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Gebreeyesus, Mulu and Mohnen, Pierre, (2013). Innovation Performance and Embeddedness in networks: Evidence from the Ethiopian Footwear Cluster. World Development, 302-316 754   0
Iizuka, Michiko (2013). Innovation systems framework: still useful in the new global context?. UNU-MERIT. 761  
Warner, Koko, Yuzva, Kristina, Zissener, Michael, Gille, Susan, Voss, Janina and Wanczeck, Solveig (2013). Innovative insurance solutions for climate change: how to integrate climate risk insurance into a comprehensive climate risk management approach. UNU-EHS Report. UNU- EHS. 6735 2705
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Payyappallimana, Unnikrishnan and Serbulea, Mihaela, (2013). Integration of traditional medicine in the health system of Japan – policy lessons and challenges. European Journal of Integrative Medicine, 5(5), 399-409 592   0
Aljunid, Syed M., Ghazi, Hasanain F., Isa, Zaleha Md., Shah, Shamsul Azhar and Abdalqader, Mohammed A., (2013). Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Relationship with Energy Intake and Micronutrient Composition among Primary School Children in Baghdad City, Iraq. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 12(2), 200-204 642 891
Cowan, Robin and Kamath, Anant (2013). Interactive knowledge exchanges under complex social relations: A simulation model. UNU-MERIT. 644  
Bello, Valeria (2013). Intercultural Dialogue” as it developed in the Security Council of the United Nations (2000-2012). Migration, Media and Intercultural Dialogue (Policy Reports Series 01). UNU-GCM. 604 215
Bello, Valeria (2013). Intercultural Dialogue or Intercultural Soliloquies?. Migration, Media and Intercultural Dialogue (Policy Reports Series 01). UNU-GCM. 689 320
Bello, Valeria (2013). Intercultural Studies, Interculturalism and the practice of "Intercultural Dialogue". Migration, Media and Intercultural Dialogue (Policy Reports Series 01). UNU-GCM. 644 214
Sotiropoulos, Dimitri A. (2013). International Aid to Southern Europe in the Early Post-War Period : the Cases of Greece and Italy. UNU-WIDER. 271  
von Braun, Joachim (2013). International Co-Operation for Agricultural Development and Food and Nutrition Security : New Institutional Arrangements for Related Public Goods. UNU-WIDER. 289  
Futamura, Madoka, (2013). International justice and local justice in international criminal justice. Heiwa Kenkyu [Peace Studies], 41 427  
Lee, Bommi and Heyneman, Stephen P. (2013). International Organizations and the Future of Education Assistance. UNU-WIDER. 351  
Popovski, Vesselin, International rule of law and professional ethics, (2013). 568  
Baltzer, Kenneth (2013). International to Domestic Price Transmission in Fourteen Developing Countries During the 2007-08 Food Crisis. UNU-WIDER. 370  
Monten, Jonathan (2013). Intervention, Aid, and Institution-Building in Iraq and Afghanistan : a Review and Critique of Comparative Lessons. UNU-WIDER. 271  
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Shaw, Timothy and Fanta, Emmanuel, "Introduction: Comparative Regionalisms for Development in the 21st Century: Insights from the Global South" in Comparative Regionalisms for Development in the 21st Century: Insights from the Global South ed. Fanta, Emmanuel, Shaw, Timothy and Tang, Vanessa (Farnham: Ashgate, 2013), 1-17. 397  
Fioramonti, Lorenzo, (2013). “Is it Time to take Free Movement of People in Southern Africa Seriously?”. African Development Bank on Regional Migration in Southern Africa, n/a-n/a 376  
Karimov, Aziz and Oskenbayev, Yessengali (2013). Is Kazakhstan Vulnerable to Natural Resource Curse?. UNU-WIDER. 297  
Pellegrino, Gabriele and Savona, Maria (2013). Is money all? Financing versus knowledge and demand constraints to innovation. UNU-MERIT. 431 399
Bello, Valeria (2013). Is the discussion of 'Statelessness' in the UN Security Council a question of human security or international security?. Statelessness and Transcontinental Migration (Policy Reports Series 02). UNU-GCM. 711 212
Portugal-Pereira, Joana C., Parady, Giancarlos Troncoso and Dominguez, Bernardo Castro, (2013). Japan's energy conundrum: Post-Fukushima scenarios from a life cycle perspective. Energy Policy, 67 104-115 466   0
Jones, Sam and Tarp, Finn (2013). Jobs and Welfare in Mozambique. UNU-WIDER. 480  
Hanger, Susanne, Pfenninger, Stefan, Dreyfus, Magali and Patt, Anthony, (2013). Knowledge and information needs of adaptation policy-makers: a European study. Regional Environmental Change, 13(1), 91-101 454   0
Hertel, Thomas W. (2013). Land, Environment and Climate : Contributing to the Global Public Good. UNU-WIDER. 307  
Estevez, Elsa and Janowski, Tomasz, "Landscaping government chief information officer education" 46th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), Maui, 2013/01/07-10. 737   0
Kurian, Mathew and Dietz, Ton, (2013). Leadership on the Commons: Wealth Distribution, Co-Provision and Service Delivery. Journal of Development Studies, 49(11), 1532-1547 618   0
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Puppim de Oliveira, José A., (2013). Learning how to align climate, environmental and development objectives in cities: lessons from the implementation of climate co-benefits initiatives in urban Asia. Journal of Cleaner Production, 58 7-14 596   0
Elbakidze, Marine, Hahn, Thomas, Mauerhofer, Volker, Angelstam, Per and Axelsson, Robert, (2013). Legal Framework for Biosphere Reserves as Learning Sites for Sustainable Development: A Comparative Analysis of Ukraine and Sweden. AMBIO – A Journal of the Human Environment, 42(2), 174-187 488 85 0
Garmendia, Eneko, Ojea, Elena, Pascual, Unai and Phelps, Jacob (2013). Leveraging Global Climate Finance for Sustainable Forests : Opportunities and Conditions for Successful Foreign Aid to the Forestry Sector. UNU-WIDER. 279  
Bacon, Laura M. (2013). Liberia’s Gender-Sensitive Police Reform : Starting from Scratch? Improving Representation and Responsiveness. UNU-WIDER. 316  
Monnereau, Iris and Abraham, Simpson, (2013). Limits to autonomous adaptation in response to coastal erosion in Kosrae, Micronesia. International Journal of Global Warming, 5(4), 416-432 392 309
Milan, Andrea and Ho, Raul, (2013). Livelihood and migration patterns at different altitudes in the central highlands of Peru. Climate and Development, 6(1), 69-76 483  
Badiuzzaman, Muhammad, Cameron, John and Murshed, S. Mansoob (2013). Livelihood Decisions Under the Shadow of Conflict in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. UNU-WIDER. 322  
Kohsaka, Ryo, Shih, Wan-yu, Saito, Osamu and Sadohar, Satoru, "Local assessment of Tokyo: satoyama and satoumi – traditional landscapes and management practices in a contemporary urban environment" in Urbanization, biodiversity and ecosystem services: challenges and opportunities ed. Elmqvist, Thomas (Amsterdam: Springer Netherlands, 2013), n/a-n/a. 646  
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Brida, Ange-Benjamin, Owiyo, Tom and Sokona, Youba, (2013). Loss and damage from the double blow of flood and drought in Mozambique. International Journal of Global Warming, 5(4), 514-531 607 1004