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Arndt, Channing, Jones, Sam and Tarp, Finn (2013). Assessing Foreign Aid’s Long-Run Contribution to Growth in Development. UNU-WIDER. 404  
Lauterbach, Claire and Zuckerman, Elaine (2013). Assessing the Effectiveness of World Bank Investments : the Gender Dimension. UNU-WIDER. 352  
Ravela, Sai, Verly, Caroleen, Ludwig, Lindsay C., Neumann, James E. and Emanuel, Kerry A. (2013). Assessing the Risk of Cyclone-Induced Storm Surge and Sea Level Rise in Mozambique. UNU-WIDER. 643  
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Bwire, Thomas, Lloyd, Tim and Morrissey, Oliver (2013). A Timeseries Analysis of the Impact of Foreign Aid on Central Government’s Fiscal Budget in Uganda. UNU-WIDER. 329  
Bello, Valeria (2013). Attitudes towards immigrants in European Societies. A comparison between the Perceived Group Threats Theory and the Intercultural Values Theory through a multi-level analysis. Migration, Media and Intercultural Dialogue (Policy Reports Series 01). UNU-GCM. 672 265
Murray, Philomena, Warleigh-Lack, Alex and He, Baogang, (2013). Awkward states and regional organisations: the United Kingdom and Australia compared. Comparative European Politics, Advance online publication 481   0
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Figueiredo, Paulo N. (2013). Beyond technological catch-up: An empirical investigation of further innovative capability accumulation outcomes in latecomer firms with evidence from Brazil. UNU-MERIT. 498 613
Moreno-Peñaranda, Raquel, "Biodiversity and culture, two key ingredients for a truly green urban economy: learning from agriculture and forestry policies in Kanazawa City, Japan" in The economy of green cities: a world compendium on the green urban economy (Dordrecht: Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht, 2013), 337-349. 471  
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Hare, M.P., van Bers, Caroline, van der Keur, Peter, Henriksen, Hans Jorgen, Luther, Jochen, Kuhlicke, Christian, Jaspers, Fons, Terwisscha van Scheltinga, Catharien, Mysiak, Jaroslav, Calliari, Elisa, Warner, Koko, Daniel, Humaira, Coppola, Jennifer and McGrath, Pamela Faye, (2013). Brief communication: CATALYST – a multi-regional stakeholder think tank for fostering capacity development in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 1 3919-3934 6186 276
Blasiak, Robert, (2013). Building a Green Economy Before the Oceans Turn Green(er)., n/a-n/a 393  
Fioramonti, Lorenzo, "Building Regions from Below: Has the Time Come for Regionalism 2.0?" in Regionalism in a changing world: comparative perspectives in the new global order ed. Fioramonti, Lorenzo (Abington: Routledge, 2013), 156-168. 451  
Naudé, Wim, Verwimp, Philip and Brück, Tilman (2013). Business and the Barrel of a Gun: Understanding Entrepreneurship and Violent Conflict in Developing Countries. United Nations University Press. 1074 1855
Russell-Smith, Jeremy, Monagle, Catherine, Jacobsohn, Margaret, Beatty, Robin L., Bilbao, Bibiana, Millán, Adriana, Vessuri, Hebe and Sánchez-Rose, Isabelle, (2013). Can savanna burning projects deliver measurable greenhouse emissions reductions and sustainable livelihood opportunities in fire-prone settings?. Climatic Change, 47-61 502 30 0
Arnalds, Olafur, Orradottir, Berglind and Aradottir, Asa L., (2013). Carbon accumulation in Icelandic desert Andosols during early stages of restoration. Geoderma, 193 172-179 347   0
Adeel, Zafar, Bullock, Andrew, Chaudry, M. A., Kuylenstierna, Johan, Qadir, Manzoor, Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J. and Weitz, Nina (2013). Catalyzing water for sustainable development and growth: Framing Water within the Post 2015 Development Agenda: Options and Considerations. UNU-INWEH. 818 407
Bauchmüller, Robert (2013). Centre-based versus home-based childcare. UNU-MERIT. 430 140
Trevors, Jack T. and Weiler, Patrick, (2013). Challenges, issues and research in transboundary water systems. Environmental Development, 7 442  
Warner, Koko, Afifi, Tamer, Kälin, Walter, Leckie, Scott, Ferris, Beth, Martin, Susan F. and Wrathall, David (2013). Changing climate, moving people: framing migration, displacement and planned relocation. UNU-EHS Policy Brief. UNU- EHS. 7706 4434
Freire Junior, Clovis, Vega Orozco, Linda, Hasan, Shaina and Sirimanne, Shamika, "Chapter 1: Resilience to shocks" in Theme Study on Building Resilience to Natural Disasters and Major Economic Crises (N/A: N/A, 2013), 2-33. 416 86
Fant, Charles and Gunturu, Udaya Bhaskar (2013). Characterizing Wind Power Resource Reliability in Southern Africa. UNU-WIDER. 368  
Notten, Geranda (2013). Child deprivation in Ontario: A (less than perfect) comparison with Europe. UNU-MERIT. 397 140
Dendir, Seife (2013). Children’s Endowment, Schooling, and Work in Ethiopia. UNU-WIDER. 339  
Kurniawan, Tonni Agustiono, Puppim de Oliveira, José A., Premakumara, Dickella G.J. and Nagaishi, Masaya, (2013). City-to-city level cooperation for generating urban co-benefits: the case of technological cooperation in the waste sector between Surabaya (Indonesia) and Kitakyushu (Japan). Journal of Cleaner Production, 58 43-50 640   0
McGregor, Elaine, Witkamp, Auke, Bouma, Suzanne and van Klaveren, Susan (2013). Civic integration and forced marriage: comparison paper. Panteia. 421  
Civil Society and World Regions: How Citizens Are Reshaping Regional Governance in Times of Crisis, ed. Fioramonti, Lorenzo (Lanham: Lexington Books, 2013). 381  
Jones, Sam (2013). Class Size Versus Class Composition : What Matters for Learning in East Africa?. UNU-WIDER. 345  
Kloos, Julia, Gebert, Niklas, Rosenfeld, Therese and Renaud, Fabrice G. (2013). Climate change, water conflicts and human security: regional assessment and policy guidelines for the Mediterranean, Middle East and Sahel. UNU-EHS Report. UNU- EHS. 7008 1698
Telwala, Yasmeen, Brook, Barry W., Manish, Kumar and Pandit, Maharaj K., (2013). Climate-induced elevational range shifts and increase in plant species richness in a Himalayan biodiversity epicentre. PLOS ONE, 8(2), 1-8 454 42 0
Becker, Sobiah, Young, Simon, Warner, Koko and Zissener, Michael (2013). Climate risk adaptation and insurance: reducing vulnerability and sustaining the livelihoods of low-income communities: a handbook for policy and development practitioners in the Caribbean.. UNU-EHS Report. UNU- EHS. 6425 389
Arndt, Channing and Thurlow, James (2013). Climate Uncertainty and Economic Development : Evaluating the Case of Mozambique to 2050. UNU-WIDER. 449  
Maimaiti, Namaitijiang, Ahmed, Zafar, Isa, Zaleha Md., Ghazi, Hasanain F. and Aljunid, Syed M., (2013). Clinical Burden of Invasive Pneumococcal Disease in Selected Developing Countries. ScienceDirect, 2(2), 260-263 582   0
Berque, Joannès and Matsuda, Osamu, (2013). Coastal biodiversity management in Japanese satoumi. Marine Policy, 39 191-200 891   0
Ma, Zhixiao, Xue, Bing, Geng, Yong, Ren, Wanxia, Fujita, Tsuyoshi, Zhang, Zilong, Puppim de Oliveira, José A., Jacques, David A. and Xi, Fengming, (2013). Co-benefits analysis on climate change and environmental effects of wind-power: a case study from Xinjiang, China. Renewable Energy, 57 35-42 631   0
Iapadre, Lelio, De Lombaerde, Philippe and Mastronardi, Giovanni, "Comment mesurer le commerce regional en Afrique: le cas de la CEDEAO" in Commerce régional et l'integration monétaire en Afrique de l'Ouest et en Europe ed. Sohn, Rike and Oppong, Ama K. (Bonn/Praia: University of Bonn/West Africa Institute, 2013), 63-96. 565 512
Aginam, Obijiofor, "Communitarian globalism and disease: a normative orientation for global health governance" in The global governance of HIV/AIDS: intellectual property and access to essential medicines ed. Aginam, Obijiofor, Harrington, John and Yu, Peter K. (Online: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2013), 14-28. 604   0
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Wadjamsse B. Djezou (2013). Community based forest management:mitigating farmers’encroachment in protected forests in Côte d'Ivoire. UNU-INRA Working Paper. UNU-INRA. 602 225
Acharya, Amitav, "Comparative regionalism: A field whose time has come?" in Regionalism in a changing world: Comparative perspectives in the new global order ed. Fioramonti,Lorenzo (Abingdon: Routledge, 2013), 3-15. 453  
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Christiansen, Thomas, Kirchner, Emil and Murray, Philomena, "Conclusion" in The Palgrave Handbook of EU-Asia relations ed. Christiansen, Thomas, Kirchner, Emil and Murray, Philomena (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013), 618-642. 447  
Shaw, Timothy and Tang, Vanessa, "Conclusion: New Regionalisms: Beyond NETRIS" in Comparative Regionalisms for Development in the 21st Century: Insights from the Global South ed. Fanta, Emmanuel, Shaw, Timothy and Tang, Vanessa (Farnham: Ashgate, 2013), 253-260. 392  
Qiu, Zhenmian, Chen, Bixia and Takemoto, Kazuhiko, (2013). Conservation of terraced paddy fields engaged with multiple stakeholders: the case of Noto GIAHS Site in Japan. Paddy and Water Environment, 12(2), 275-283 651   0