 207
Züfle, Simon and Schneider, Christian P., (2023). Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals through business-to-business partnerships: Lessons from sales partnerships between German and African companies. African Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2(1), 51-80 8  
Jasmin Diab (2023). Safe Return and Voluntary Repatriation for Syrian Refugees from Lebanon: What Needs to Happen Next?. United Nations University. 234 861
Okitasari, Mahesti, Katramiz, Tarek, Kandpal, Richa and Korwatanasakul, Upalat, "SDG Localization Work for Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic: Indonesia and the Philippines" in SDGs in the Asia and Pacific Region ed. Filho, Walter Leal, Ng, Theam Foo, Iyer-Raniga, Usha, Ng, Artie and Sharifi, Ayyoob (Cham: Springer Cham, 2023), 1-27. 179  
Caroline Nalule, Heaven Crawley and Diana Zacca Thomaz, (2023). Shrinking the Justice Gap: Rethinking Access to Justice for Migrants in the Global South. UNU Website, n/a-n/a 90 618
Kelemen, Eszter, Subramanian, Suneetha M., Ágnes Zólyomi, Amaruzaman, Sacha, Porter-Bolland, Luciana, Islar, Mine, Kosmus, Marina, Nakangu, Barbara, Nuesiri, Emmanuel, Robles, Gabriela A, Yiu, Evonne, Emerton, Lucy and Zólyomi, Ágnes, (2023). Signposts on the road toward transformative governance: how a stronger focus on diverse values can enhance environmental policies. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 64(October 2023), 1877-3435 69 6
IPSI Secretariat and UNU-IAS (2023). Strategy and Plan of Action 2023–2030 of the International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative. United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability. 43 4
Vaughn, Leona and Simon Zaugg (2023). Strengthening Financial Inclusion to Protect Against Modern Slavery: Applying Lessons to Bank Forcibly Displaced Persons/Refugees. United Nations University. 134 436
Parekhelashvili, Mariam, Elgiriya-Witharanage, Kushala A. N. and Buri, Sinja (2023). Strengthening Financial Resilience in the Pacific: 16 Lessons Learned from Implementing Climate Risk Insurance Solutions. United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS). 628 227
Songkram, Noawanit, Chootongchai, Suparoek, Thanapornsangsuth, Sawaros, Osuwan, Hathaiphat, Piromsopa, Krerk, Chuppunnarat, Yootthana and Songkram, Nutthakorn, (2023). Success Factors to Promote Digital Learning Platforms: An Empirical Study From an Instructor’s Perspective. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 18(9), 32-48 125 79
Prates, Luisa, Karthe, Daniel, Zhang, Lulu, Wang, Lili, O'Connor, Jack, Lee, Halim and Dornack, Christina, (2023). Sustainability for all? The challenges of predicting and managing the potential risks of end-of-life electric vehicles and their batteries in the Global South. Environmental Earth Sciences, 82 143-n/a 55  
Ferolla Prates, Luisa, Karthe, Daniel, Zhang, Lulu, Wang, Lili, O'Connor, Jack, Lee, Halim and Dornack, Christina, (2023). Sustainability for All? The challenges of predicting and managing the potential risks of end-of-life electric vehicles and their batteries in the Global South.. Environmental Earth Sciences, 82(143), n/a-n/a 159  
Roos, Nicolas, Sassen, Remmer and Guenther, Edeltraud, (2023). Sustainability governance toward an organizational sustainability culture at German higher education institutions. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 24(3), 553-583 7  
Membretti, Andrea, Taylor, Susan J. and Delves, Jess L., Sustainable Futures in Southern Africa’s Mountains. Multiple Perspectives on an Emerging city., ed. Membretti, Andrea, Taylor, Susan J. and Delves, Jess L. (Cham: Springer Nature, 2023). 251 27
Rackelmann, Fabian, Sebesvari, Zita and Bell, Rainer, (2023). Synergies and trade-offs in the management objectives forest health and flood risk reduction. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change, 6 1-20 53 4
Hagenlocher, Michael, Naumann, Gustavo, Meza, Isabel, Blauhut, Veit, Cotti, Davide, Doell, Petra, Ehlert, Katrin, Gaupp, Franziska, Van Loon, Anne, Marengo, Jose A., Rossi, Lauro, Sabino Siemons, Anne-Sophie, Siebert, Stefan, Tsehayu, Adebe Tadege, Toreti, Andrea, Tsegai, Daniel, Vera, Carolina, Vogt, Juergen and Wens, Marthe, (2023). Tackling Growing Drought Risks — The Need for a Systemic Perspective. Earth’s Future, 11(9), 1-10 37  
McGowran, Peter, Johns, Hannah, Raju, Emmanuel and Ayeb-Karlsson, Sonja, (2023). The making of India's COVID-19 disaster: A Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Assemblage analysis. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 93 1-14 60 11
Kozar, Raffaela, Djalante, Riyanti, Leimona, Beria, Subramanian, Suneetha M. and Saito, Osamu, (2023). The politics of adaptiveness in agroecosystems and its role in transformations to sustainable food systems. Earth System Governance, 15 n/a-n/a 134 41
Setiawati, Martiwi Diah, Jarzebski, Marcin Pawel, Miura, Fuminari, Mishra, Binaya K. and Fukushi, Kensuke, "The Public Health Risks of Waterborne Pathogen Exposure Under a Climate Change Scenario in Indonesia" in Ecological Footprints of Climate Change (Cham: Springer Cham, 2023), 607-624. 35  
Melaku, Alebel, Pastor-Ivars, Juan and Sahle, Mesfin, (2023). The state-of-the-art and future research directions on sacred forests and ecosystem services. Environmental Management, 71(June 2023), 1255-1268 25  
Tshilidzi Marwala, Eleonore Fournier-Tombs and Stinckwich, Serge (2023). The Use of Synthetic Data to Train AI Models: Opportunities and Risks for Sustainable Development. UNU Policy Brief. United Nations University. 60 202
Nehren, Udo, Arce-Mojica, Teresa, Cara Barrett, Alejandra, Cueto, Jorge, Doswald, Nathalie, Janzen, Sally, Lange, Wolfram, Ortiz-Vargas, Andrea, Pirazan-Palomar, Laura, Renaud, Fabrice G., Sandholz, Simone, Sebesvari, Zita, Sudmeier-Rieux, Karen and Walz, Yvonne, (2023). Towards a typology of nature-based solutions for disaster risk reduction. Nature-Based Solutions, 3(100057), 1-17 317  
Sparkes, Edward, Hagenlocher, Michael, Cotti, Davide, Banerjee, Sumana, Masys, Anthony J., Rana, Sohel, Shekhar, Himanshu, Sodogas, Victor A., Surtiari, Gusti Ayu Ketut, Valdiviezo-Ajila, Angel and Werners, Saskia E. (2023). Understanding and characterizing complex risks with Impact Webs: A guidance document. United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security. 16 6
Jin-ho Chung (2023). Understanding Climate-Related Mobility in Contexts of Urbanization. United Nations University. 19 161
Magesa, Bahati A., Mohan, Geetha, Matsuda, Hirotaka, Melts, Indrek, Kefi, Mohamed and Fukushi, Kensuke, (2023). Understanding the farmers’ choices and adoption of adaptation strategies, and plans to climate change impact in Africa: A systematic review. Climate Services, 30 n/a-n/a 179 69
Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Jason Gagnon and Carmen Himmelstine (2023). Understanding the Links between Social Protection and Migration in Low- and Middle-income Countries. United Nations University. 57 153
UNU-IAS (2023). United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability Annual Report 2022. United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS). 99 16
Kuzma, Samantha, Kruitwagen, Lucas, Arderne, Christopher, Goswami, Sahana, Goyal, Anupriya, Lees, Thomas, Thalheimer, Lisa and Basak, Samrat (2023). Using a Deep Learning Framework to Forecast Reservoir Water Availability in India. World Resources Institute. 26 3
Tiffany Nassiri-Ansari and David McCoy (2023). World-class Universities? Interrogating the Biases and Coloniality of Global University Rankings. UNU International Institute for Global Health. 951 1719
Watanabe, Tsunao, (2023). 自然再生推進法施行から20年 (20 years since the Enforcement of the Law for Promotion of Nature Restoration). Ocean Newsletter, 552 2-3 27 5
Anamwathana, Panarat and Thanapornsangsuth, Sawaros, (2023). Youth Political Participation in Thailand: A Social and Historical Overview. International Journal of Sociology, n/a-n/a 247