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Stroschein, Sherrill (2013). Consociational Settlements and Reconstruction : Bosnia in Comparative Perspective, 1995-Present. UNU-WIDER. 306  
IGES (2013). Contributions of the Satoyama Initiative to mainstreaming sustainable use of biodiversity in production landscapes and seascapes. Institute for Global Environmental Strategies. 358 134
Yaffa, Sidat, (2013). Coping measures not enough to avoid loss and damage from drought in the north bank region of the Gambia. International Journal of Global Warming, 5(4), 467-482 3729 136
Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture.. London: Intellect; 2013 402  
Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture.. London: Intellect; 2013 500  
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Chinsinga, Blessings and Chirwa, Ephraim W. (2013). Dealing with the 2007/08 Global Food Price Crisis : the Political Economy of Food Price Policy in Malawi. UNU-WIDER. 344  
Futamura, Madoka (2013). Death Penalty Policy in Countries in Transition. United Nations University. 541 436
Warleigh-Lack, Alex and Drachenberg, Ralf, "Decision-making in the European Union" in European Union Politics ed. Cini, Michelle and Perez-Solorzano, Nieves B. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013), 199-212. 475  
Ahmad, Sohail, Balaban, Osman, Doll, Christopher N.H. and Dreyfus, Magali, (2013). Delhi revisited. Cities, 31 641-653 531   0
Al-Iryani, Lamis, de Janvry, Alain and Sadoulet, Elisabeth (2013). Delivering Good Aid in Hard Places : the Yemen Social Fund for Development Approach. UNU-WIDER. 337  
Hobson, Christopher and Kurki, Milja, "Democracy promotion as a practice of liberal world order" in Liberal world orders ed. Dunne, Tim, Flockhart, Trine and Koivisto, Marjo (2013). 850  
van Zon, Adriaan and David, Paul A. (2013). Designing an optimal 'tech fix' path to global climate stability: Directed R&D and embodied technical change in a multi-phase framework. UNU-MERIT. 782 174
van Zon, Adriaan and David, Paul A. (2013). Designing an optimal 'tech fix' path to global climate stability: R&D in a multi-phase climate policy framework. UNU-MERIT. 745  
Farla, Kristine (2013). Determinants of firms' investment behaviour: A multilevel approach. UNU-MERIT. 464 394
Asiedu, Elizabeth, Nanivazo, Malokele and Nkusu, Mwanza (2013). Determinants of Foreign Aid in Family Planning : How Relevant is the Mexico City Policy?. UNU-WIDER. 343  
Dickin, Sarah, Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J. and Elliott, Susan J., (2013). Developing a Vulnerability Mapping Methodology: Applying the Water-Associated Disease Index to Dengue in Malaysia. PLOS One, 8(5), 1-11 480 205
Malone, David and Medhora, Rohinton P. (2013). Development. United Nations University Working Paper Series. United Nations University. 726 431
Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2013). Development and social justice: Education, training and health in Sudan. UNU-MERIT. 409 194
Shaw, Timothy, "Development in the Caribbeans after a Half-century of Independence: Insights from Regional and Transnational Perspectives" in Comparative Regionalisms for Development in the 21st Century: Insights from the Global South ed. Fanta, Emmanuel, Shaw, Timothy and Tang, Vanessa (Farnham: Ashgate, 2013), 87-102. 420  
Shaw, Timothy, (2013). Development in the Commonwealth Caribbeans after a half-century of independence: insights from transnational and regional perspectives. Contemporary Politics, 19(3), 293-303 455   0
Podlasly, Christian and Schwärzel, Kai, (2013). Development of a Continuous Closed Pipe System for Controlling Soil Temperature at the Lower Boundary of Weighing Field Lysimeters. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 77(6), 2157-2163 693   0
Fosu, Augustin Kwasi (2013). Development Success: Historical Accounts from More Advanced Countries. United Nations University Press. 421 384
Ragab, Nora, McGregor, Elaine and Siegel, Melissa (2013). Diaspora Engagement in Development: An Analysis of the Engagement of the Tunisian Diaspora in Germany and the Potentials for Cooperation. 665  
Welle, Torsten and Radtke, Katrin, (2013). Die bewältigung von naturkatastrophen: extreme ereignisse und ihre auswirkungen. Global Trends, 313-327 445  
Cheng, Zhang, Wang, Hong-Sheng, Du, Jun, Sthiannopkao, Suthipong, Xing, Guang-Hua, Kim, Kyoung-Woong, Mohamed Yasin, Mohamed S., Hashim, Jamal H. and Wong, Ming-Hung, (2013). Dietary Exposure and Risk Assessment of Mercury via Total Diet Study in Cambodia. Medicine and Health Sciences, 92(1), 143-149 610  
Papanagnou, Georgios (2013). Digital publics in transnational spaces: EU blogs and the European public sphere. UNU-CRIS Working Papers. UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies. 506 388
Traore, Seydou and Owiyo, Tom, (2013). Dirty droughts causing loss and damage in Northern Burkina Faso. International Journal of Global Warming, 5(4), 498-513 494 145
Lu, Heli and Liu, Guifang, (2013). Distributed land use modeling and sensitivity analysis for REDD+. Land Use Policy, 33 54-60 482   0
Leiderer, Stefan (2013). Donor Coordination for Effective Government Policies? : Implementation of the New Aid Effectiveness Agenda in Health and Education in Zambia. UNU-WIDER. 391  
Aradottir, Asa L., Petursdottir, Thorunn, Halldorsson, Gudmundur, Svavarsdottir, Kristin and Arnalds, Olafur, (2013). Drivers of Ecological Restoration: Lessons from a Century of Restoration. Ecology and Society, 18(4), n/a-n/a 264 178 0
Raymond, Wladimir, Mairesse, Jacques, Mohnen, Pierre and Palm, Franz (2013). Dynamic models of R&D, innovation and productivity: Panel data evidence for Dutch and French manufacturing. UNU-MERIT. 820 329
Kanie, Norichika and Sodeno, Reiko, "アジアにおける国際環境レジーム形成の課題──EANET協定化交渉過程からの教訓" in アジアの環境ガバナンス (Tokyo: Keiso Shobo, 2013), 33-56. 714  
Aradottir, Asa L. and Hagen, Dagmar, "Ecological Restoration: Approaches and Impacts on Vegetation, Soils and Society" in Advances in Agronomy ed. Sparks, Donald L. (Oxford: Elsevier, 2013), 173-222. 320   0
Gassmann, Franziska (2013). Economic and social vulnerability in Georgia. 623  
Bhupatiraju, Samyukta and Verspagen, Bart (2013). Economic development, growth, institutions and geography. UNU-MERIT. 788 254
Chhair, Sokty and Ung, Luyna (2013). Economic History of Industrialization in Cambodia. UNU-WIDER. 481  
Renaud, Fabrice G. and Murti, Radhika (2013). Ecosystems and disaster risk reduction in the context of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: a scoping study Report to the Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 6523 588
Williams, James and Cummings, William K. (2013). Education from the Bottom Up UNICEF’s Education Programme in Somalia. UNU-WIDER. 323  
Crespi, Gustavo A. and Tacsir, Ezequiel (2013). Effects of innovation on employment in Latin America. UNU-MERIT. 546  
Wilbers, Gert-Jan, Sebesvari, Zita, Rechenburg, Andrea and Renaud, Fabrice G., (2013). Effects of local and spatial conditions on the quality of harvested rainwater in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Environmental Pollution, 182 225-232 938  
Safie, Nurhizam and Aljunid, Syed M., (2013). E-Learning Initiative Capacity Building For Healthcare Workforce Of Developing Countries. Computer Science, 9(5), n/a-n/a 669  
Estevez, Elsa and Janowski, Tomasz, (2013). Electronic governance for sustainable development: conceptual framework and state of research. Government Information Quarterly, 30(2013), 94-109 750   0
Estevez, Elsa and Janowski, Tomasz, "Electronic governance for sustainable development: how EGOV solutions contribute to SD goals?" 14th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research, Quebec, 2013/06/17-20. 806   0
McKenzie, David and Siegel, Melissa (2013). Eliciting Illegal migration rates through list randomization. UNU-MERIT. 677 365
Ojo, Adegboyega, Janowski, Tomasz and Awotwi, Johanna, (2013). Enabling development through governance and mobile technology. Government Information Quarterly, 30(2013), 32-45 546   0
Warner, Koko, "Enhancing adaptation options and managing human mobility in the context of climate change: Role of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change" in Climate change: International law and global governance ed. Ruppel, Oliver C., Roschmann, Christian and Ruppel-Schlichting, Katharina (Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2013), 761-784. 869  
Wang, Feng, Huisman, Jaco, Stevels, Ab and Balde, Cornelis P., (2013). Enhancing e-waste estimates - improving data quality by multivariate input–output analysis. Journal of Waste Management, 2397-2407 607   0
van Ruijven, Bas J., Levy, Marc A., Agrawal, Arun, Biermann, Frank, Birkmann, Joern, Carter, Timothy R., Ebi, Kristie L., Garschagen, Matthias, Jones, Bryan, Jones, Roger, Kemp-Benedict, Eric, Kok, Marcel, Kok, Kasper, Lemos, Maria Carmen, Lucas, Paul L., Orlove, Ben, Pachauri, Shonali, Parris, Tom M., Patwardhan, Anand, Petersen, Arthur, (2013). Enhancing the relevance of global shared socio-economic pathways for climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation research. Climatic Change, 122(3), 481-494 756