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Chew, Fiona L., Thavaratnam, Lakana K., Shukor, Intan N., Ramasamy, Sunder, Rahmat, Jamalia, Reidpath, Daniel D., Allotey, Pascale and Alagaratnam, Joseph, (2018). Visual impairment and amblyopia in Malaysian pre-school children - The SEGPAEDS study. The Medical journal of Malaysia, 73(1), 25-30 363  
Hosli, Madeleine, Plechanovová, Běla and Kaniovski, Serguei, (2018). Vote Probabilities, Thresholds and Actor Preferences: Decision Capacity and the Council of the European Union. Homo Oeconomicus - Journal of Behavioral and Institutional Economics, 35(2-Jan), 1-22 196  
Hagenlocher, Michael, Renaud, Fabrice G., Haas, Susanne and Sebesvari, Zita, (2018). Vulnerability and risk of deltaic social-ecological systems exposed to multiple hazards. Science of the Total Environment, 631-632 71-80 987  
Baldé, Kees, D'Angelo, Elena, Forti, Vanessa, Kuehr, Ruediger and van den Brink, Susan (2018). Waste Mercury Perspective: 2010-2035 From global to regional. United Nations University and United Nations Industrial Development Organiszation. 564 1035
Ferráns, Laura, Caucci, Serena, Cifuentes, Jorge, Avellán, Tamara, Dornack, Christina and Hettiarachchi, Hiroshan (2018). Wastewater Management in the Basin of Lake Atitlan: A Background Study. Working Paper. United Nations University Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources (UNU-FLORES). 1576 4079
Tavares, António and Roeger, Alexandra, (2018). Water Safety Plans: A Review of Empirical Research on Adoption and Implementation. Utilities Policy, 53 15-24 425  
Kim, Jiwon, Kirschke, Sabrina and Avellán, Tamara, (2018). Well-Designed Citizen Science Projects Can Help Monitor SDG 6. SDG Knowledge Hub, n/a-n/a 611  
Ryu, Hyeonju, Basu, Mrittika and Saito, Osamu, (2018). What and how are we sharing? A systematic review of the sharing paradigm and practices. Sustainability Science, 14(2), 515-527 314 907
von Einsiedel, Sebastian, Salih, Cale, Kaye, Josie L., MacClinchy, Wendy A. and Galtieri, Francesco (2018). What Works in UN Resident Coordinator-Led Conflict Prevention: Lessons from the Field. United Nations University. 1949 2395
Ju, Bei and Sandel, Todd L., (2018). Who am I? A Case Study of a Foreigner’s Identity in China as Presented via WeChat Moments. China Media Research, 14(2), 62-74 546 552
Carvalho, Joana and Soares, Delfina, "Who Is Measuring What and How in EGOV Domain?" EGOV-CeDEM-ePart 2018, Krems, 2018/09/03-05. 534  
Soon, Wong Y, Allotey, Pascale and Reidpath, Daniel D., (2018). Why we run when the doctor comes: Orang Asli responses to health systems in transition in Malaysia. Critical Public Health, 29(2), 192-204 462  
Chandrasekhar, Parvathy, Kreiselmeier, Janis, Schwen, Andreas, Weninger, Thomas, Julich, Stefan, Feger, Karl-Heinz and Schwärzel, Kai, (2018). Why We Should Include Soil Structural Dynamics of Agricultural Soils in Hydrological Models. Water, 10(12), 1-18 438  
Khadka, Manohara and Sunam, Ramesh, "Workforce diversity and reservation policy in Nepal: A strategic approach to strengthening women’s voice and visibility in formal employment sector" Women and the Future of Work in the Asia-Pacific, Bangkok, 2018/01/31-02/01. 655 662
Sarantis, Demetrios and Ben Dhaou, Soumaya (2018). Worldwide training needs on Electronic Governance. UNU-EGOV. 482  
Youth Entrepreneurship and Africa’s Sustainable Industrialization, ed. Kapfudzaruwa, Farai, Nagao, Masafumi and Mutisya, Emmanuel (Denver: Spears Media Press, 2018). 461