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Brück, Tilman, Naudé, Wim and Verwimp, Philip (2013). Entrepreneurship and Violent Conflict in Developing Countries. UNU-WIDER. 455  
Marcoux, Christopher, Parks, Bradley C., Peratsakis, Christian M., Roberts, J. Timmons and Tierney, Michael J. (2013). Environmental and Climate Finance in a New World : How Past Environmental Aid Allocation Impacts Future Climate Aid. UNU-WIDER. 332  
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Barrientos, Armando and Villa, Juan M. (2013). Evaluating Antipoverty Transfer Programmes in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa : Better Policies? Better Politics?. UNU-WIDER. 374  
Gisselquist, Rachel M. (2013). Evaluating Governance Indexes : Critical and Less Critical Questions. UNU-WIDER. 621  
Anand, Prathivadi Bhayankaram (2013). Every Drop Counts : Assessing Aid for Water and Sanitation. UNU-WIDER. 362  
Bode, Maarten and Payyappallimana, Unnikrishnan, (2013). Evidence based traditional medicine: for whom and to what end?. Ejournal of Indian Medicine, 6(1), 1-20 558  
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UNU-INWEH (2013). Expanding Our Understanding of K* (KT, KE, KTT, KMb, KB, KM, etc.). UNU-INWEH. 454 105
Andrews, Matt (2013). Explaining Positive Deviance in Public Sector Reforms in Development. UNU-WIDER. 395  
Narula, Rajneesh (2013). Exploring the paradox of competence-creating subsidiaries: balancing bandwidth and dispersion in MNEs. UNU-MERIT. 480 580
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Cave, Kate, Plummer, Ryan and de Loë, Rob, (2013). Exploring Water Governance and Management in Oneida Nation of the Thames (Ontario, Canada): An Application of the Institutional Analysis and Development Framework. Indigenous Policy Journal, 23(4), 1-27 427  
Bloom, Tendayi (2013). Extended Report: Statelessness and the delegation of migrant function to private actors. Statelessness and Transcontinental Migration (Policy Reports Series 02). UNU-GCM. 437 318
Zhelyazkova, Nevena (2013). Fathers' use of parental leave. What do we know?. UNU-MERIT. 477 292
Huang, Jikun (2013). Financing Sustainable Agriculture Under Climate Change with a Specific Focus on Foreign Aid. UNU-WIDER. 375  
Figueiredo, Paulo N., Cohen, Marcela and Gomes, Saulo (2013). Firms' innovation capability-building paths and the nature of changes in learning mechanisms: Multiple case-study evidence from an emerging economy. UNU-MERIT. 385  
Schindler, Stefan, Kropik, Michaela, Euller, Katrin, Bunting, Stuart W., Schulz-Zunkel, Christiane, Hermann, Anna, Hainz-Renetzeder, Christa, Kanka, Robert, Mauerhofer, Volker, Gasso, Viktor, Krug, Andreas, Lauwaars, Sophie G., Zulka, Klaus P., Henle, Klaus, Hoffmann, Maurice, Biró, Marianna, Essl, Franz, Jaquier, Sophie, Balázs, Lukács, Borics, Gábor, (2013). Floodplain management in temperate regions: is multifunctionality enhancing biodiversity?. Environmental Evidence, 1-11 9654  
Fernandes, Sara, Barbosa, Luís and Cerone, Antonio, (2013). FLOSS communities as learning networks. International Journal of Information and Education Technology, 3(2), 278-281 809 282
Knops, Louise, van Herck, Kristine and Swinnen, Johan F. M. (2013). Food Price Volatility and EU Policies. UNU-WIDER. 389  
Dickovick, J. Tyler (2013). Foreign Aid and Decentralization : Policies for Autonomy and Programming for Responsiveness. UNU-WIDER. 304  
Yogo, Thierry Urbain and Mallaye, Douzounet (2013). Foreign Aid and Mobilization of Growth Factors in Sub-Saharan Africa. UNU-WIDER. 306  
Elgizouli, Ismail and Umbadda, Siddig (2013). Foreign Aid and Sustainable Agriculture in Africa. UNU-WIDER. 378  
Gómez-Echeverri, Luis (2013). Foreign Aid and Sustainable Energy. UNU-WIDER. 309  
Akpalu, Wisdom (2013). Foreign Aid and Sustainable Fisheries Management in Sub-Saharan Africa. UNU-WIDER. 435  
Kauppi, Pekka E. (2013). Foreign Aid and Sustainable Forestry. UNU-WIDER. 310  
Buss, Terry F. (2013). Foreign Aid and the Failure of State Building in Haiti Under the Duvaliers, Aristide, Préval, and Martelly. UNU-WIDER. 336  
Victor, David G. (2013). Foreign Aid for Capacity-Building to Address Climate Change : Insights and Applications. UNU-WIDER. 301  
Chen, Zexian and He, Jingjing (2013). Foreign Aid for Climate Change Related Capacity Building. UNU-WIDER. 316  
Kablan, Sandrine (2013). Foreign Aid, Green Cities and Buildings. UNU-WIDER. 302  
Bwire, Thomas, Lloyd, Tim and Morrissey, Oliver (2013). Foreign Aid, Public Sector and Private Consumption : a Cointegrated Vector Autoregressive Approach. UNU-WIDER. 323  
Le Billon, Philippe and Pérez Niño, Helena (2013). Foreign Aid, Resource Rents and Institution-Building in Mozambique and Angola. UNU-WIDER. 310  
Li, Jun (2013). Foreign Aid, Urbanization and Green Cities. UNU-WIDER. 391  
Fambon, Samuel (2013). Foreign Capital Inflow and Economic Growth in Cameroon. UNU-WIDER. 328  
Narula, Rajneesh (2013). Foreign direct investment as a driver of industrial development: why is there so little evidence?. UNU-MERIT. 449 301
Kanie, Norichika, Suzuki, Masachika and Iguchi, Masahiko, (2013). Fragmentation of international low-carbon technology governance: an assessment in terms of barriers to technology development. Global Environmental Research, 17(1), 61-70 988  
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Popovski, Vesselin, "From domestic to international rule of law: long and unfinished journey" in International rule of law and professional ethics ed. Popovski, Vesselin (2013). 435  
Mauerhofer, Volker, Hubacek, Klaus and Coleby, Alastor, (2013). From Polluter Pays to Provider Gets: Distribution of Rights and Costs under Payments for Ecosystem Services. Ecology and Society, 18(4), n/a-n/a 480 55 0
Cutter, Susan L. and Corendea, Cosmin (2013). From social vulnerability to resilience: measuring progress toward disaster risk reduction. UNU-EHS SOURCE. UNU- EHS. 6474 362
Gall, Melanie (2013). From social vulnerability to resilience: measuring progress toward disaster risk reduction. UNU-EHS InterSecTions. UNU- EHS. 6534 380