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Escobar-García, Diego, García-Orozco, Francisco and Cadena-Gaitan, Carlos (2013). Political determinants and impact analysis of using a cable system as a complement to an urban transport system. UNU-MERIT. 355 80
Watson, Derrill D. (2013). Political Economy Synthesis : the Food Policy Crisis. UNU-WIDER. 305  
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(2013). ProSPER.Net: Developing a New Generation of Leaders 2008-2013. United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies. 347  
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Warner, Koko, van der Geest, Kees and Kreft, Soenke (2013). Pushed to the limit: evidence of climate change-related loss and damage when people face constrains and limits to adaptation. UNU-EHS Report. UNU- EHS. 7211 797
Ahmad, Sohail, Choi, Mack Joong and Ko, Jinsoo, (2013). Quantitative and Qualitative demand for slum and non-slum housing in Delhi: empirical evidences from household data. Habitat International, 38 90-99 523   0
Ali Jadoo, Saad A., Jawdat, Ammar, Mustafa, Ali M., Al-Abed Ali Ahmed Al-Abed and Maimaiti, Namaitijiang, (2013). QUOTE-Expectation: Development of Valid and Reliable Questionnaire. World Applied Sciences Journal, 21(1), 190-116 449 223 0
Afifi, Tamer, Liwenga, Emma T. and Kwezi, Lukas, (2013). Rainfall induced crop failure, food insecurity and outmigration in Same-Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Climate and Development, Special Issue, 53-60 528  
Milan, Andrea and Ruano, Sergio, (2013). Rainfall variability, food insecurity and migration in Cabricán, Guatemala. Climate and Development, 6(1), 61-68 473  
Kakinuma, Kaoru, Okayasu, Tomoo, Sasaki, Takehiro, Undarmaa, Jamsran, Okuro, Toshiya and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2013). Rangeland management in highly variable environments: resource spatial heterogeneity mediates impact of grazing on vegetation. Grassland Science, 59 44-51 607   0
Birkmann, Joern, Vollmer, Maike and Schanze, Jochen, (2013). Raumentwicklung im Klimawandel. Herausforderungen für die räumliche Planung. Forschungsberichte der ARL: 2, 1-230 399 189
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Angelsen, Arild (2013). REDD+ as Performance-Based Aid : General Lessons and Bilateral Agreements of Norway. UNU-WIDER. 302  
Fosu-Mensah, Benedicta (2013). Reducing climate change impact on food production in Ghana. UNU-INRA Policy Brief. United Nations University. 601 349
Strzepek, Kenneth and Schlosser, C. Adam (2013). Regional Climate Change of the Greater Zambezi River Basin : A Hybrid Assessment. UNU-WIDER. 358  
Tavares, Rodrigo and Tang, Vanessa, "Regional Economic Integration in Africa: Impediments to Progress?" in Comparative Regionalisms for Development in the 21st Century: Insights from the Global South ed. Fanta, Emmanuel, Shaw, Timothy and Tang, Vanessa (Farnham: Ashgate, 2013), 209-232. 493  
Van Langenhove, Luk and Macovei, Maria Cristina, "Regional Formations and Global Governance" in Comparative Regionalisms for Development in the 21st Century: Insights from the Global South ed. Fanta, Emmanuel, Shaw, Timothy and Tang, Vanessa (Farnham: Ashgate, 2013), 233-252. 421  
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Deacon, Bob and Nita, Sonja, (2013). Regional social integration and free movement across borders: the role of social policy in enabling and preventing access to social entitlements by cross-border movers. Europe and Southern Africa compared. Regions and Cohesion, 3(1), 32-61 441  
Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2013). Regional systems of innovation in the Arab region. UNU-MERIT. 364 239
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Slocum-Bradley, Nikki R., (2013). Relational constructionism: generative theory and practice for conflict engagement and resolution. International Journal of Conflict Engagement and Resolution, 1(1), 114-128 440  
Birkmann, Joern, Garschagen, Matthias, Fernando, Nishara, Hettige, Siri, Tuan, Vo Van and Oliver-Smith, Anthony, "Relocation: Reduction in exposure: Increase in susceptibility? Measuring dynamics of vulnerability before, during and after relocation processes in the context of disasters and natural hazards" in Measuring vulnerability to natural hazards: Towards disaster resilient societies ed. Birkmann, Joern (Tokyo: United Nations University Press, 2013), 505-550. 596  
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Qiu, Zhenmian, Chen, Bixia and Nagata, Akira, (2013). Review of sustainable agriculture: promotion, its challenges and opportunities in Japan. Journal of Resources and Ecology, 4(3), 231-241 774  
van Leeuwen, George and Mohnen, Pierre (2013). Revisiting the porter hypothesis: An empirical analysis of green innovation for the Netherlands. UNU-MERIT. 680  
Taubenböck, Hannes, Goseberg, Nils, Lämmel, Gregor, Setiadi, Neysa J., Schlurmann, Torsten, Nagel, Kai, Siegert, Florian, Birkmann, Joern, Traub, Karl-Peter, Dech, Stefan, Keuck, Vanessa, Lehmann, Frank, Strunz, Günter and Klüpfel, Hubert, (2013). Risk reduction at the "last-mile": an attempt to turn science into action by the example of Padang, Indonesia. Natural Hazards, 65(1), 915-945 459  
Avtar, Ram, Sawada, Haruo and Kumar, Pankaj, (2013). Role of remote sensing and community forestry to manage forests for the effective implementation of REDD+ mechanism: a case study on Cambodia. Environment, Development and Sustainability, 558   0
Rabbani, Golam, Rahman, Atiq and Mainuddin, Khandaker, (2013). Salinity-induced loss and damage to farming households in coastal Bangladesh. International Journal of Global Warming, 5(4), 400-415 446 194
IPSI Secretariat (2013). SATOYAMAイニシアティブ国際パートナー シップ(IPSI)設立と発展. United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies. 382 258
IPSI Secretariat and UNU-IAS (2013). SATOYAMAイニシアティブ国際パートナーシップ(IPSI)戦略(仮訳). United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies. 375 169
Birkmann, Joern, Cutter, Susan L., Burton, Ian, Welle, Torsten, Garschagen, Matthias, O’Neill, Brian, van Ruijven, Bas J., Siagian, Tiodora, Hidayati, Deny, Setiadi, Neysa J., Binder, Claudia R. and Pulwarty, Roger S., (2013). Scenarios for vulnerability: opportunities and constraints in the context of climate change and disaster risk. Climate Change, 1-16 726  
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