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Desvachez, Fanny, (2015). Humanitarian Engagement and the Mediterranean Crisis: Civil Society Responses., n/a-n/a 366  
Warner, Koko, Hoffmaister, Juan and Milan, Andrea, "Human Mobility and Adaptation: Reducing Susceptibility to Climatic Stressors and Mainstreaming" in Environmental Change, Adaptation and Migration ed. Hillmann, Felicitas, Pahl, Marie, Rafflenbeul, Birte and Sterly, Harald (London: Palgrave Macmillan UK, 2015), 41-56. 533   0
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Hassan, Noor Artika, Hashim, Zailina and Hashim, Jamal H., (2015). Impact of Climate Change on Air Quality and Public Health in Urban Areas. Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health, 1-11 538   0
Baye, Francis Menjo (2015). Impact of Education on Inequality Across the Wage Distribution Profile in Cameroon : 2005-10. UNU-WIDER. 379  
Yu, Miaozi, Zhang, Lulu, Xu, Xuexuan, Feger, Karl-Heinz, Wang, Yanhui, Liu, Wenzhao and Schwärzel, Kai, (2015). Impact of Land-Use Changes on Soil Hydraulic Properties of Calcaric Regosols on the Loess Plateau, NW China. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 178(3), 486-498 1023   0
Wen, Lijuan, Nagabhatla, Nidhi, Zhao, Lin, Li, Zhaoguo and Chen, Shiqiang, (2015). Impacts of salinity parameterizations on temperature simulation over and in a hypersaline lake. Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, 33(3), 709-801 577   0
Wen, Lijuan, Lv, Shihua, Li, Zhaoguo, Zhao, Lin and Nagabhatla, Nidhi, (2015). Impacts of the Two Biggest Lakes on Local Temperature and Precipitation in the Yellow River Source Region of the Tibetan Plateau. Advances in Meteorology, 2015 1-10 498  
Importing EU Norms: Conceptual Frameworks and Empirical Findings, ed. Björkdahl, Annika, Chaban, Natalia, Leslie, John and Masselot, Annick (Dordrecht: Springer International, 2015). 295  
Bello, Valeria, (2015). Inclusiveness as Construction of Open Identity: How Social Relationships Affect Attitudes Towards Immigrants in European Societies. Social Indicators research, 2015(Online First), 199-223 706   0
Paffenholz, Thania (2015). Inclusivity in Peace Processes. Review of the Peacebuilding Architecture. United Nations University Centre for Policy Research. 421 1307
Singhal, Saurabh and Pan, Yao (2015). Income and Malaria : Evidence from an agricultural intervention in Uganda. UNU-WIDER. 428  
Rankin, Neil, Burger, Rulof, Coetzee, Wicus and Kreuser, Friedrich (2015). Income and price elasticities of demand in South Africa : An application of the linear expenditure system. UNU-WIDER. 327  
Cornia, Giovanni Andrea (2015). Income Inequality in Latin America : Recent Decline and Prospects for Its Further Reduction. UNU-WIDER. 342  
Cano, Liliana (2015). Income Mobility in Ecuador : New Evidence from Individual Income Tax Returns. UNU-WIDER. 297  
Cano, Liliana (2015). Income Mobility in Ecuador : New Evidence from Individual Income Tax Returns. UNU-WIDER. 340  
Brunori, Paolo, Palmisano, Flaviana and Peragine, Vito (2015). Inequality of Opportunity During the Great Recession in Uganda. UNU-WIDER. 473  
Luongo, Patrizia (2015). Inequality of Opportunity in Educational Achievements : Cross-country and Intertemporal Comparisons. UNU-WIDER. 335  
Canning, David and Akachi, Yoko (2015). Inferring the economic standard of living and health from cohort height : Evidence from modern populations in developing countries. UNU-WIDER. 443  
Kohsaka, Ryo, Tomiyoshi, Mitsuyuki, Saito, Osamu, Hashimoto, Shizuka and Mohammend, Leah, (2015). Interactions of knowledge systems in shiitake mushroom production: a case study on the Noto Peninsula, Japan. Journal of Forest Research, 20(5), 453-463 641   0
Sušnik, Janez, Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia, Lydia S., Baumert, Niklas, Kloos, Julia, Renaud, Fabrice G., La Jeunesse, Isabelle, Mabrouk, Badr, Savić , Dragan A., Kapelan, Zoran, Ludwig, Ralf, Fischer, Georg, Roson, Roberto and Zografos, Christos, (2015). Interdisciplinary assessment of sea-level rise and climate change impacts on the lower Nile delta, Egypt. Science of the Total Environment, 503-504 279-288 796  
Veiga, Linda and Kurian, Mathew, "Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations: Questions of Accountability and Autonomy" in Governing the Nexus: Water, Soil and Waste Resources Considering Global Change ed. Kurian, Mathew and Ardakanian, Reza (Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2015), 63-81. 497   0
Veiga, Linda, Kurian, Mathew and Ardakanian, Reza, Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations: Questions of Accountability and Autonomy, (The Netherlands: Springer, 2015). 909  
De Lombaerde, Philippe and Rodríguez, Liliana Lizarazo, (2015). International Regionalism and National Constitutions: A Jurimetric Assessment. Journal of Transnational Law & Policy, 24 23-64 188  
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Rodriguez Takeuchi, Laura (2015). Intra-Household Inequalities in Child Rights and Well-Being : A Barrier to Progress?. UNU-WIDER. 407  
Bosetti, Louise and von Einsiedel, Sebastian (2015). Intrastate-based Armed Conflicts: Overview of global and regional trends (1990-2013). Occasional Paper. United Nations University Centre for Policy Research. 504 6755
UNU-IAS and IGES (2015). IPSI Case Study Review: a review of 80 case studies under the International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative (IPSI). United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability. 502 287
IPSI Secretariat (2015). IPSI Handbook: The International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative (IPSI) Charter, Operational Guidelines, Strategy, Plan of Action 2013-2018. United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability. 392 313
Bloom, Tendayi (2015). Is the Domestic Workers Convention a Triumph for Female Migrant Agency?. Female Agency, Mobility and Sociocultural Change (Policy Report Series 3). UNU-GCM. 418 162
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Chandran, Rahul, (2015). It’s Broke, So Fix It: Humanitarian Response in Crisis. United Nations University Centre for Policy Research, n/a-n/a 445  
Chandran, Rahul (2015). It’s Broke, So Fix It Part II: Peacebuilding. United Nations University Centre for Policy Research. 295 178
Chandran, Rahul, (2015). It’s Not There, so Build It: Pandemic Response, the UN, and the World Bank. United Nations University Centre for Policy Research, n/a-n/a 499  
Loshana Shagar and Tsutsumi, Atsuro, (2015). Japan's uphill struggle to curb high suicide rate. The Star Online, N/A-N/A 129  
Ali Jadoo, Saad A., Aljunid, Syed M., Dastan, Ilker, Tawfeeq, Ruqiya S., Mustafa, Ali M., Ganasegeran, Kurubaran and Al-Dubai, Sami A., (2015). Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention Among Iraqi Doctors: A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Multicentre Study. Human Resource for Health, 13(21), 1-11 531   0
Neyts, Kate (2015). Key Issues of Female Integration, Urban Relocation and Remaking Home. UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies. 140  
Neyts, Kate (2015). Key Issues of Female Migration, Urban Relocation and Remaking Home. Female Agency, Mobility and Sociocultural Change (Policy Report Series 3). UNU-GCM. 415 127
Kim, Eun (2015). Korea’s evolving business–government relationship. UNU-WIDER. 302  
Narciso, Gaia (2015). Labour and migration in rural Vietnam. UNU-WIDER. 326  
Markussen, Thomas (2015). Land issues in Vietnam 2006–14 : Markets, property rights, and investment. UNU-WIDER. 287  
Lazarowicz, Alex, (2015). Language and Integration in Barcelona, a Globalised Bilingual City. openDemocracy, n/a-n/a 374  
Nagabhatla, Nidhi, Padmanabhan, Martina, Kühlea, Peter, Vishnudas, Suma, Betz, Lydia and Niemeyer, Bastian, (2015). LCLUC as an entry point for transdisciplinary research – Reflections from an agriculture land use change study in South Asia. Journal of Environment Management, 148 42-52 533  
Cooper, Hannah, (2015). Leaving No One Behind: Addressing Gender Inequalities in Conflict. United Nations University Centre for Policy Research, n/a-n/a 450  
Addison, Tony and Tarp, Finn (2015). Lessons for Japanese foreign aid from research on aid’s impact. UNU-WIDER. 434  
Chandran, Rahul (2015). Let’s start at the very beginning: Governing the UN Development System in the age of sustainable development. United Nations University Centre for Policy Research. 309 71