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Avtar, Ram, Kumar, Pankaj, Surjan, Akhilesh, Gupta, L. N. and Roychowdhury, Koel, (2013). Geochemical processes regulating groundwater chemistry with special reference to nitrate and fluorite enrichment in Chattarpur area, Madhya Pradesh, India. Environmental Earth Sciences, 70(4), 1699-1708 611  
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Bhaduri, Anik and Kloos, Julia, (2013). Getting the water prices right using an incentive-based approach: an application of a choice experiment in Khorezm, Uzbekistan.. European Journal of Development Research, 680-694 498  
Adenle, Ademola A., Haslam, Gareth E. and Lee, Lisa Y., (2013). Global assessment of research and development for algae biofuel production and its potential role for sustainable development in developing countries. Energy Policy, 61 182-195 522   0
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Sumner, Andy (2013). Global Poverty, Aid, and Middle-Income Countries : Are the Country Classifications Moribund or is Global Poverty in the Process of ‘Nationalizing’?. UNU-WIDER. 305  
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Saucedo Acosta, Edgar J. and Rullan, Samantha, "Gobernanza económica en tiempos de crisis financiera en la Unión Europea" in Nuevos paradigmas de gestión y organización desde la perspectiva latinoamericana ed. Saldaña, Alejandro and Ricardez, Jerónimo (Xalapa: Códice, 2013), 295-308. 413 213
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Governance of Natural Resources: Uncovering the Social Purpose of Materials in Nature, ed. Sato, Jin (Tokyo: UNU Press, 2013). 2289 1602
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Puppim de Oliveira, José A., Cadman, Tim, Ma, Hwan-Ok, Maraseni, Tek, Koli, Anar, Jadhav, Yogesh D. and Prabowo, Dede (2013). Governing the forests: an institutional analysis of REDD+ and community forest management in Asia. UNU-IAS Policy Report. United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies. 620 269
Huang, Can, Wu, Yilin, Mohnen, Pierre and Zhao, Yanyun (2013). Government support, innovation and productivity in the Haidian (Beijing) District. UNU-MERIT. 675 215
Puppim de Oliveira, José A., Doll, Christopher N.H., Balaban, Osman, Jiang, Ping, Dreyfus, Magali, Suwa, Aki, Moreno-Peñaranda, Raquel and Dirgahayani, Puspita, (2013). Green economy and governance in cities: assessing good governance in key urban economic processes. Journal of Cleaner Production, 58 138-152 784   0
Huang, Yongfu and Quibria, M. G. (2013). Green Growth : Theory and Evidence. UNU-WIDER. 324  
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Chen, Bixia and Qiu, Zhenmian, (2013). Green tourism in Japan: opportunities for a GIAHS pilot site. Journal of Resources and Ecology, 4(3), 285-292 559  
Fioramonti, Lorenzo, Gross domestic problem: the politics behind the world's most powerful number, (London: Zed Books, 2013). 383  
Fosu, Augustin Kwasi (2013). Growth of African Economies : Productivity, Policy Syndromes, and the Importance of Institutions. UNU-WIDER. 362  
Hashim, Jamal H., Rozhan Syariff Mohamed Radzi, Abekoe, Mark Kofi, Ismail, Aniza, Baguma, David, Sthiannopkao, Suthipong, Kongkea, Phan, Wong, Ming-Hung, Sao, Vibol, Mohamed Yasin, Mohamed S. and Nur, Amrizal M., (2013). Hair Arsenic Levels and Prevalence of Arsenicosis in Three Cambodian Provinces. Science of the Total Environment, 463-464 1210-1216 593   0
Handbook of innovation indicators and measurement, ed. Gault, Fred (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2013). 756  
Payyappallimana, Unnikrishnan, "Health and wellbeing in Indian local health traditions" in An integrated view of health and well-being: bridging Indian and western knowledge (Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands, 2013), 99-112. 772  
Cevikarslan, Salih (2013). Heterogeneity in innovation strategies, evolving consumer preferences and market structure: An evolutionary multi-agent based modelling approach. UNU-MERIT. 392 81
Nair, Parvati, (2013). Homeward Bound? Questions on Promoting the Reintegration of Returning Migrants. UN Chronicle, L(3), n/a-n/a 628  
Celbis, Mehmet Güney, Nijkamp, Peter and Poot, Jacques (2013). How big is the impact of infrastructure on trade? Evidence from meta-analysis. UNU-MERIT. 488 254
Andrews, Matt (2013). How Do Governments Become Great? : Ten Cases, Two Competing Explanations, One Large Research Agenda. UNU-WIDER. 305  
Akçomak, Semih, Akdeve, Erdal and Findik, Derya (2013). How do ICT firms in Turkey manage innovation? Diversity in expertise versus diversity in markets. UNU-MERIT. 434 204
Nagler, Paula (2013). How unemployment insurance savings accounts affect employment duration: Evidence from Chile. UNU-MERIT. 414 129
Avtar, Ram, Kumar, Pankaj, Singh, P. K., Sahu, Netrananda, Verma, R. L., Thakur, Jay Krishna and Mukherjee, Saumitra, (2013). Hydrological assessment of groundwater quality of Bundelkhand, India using statistical approach. Water Quality Exposure and Health, 5(3), 105-115 563  
Hagenlocher, Michael (2013). Identifying and evaluating hotspots of climate change in the Sahel and Western Africa. SOURCE. United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security. 6475 2128
Kohl, Tristan (2013). I just read 296 trade agreements. UNU-CRIS Working Papers. UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies. 408 119
Bloom, Tendayi (2013). Immigration detention and stateless persons. Statelessness and Transcontinental Migration (Policy Reports Series 02). UNU-GCM. 427 318
Barendrecht, Maurits, Frishman, Morly, Gramatikov, Martin, Kokke, Margot, Morales, Andrea and Porter, Robert (2013). Impact Assessment of the Facilitadores Judiciales Programme in Nicaragua. UNU-WIDER. 359  
Fant, Charles, Gebretsadik, Yohannes and Strzepek, Kenneth (2013). Impact of Climate Change on Crops, Irrigation and Hydropower in the Zambezi River Basin. UNU-WIDER. 309  
Arvanitis, Spyros, Lokshin, Boris, Mohnen, Pierre and Wörter, Martin (2013). Impact of external knowledge acquisition strategies on innovation - A comparative study based on Dutch and Swiss panel data. UNU-MERIT. 708  
Ndikumana, Léonce and Pickbourn, Lynda (2013). Impact of Sectoral Allocation of Foreign Aid on Gender equity and Human Development. UNU-WIDER. 369  
Improving Global Environmental Governance: Best Practices for Architecture and Agency, ed. Kanie, Norichika, Andresen, Steinar and Haas, Peter M. (Abingdon: Routledge, 2013). 1030  
Jiang, Ping and Tovey, Keth, (2013). Improving The Energy Performance of Large Commercial Buildings in China Using Effective Energy Management. International Journal of Green Energy, 10(4), 387-401 498   0
Siegel, Melissa, McGregor, Elaine, van der Vorst, Vivianne and Frouws, Bram (2013). Independent evaluation of ILO's work on international labour migration: Executive Summary. n/a. 660  
Kohsaka, Ryo, Pereira, Henrique M., Elmqvist, Thomas, Chan, Lena, Moreno-Peñaranda, Raquel, Morimoto, Yukihiro, Inoue, Takashi, Iwata, Mari, Nishi, Maiko, Mathias, Maria da Luz, Souto Cruz, Carlos, Cabral, Mariana, Brunfeldt, Minna, Parkkinen, Anni, Niemelä, Jari, Kulkarni-Kawli, Yashada and Pearsall, Grant, "Indicators for management of urban biodiversity and ecosystem services : city biodiversity index" in Urbanization, biodiversity and ecosystem services: challenges and opportunities (Heidelberg: Springer Netherlands, 2013), 699-718. 983   0
Gebreeyesus, Mulu (2013). Industrial Policy and Development in Ethiopia : Evolution and Present Experimentation. UNU-WIDER. 766  
Naudé, Wim and Szirmai, Adam (2013). Industrial Policy for Development. United Nations University. 898 15517
Strzepek, Kenneth, Strzepek, Niko, Schweikert, Amy E. and Chinowsky, Paul S. (2013). Infrastructure and Climate Change : Impacts and Adaptations for the Zambezi River Valley. UNU-WIDER. 311  
Kumazawa, Terukazu, Kozaki, Kouji, Matsui, Takanori, Saito, Osamu, Ohta, Mamoru, Hara, Keishiro, Uwasu, Michinori, Kimura, Michinori and Mizoguchi, Riichiro, (2013). Initial design process of the sustainability science ontology for knowledge-sharing to support co-deliberation. Sustainability Science, 768   0
Mohnen, Pierre and Hall, Bronwyn (2013). Innovation and productivity: An update. UNU-MERIT. 668 1807
Zhang, Mingqian and Mohnen, Pierre (2013). Innovation and survival of new firms in Chinese manufacturing, 2000-2006. UNU-MERIT. 849 225
Grawe, Roger (2013). Innovation at the World Bank : Selective Perspectives Over Three Decades 1975-2005. UNU-WIDER. 286  
Arias Ortiz, Elena, Crespi, Gustavo A., Tacsir, Ezequiel, Vargas, Fernando and Zuniga, Pluvia (2013). Innovation for economic performance: The case of Latin American firms. UNU-MERIT. 469 305
Milanez, Bruno and Puppim de Oliveira, José A., (2013). Innovation for sustainable development in artisanal mining: advances in a cluster of opal mining in Brazil. Resources Policy, 38(4), 427-434 545   0
(2013). Innovation in Local and Global Learning Systems for Sustainability: Traditional Knowledge and Biodiversity – Learning Contributions of the Regional Centres of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development. United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies. 886 1958