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Ivanovic, Alexandra, Munshey, Menaal and Bosetti, Louise, (2015). Climate Change and the City. United Nations University Centre for Policy Research, n/a-n/a 404  
Dickin, Sarah (2015). Climate Change Impacts on Health in the Arab Region: A Case Study on Neglected Tropical Diseases. UNU-INWEH and ESCWA. 58  
Aginam, Obijiofor, (2015). Climate Diplomacy for Global Health. Our World, n/a-n/a 662  
McKay, Andrew, Cazzufi, Chiara and Perge, Emelie (2015). Commercialization in agriculture in rural Viet Nam, 2006-14. UNU-WIDER. 329  
Kaila, Heidi (2015). Comparing the development of agricultural technology and information technology in rural Vietnam. UNU-WIDER. 308  
Bloom, Tendayi, "Composing Theories of Justice in an Unjust World: Using a Methodology of Interdisciplinary Iterative Analysis to Examine the UK Policy of Destitution of Refused Asylum Seekers" in Migration Across Boundaries : Linking Research to Practice and Experience ed. Nair, Parvati and Bloom, Tendayi (London: Ashgate, 2015), 49-68. 438  
Minas, Harry, Tsutsumi, Atsuro, Izutsu, Takashi, Goetzke, Kathryn and Thornicroft, Graham, (2015). Comprehensive SDG goal and targets for non-communicable diseases and mental health. International Journal of Mental Health Systems, 9(12), n/a-n/a 548   0
Walker, Summer and Cockayne, James (2015). Concept Note for Identifying Common Ground on Public Health. United Nations University. 618 183
Walker, Summer and Cockayne, James (2015). Concept Note: Identifying Common Ground on Criminal Justice for UNGASS 2016. United Nations University. 620 220
Walker, Summer and Cockayne, James (2015). Concept Note: Identifying Common Ground on Development for UNGASS 2016. United Nations University. 581 123
Chandran, Rahul (2015). Conceptual Issues In Peacebuilding. Review of the Peacebuilding Architecture. United Nations University Centre for Policy Research. 453 983
Newman, Carol and Zhang, Mengyang (2015). Connections and the Allocation of Public Benefits. UNU-WIDER. 306  
Oku, Effiom, Aiyelari, Ambrose and Asubonteng, Kwabena O. (2015). Controlling Erosion and Increasing Crop Yields in Slope Farming: A Vetiver Technology. UNU-INRA Policy Brief. United Nations University Institute for Natural Resources in Africa. 623 222
Huisman, Jaco, Botezatu, Ioana, Herreras-Martínez, Lucía, Liddane, Mary, Hintsa, Juha, Luda di Cortemiglia, Vittoria, Leroy, Pascal, Vermeersch, Elise, Mohanty, Sangeeta, van den Brink, Susan, Ghenciu, Bogdan, Dimitrova, Denitsa, Nash, Emily, Shryane, Therese, Wieting, Melanie, Kehoe, James, Balde, Cornelis P., Magalini, Federico, Zanasi, Alessandro, Ruini, Fabio (2015). Countering WEEE Illegal Trade (CWIT) Summary Report, Market Assessment, Legal Analysis, Crime Analysis and Recommendations Roadmap. Countering WEEE Illegal Trade (CWIT) Consortium. 849  
Fekete, Alexander, Tzavella, Katerina, Armas, Iuliana, Binner, Jane, Garschagen, Matthias, Giupponi, Carlo, Mojtahed, Vahid, Pettita, Marcello, Schneiderbauer, Stefan and Serre, Damien, (2015). Critical data source; tool or even infrastructure? Challenges of geographic information systems and remote sensing for disaster risk governance. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 4 1848-1869 3427   0
Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture.. London: Intellect; 2015 470  
Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture.. London: Intellect; 2015 443  
Shrestha, Niranjan, Lamsal, Alaka, Regmi, Ram K. and Mishra, Binaya K. (2015). Current Status of Water Environment in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Water and Urban Initiative Working Paper Series. United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability. 1167 7419
Nganje, Fritz (2015). Decentralized Cooperation and the New Development Cooperation Agenda: What Role for the UN?. United Nations University Centre for Policy Research. 446 2371
Garschagen, Matthias, (2015). Decentralizing urban disaster risk management in a centralized system? Agendas, actors and contentions in Vietnam. Habitat International, 1-7 3156   0
Steiblel, Fabro and Estevez, Elsa, "Designing web 2.0 tools for online public consultation" in Impact of information society research in the global south ed. Chib, Arul, May, Julian and Barrantes, Roxana (Berlin: Springer, 2015), 243-265. 568   0
Almahbashi, Taha, Aljunid, Syed M. and Ismail, Aniza, (2015). Determinants of Health Profession Student Satisfaction with Educational Services. Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine, 15(2), 32-39 397  
Arndt, Channing (2015). Development Assistance and Climate Finance. UNU-WIDER. 347  
Nagamatsu, Shingo (2015). Did Cash for Work Programs Promote Recovery from the March 2011 Disasters?. Fukushima Global Communication Programme Working Paper Series. United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability. 584 481
Wrathall, David (2015). Differentiated migration as community disassembly: Resilience perspectives on catastrophic disturbances. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 6615 264
Zhang, Lulu, Feger, Karl-Heinz, Schwärzel, Kai, Podlasly, Christian and Wang, Yanhui, (2015). Different Land Management Measures and Climate Change Impacts on the Runoff: A Simple Empirical Method Derived in a Mesoscale Catchment on the Loess Plateau. Journal of Arid Environments, 120 42-50 1030   0
Sharma, Smriti and Deshpande, Ashwini (2015). Disadvantage and discrimination in self-employment : Caste gaps in earnings in Indian small businesses. UNU-WIDER. 421  
O'Neil, Siobhan, (2015). Disengaging Children in Violent Extremist Contexts. United Nations University Centre for Policy Research, n/a-n/a 818  
Blasiak, Robert, Doll, Christopher, Yagi, Nobuyuki and Kurokura, Hisashi, (2015). Displacement, diffusion and intensification (DDI) in marine fisheries: A typology for analyzing coalitional stability under dynamic conditions. Environmental Science & Policy, 54 134-141 768   0
Akpalu, Wisdom, Christian, Aaron K. and Codjoe, Samuel Nii Ardey (2015). Does Food Insecurity Impact Subjective Evaluation of Well-being? Evidence From a Developing Country. UNU-WIDER. 391  
Jones, Sam and Tarp, Finn (2015). Does foreign aid harm political institutions?. UNU-WIDER. 413  
Mveyange, Anthony, Skovsgaard, Christian and Lesner, Tine (2015). Does HIV/AIDS matter for economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa?. UNU-WIDER. 266  
Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J., Watt, Susan, Cave, Kate and Mehta, Praem (2015). Doing Development Differently: Bridging Policy, Practice, and Research for WaSH and Wellbeing. UNU-INWEH. 315  
Bisung, Elijah, Elliott, Susan J., Abudho, Bernard, Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J. and Karanja, Diana M., (2015). Dreaming of toilets: Using photovoice to explore knowledge, attitudes and practices around water-health linkages in rural Kenya. Health & Place, 31 208-215 399   0
Kummitha, Rama K.R. and Majumdar, Satyajit, (2015). Dynamic curriculum development on social entrepreneurship: A case study of TISS. The International Journal of Management Education, 13(3), 260-267 598   0
Hernández-Sancho, Francesc, Lamizana-Diallo, Birguy, Mateo-Sagasta, Javier and Qadir, Manzoor (2015). Economic Valuation of Wastewater: The cost of action and the cost of no action. UNEP. 1302 2751
Cave, Kate, Heikoop, Bernhard, Quillérou, Emmanuelle and Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J. (2015). Ecotourism: Reinforcing Local Demand for a "Waste to Wealth" Approach to Sanitation. UNU-INWEH. 275  
van der Geest, Kees and Warner, Koko, (2015). Editorial: Loss and damage from climate change: emerging perspectives. International Journal of Global Warming, 8(2), 133-140 952 722
Guasp Teschendorff, Marta (2015). Education in Syria: a catalyst to girls’ well-being under risk. UNU-GCM. 298  
Beste, Alice (2015). Education provision for Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey: Preventing a “Lost Generation”. UNU-GCM. 538  
Reddy, Krishna R., Hettiarachchi, Hiroshan, Giri, Rajiv K. and Gangathulasi, Janardhanan, (2015). Effects of Degradation on Geotechnical Properties of Municipal Solid Waste from Orchard Hills Landfill, USA. International Journal of Geosynthetics and Ground Engineering, 1(3), 1-14 665  
Mahaffy, Naomi C., Dickson, Sarah, Cantwell, Raymond E., Lucier, Kayla and Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J., (2015). Effects of physical disturbances on media and performance of household-scale slow sand (BioSand) filters. Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology AQUA, 64(3), 250-259 390   0
Favretto, Nicola, Quillérou, Emmanuelle, Stewart, Naomi and Etter, Hannes (2015). ELD Initiative User Guide: A 6+1 step approach to assess the economics of land management. ELD Initiative. 305 78
Amaya , Ana B., Cabral, Cesar , Coitiño, Andrés, De Lombaerde, Philippe, Faria, Mariana, Herrero, Belen M., Kingah, Stephen, Riggirozzi, Pia, Mattos, Marcelo Rojas, Pippo, Tomás, Tobar, Katherine and Ueleres, José (2015). El Monitoreo de Políticas en Salud en UNASUR (= Spanish version). The Open University. 156  
Pescinski, Janina, (2015). Ending Violence Against Migrant Women., n/a-n/a 505  
Norbäck, Dan, Hashim, Jamal H., Markowicz, Pawel, Cai, Gui-Hong, Hashim, Zailina, Ali, Faridah and Larsson, Lennart, (2015). Endotoxin, ergosterol, muramic acid and fungal DNA in dust from schools in Johor Bahru, Malaysia — Associations with rhinitis and sick building syndrome (SBS) in junior high school students. Science of the Total Environment, 545-546 95-103 374  
(2015). Enhancing Knowledge for Better Management of Socio-ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes (SEPLS). Satoyama Initiative Thematic Review. United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability. 791 2397
Herath, Srikantha, Jayaraman, Archana and Diwa, Johanna (2015). Ensuring Water Security for the sustainability of the Hani Rice Terraces, China against Climate and Land Use changes. Rice Terrace Farming Systems Working Paper Series. United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability. 494 279
Azam, Monirul and Okitasari, Mahesti, (2015). Environmental Governance and National Preparedness towards 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development : A Tale of Two Countries. Global Environmental Research, 19(2), 217-224 1002 949
Saikkonen, Liisa (2015). Estimation of substitution and transformation elasticities for South African trade. UNU-WIDER. 274