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Birchler, Kassandra and Michaelowa, Katharina (2013). Making Aid Work for Education in Developing Countries : an Analysis of Aid Effectiveness for Primary Education Coverage and Quality. UNU-WIDER. 437  
Zhelyazkova, Nevena (2013). Male use of parental leave in Luxembourg: Empirical analysis of administrative records. UNU-MERIT. 367 40
Quillérou, Emmanuelle, Roudaut, Nolwenn and Guyader, Olivier, (2013). Managing Fleet Capacity Effectively Under Second-Hand Market Redistribution. AMBIO, 42(5), 611-627 437  
Murtaza, Ghulam, Ghafoor, Abdul, Zia-ur-Rehman, Muhammad and Qadir, Manzoor, "Marginal-Quality Water Use as an Ameliorant for Tile-Drained Saline-Sodic Soils in a Rice-Wheat Production System" in Developments in Soil Salinity Assessment and Reclamation ed. Shahid, Shabbir A., Abdelfattah, Mahmoud A. and Taha, Faisal K. (Springer Dordrecht Heidelberg New York London: Springer, 2013), 295-311. 869  
Bossert, Walter and D'Ambrosio, Conchita (2013). Measuring Economic Insecurity. UNU-WIDER. 363  
Bratton, Michael (2013). Measuring Government Performance in Public Opinion Surveys in Africa : Towards Experiments?. UNU-WIDER. 300  
Notten, Geranda (2013). Measuring performance: does the assessment depend on the poverty proxy?. UNU-MERIT. 509 112
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Roman, Amelia, Bejerot, Eva and Arundel, Anthony, "Measuring the dynamics of organisations and work: employer-level survey" in The MEADOW Guidelines ed. European Commission (Grigny, France: Domigraphic, 2013), n/a-n/a. 628 44
Measuring vulnerability to natural hazards: Towards disaster resilient societies, ed. Birkmann, Joern (Tokyo: United Nations University Press, 2013). 6998 19709
Lapadre, Lelio, De Lombaerde, Philippe and Mastronardi, Giovanni, "Medição da regionalização do comércio em África: o caso da CEDEAO" in Comércio regional e integração monetária na África Ocidentale e na Europa ed. Sohn, Rike and Oppong, Ama K. (Online: University of Bonn and West Africa Institute, 2013), 61-94. 433 38
Futamura, Madoka, (2013). Michael N. Barnett: the international humanitarian order. Japanese Journal of Political Science, 14 477  
Tiwari, Amaresh, Mohnen, Pierre, Palm, Franz and Schim van der Loeff, Sybrand (2013). Microeconometric evidence of financing frictions and innovative activity - a revision. UNU-MERIT. 639 254
UNU-GCM ed. Migration, Literature and Intercultural Dialogue 2013/11/14 Barcelona. Barcelona: UNU-GCM, 2013. 728  
Cingolani, Luciana, Thomsson, Kaj and De Crombrugghe, Denis (2013). Minding Weber more than ever? The impacts of State Capacity and Bureaucratic Autonomy on development goals. UNU-MERIT. 468 520
De Silva, M. M. G. T., Weerakoon, S. B. and Herath, Srikantha, (2013). Modeling of event and continuous flow hydrographs with HEC-HMS; A case study in Kelani River basin Sri Lanka. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 19(4), 800-806 1003   0
Fosu-Mensah, Benedicta (2013). Modelling the impact of climate change on maize yield under rainfed conditions in sub-humid Ghana. UNU-INRA Working Paper. UNU-INRA. 989 585
Jupesta, Joni, (2013). Modelling the introduction of biofuel in the transportation sector in Indonesia. Innovation and Development, 3(1), 143-143 428  
Leppink, Jana (2013). Moldovan female migrants in Italy: Expectations of migration vs. migration experiences. Migration Policy Brief. 364 206
Otsuki, Kei, Gera, Weena and Mungai, David (2013). Multi-Actor Approaches to Total Sanitation in Africa. United Nations University. 762 365
Bauman, Andrew G., Feary, David A., Heron, Scott F., Pratchett, Morgan S. and Burt, John A., (2013). Multiple environmental factors influence the spatial distribution and structure of reef communities in the northeastern Arabian Peninsula. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 72(2), 302-312 410  
Holvoet, Nathalie and Inberg, Liesbeth (2013). Multiple Pathways to Gender-Sensitive Budget Support in the Education Sector : Analysing the Effectiveness of Sex-Disaggregated Indicators in Performance Assessment Frameworks and Gender Working Groups in (Education) Budget Support to Sub-Saharan Africa C. UNU-WIDER. 315  
Ramli, Azuana, Aljunid, Syed M., Sulong, Saperi and Yusof, Faridah A., (2013). National Drug Formulary review of statin therapeutic group using the multiattribute scoring tool. Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management, 9 491-504 561   0
Kanie, Norichika, "NGO Participation in the Global Climate Change Decision-making Process: A Key for Facilitating Climate Talks" in Climate Change Negotiations: A Guide to Resolving Disputes and Facilitating Multilateral Cooperation ed. Gunnar Sjöstedt and Ariel Penetrante (Abingdon and New York: Routledge, 2013), 169-187. 679  
Osili, Una Okonkwo (2013). Non-Traditional Aid and Gender Equity : Evidence from Million Dollar Donations. UNU-WIDER. 285  
North American Integration: An Institutional Void in Migration, Security and Development, ed. Genna, Gaspare M. and Mayer-Foulkes, David (Abingdon: Taylor & Francis, 2013). 431  
Mathai, Manu V., Nuclear Power, Economic Development Discourse and the Environment: The Case of India, (Abingdon and New York: Routledge, 2013). 547  
Hashim, Zailina, Mohd Hafiz S.T., Naing, Lin, Hashim, Jamal H. and Rusli, Nordin, (2013). Occupational Xylene Exposure and Respiratory Impairment of Paint Manufacturing Workers.. International Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences, 5(5), 214-220 605  
UNU-FLORES ed. Opening Ceremony of UNU-FLORES 12/10/2012 Dresden, Germany. Dresden, Germany: United Nations University Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources (UNU-FLORES), 2013. 462 226
Hettiaratchi, Joseph P.A., Hettiarachchi, Hiroshan, Meegoda, Jay N. and Hunte, Carlos A., (2013). Operation of a Landfill Bioreactor in a Cold Climate: Early Results and Lessons Learned. Journal of Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste, 17(4), 307-316 624   0
Cevikarslan, Salih (2013). Optimal patent length and patent breadth in an R&D driven market with evolving consumer preferences: An evolutionary multi-agent based modelling approach. UNU-MERIT. 355 60
Akpalu, Wisdom, Dasmani, Isaac and Normanyo, Ametefee K. (2013). Optimum Fisheries Management Under Climate Variability : Evidence from Artisanal Marine Fishing in Ghana. UNU-WIDER. 438  
Sonne-Schmidt, Christoffer, Tarp, Finn and Østerdal, Lars Peter (2013). Ordinal Multidimensional Inequality. UNU-WIDER. 352  
OUIK Newsletter.. Kanazawa: United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies Operating Unit Ishikawa/Kanazawa; 2013 361 29
OUIK Newsletter.. Kanazawa: United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies Operating Unit Ishikawa/Kanazawa; 2013 350 58
OUIK Newsletter.. Kanazawa: United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies Operating Unit Ishikawa/Kanazawa; 2013 372 39
OUIK Newsletter.. Kanazawa: United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies Operating Unit Ishikawa/Kanazawa; 2013 337 38
OUIK Newsletter.. Kanazawa: United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies Operating Unit Ishikawa/Kanazawa; 2013 348 44
OUIK Newsletter.. Kanazawa: United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies Operating Unit Ishikawa/Kanazawa; 2013 351 31
Andrews, Matt and Bategeka, Lawrence (2013). Overcoming the Limits of Institutional Reform in Uganda. UNU-WIDER. 366  
Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2013). Overview of knowledge economy in the Arab region. UNU-MERIT. 388 409
Avtar, Ram, Suzuki, Ryoko, Takeuchi, Wataru and Sawada, Haruo, (2013). PALSAR 50m mosaic based national level biomass estimation for REDD+ policies implementation. PLOSone 8, 10 1-11 405 16
Zhelyazkova, Nevena (2013). Parental leave within the broader work-family trajectory: What can we learn from sequence analysis?. UNU-MERIT. 382 54
Pathways to Industrialization in the 21st Century, New Challenges and Emerging Paradigms, ed. Szirmai, Adam, Naudé, Wim and Alcorta, Ludovico (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013). 631  
Resnick, Danielle (2013). Personalistic Policy-Making in a Vibrant Democracy : Senegal’s Fragmented Response to the 2007/08 Food price Crisis. UNU-WIDER. 311  
Van Toan, Pham, Sebesvari, Zita, Bläsing, Melanie, Rosendahl, Ingrid and Renaud, Fabrice G., (2013). Pesticide management and their residues in sediments and surface and drinking water in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Science of the Total Environment, 452-453 28-39 1018  
Chen, Bixia, Nakama, Yuei and Urayama, Takakazu, (2013). Planted Forest and Diverse Cultures in Ecological Village Planning: A Case Study in Tarama Island, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Small-scale Forestry, 13(3), 333-347 486 147 0
Marenin, Otwin (2013). Policing Reforms and Economic Development in African States : Empowering Change. UNU-WIDER. 282  
Woolcock, Stephen, (2013). Policy diffusion in public procurement: the role of free trade agreements. International Negotiation, 18(1), 153-173 448   0
Babu, Suresh Chandra (2013). Policy Process and Food Price Crisis : a Framework for Analysis and Lessons from Country Studies. UNU-WIDER. 308