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Otero, Jesús and Iregui, Ana María (2011). The Long-Run Behaviour of the Terms of Trade between Primary Commodities and Manufactures : A Panel Data Approach. UNU-WIDER. 345  
Juselius, Katarina, Tarp, Finn and Møller, Niels Framroze (2011). The Long-Run Impact of Foreign Aid in 36 African Countries : Insights from Multivariate Time Series Analysis. UNU-WIDER. 400  
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Harrigan, Jane (2011). The Political Economy of Aid Flows to North Africa. UNU-WIDER. 255  
Casale, Daniela and Resnick, Danielle (2011). The Political Participation of Africa’s Youth : Turnout, Partisanship, and Protest. UNU-WIDER. 289  
Kuschminder, Katherine and Hercog, Metka (2011). The power of the strong state: A comparative analysis of the diaspora engagement strategies of India and Ethiopia. UNU-MERIT. 381 73
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Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2011). The use and economic impacts of ICT at the macro-micro levels in the Arab Gulf countries. UNU-MERIT. 352 88
Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2011). The Use and Economic Impacts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Sudan. UNU-MERIT. 324 175
Reddy, T.S. Vamsidhar, Hall, Andy and Sulaiman, Rasheed (2011). The when and where of research in agricultural innovation trajectories: Evidence and implications from RIU's South Asia projects. UNU-MERIT. 622 147
The Why and How of Open Education - With lessons from the openSE and openED Projects, ed. Meiszner, Andreas (Maastricht, NL: Collaborative Creativity Group, UNU-MERIT, 2011). 337  
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Ali, Saleem H. (2011). Transboundary Conservation and Peace-building: Lessons from forest biodiversity conservation projects. United Nations University. 416 294
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Guirkinger, Catherine and Platteau, Jean-Philippe (2011). Transformation of the Family under Rising Land Pressure : A Theoretical Essay. UNU-WIDER. 264  
Fenske, James (2011). Trees, Tenure and Conflict : Rubber in Colonial Benin. UNU-WIDER. 322  
Strunz, Günter, Post, Joachim, Zosseder, Kai, Wegscheider, Stephanie, Mück, Matthias, Riedlinger, Torsten, Mehl, Harald, Dech, Stefan, Birkmann, Joern, Gebert, Niklas, Harjono, Hery, Anwar, Herryal Z., Sumaryono, Sumaryono, Khomarudin, M. Rokhis and Muhari, Abdul, (2011). Tsunami risk assessment in Indonesia. Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, 11 67-82 436 208
Bogardi, Janos J., (2011). Two decades without ideological competition: are we winners or are we losers? - some thoughts at the 20th anniversary of the ''Velvet Revolutions''. Telos Magazine, 3 22-34 341  
Kuschminder, Katherine and Siegel, Melissa (2011). Understanding Ethiopian diaspora engagement policy. UNU-MERIT. 668 1766
Bilgili, Ozge and Siegel, Melissa (2011). Understanding the changing role of the Turkish diaspora. UNU-MERIT. 614 526
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Amarante, Veronica, Colafranceschi, Marco and Vigorito, Andrea (2011). Uruguay’s Income Inequality and Political Regimes during 1981–2010. UNU-WIDER. 260  
Gault, Fred (2011). User innovation and the market. UNU-MERIT. 674  
Baltazar Zita, Júlia Eva and Hermíneo Lopes, Avelino (2011). User innovation in the business enterprise sector of Maputo Province in Mozambique. UNU-MERIT. 330 66
Mukherjee, Vivekananda and Ramani, Shyama V. (2011). Voluntary agreements and community development as CSR in innovation strategies. UNU-MERIT. 681 280
Cavalcante, Geórgenes H., Kjerfve, Björn, Feary, David A., Bauman, Andrew G. and Usseglio, Paolo, (2011). Water Currents and Water Budget in a Coastal Megastructure, Palm Jumeirah Lagoon, Dubai, UAE. Journal of Coastal Research, 27(2), 384-393 407  
Renaud, Fabrice G., "Water pollution and over-exploitation: assessing the vulnerability of people exposed to creeping water-related hazards" in Challenges in water resources management: vulnerability, risk and water resources preservation ed. Eulisse, E. (Italy: Water Civilizations International Centre,, 2011), 31-39.. 476  
Harper, Sherilee, Edge, V.L., Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J., Berke, Olaf and McEwen, Scott A., (2011). Weather, water quality and infectious gastrointestinal illness in two Inuit communities in Nunatsiavut, Canada: potential implications for climate change.. Ecohealth, 93-108 416  
Baert, Francis, "Wereld Meteorologische Organisatie (WMO)" in De Gespecialiseerde Organisaties van de Verenigde Naties (Leuven: ACCO, 2011). 151  
Ziesemer, Thomas (2011). What Changes Gini Coefficients of Education? On the dynamic interaction between education, its distribution and growth. UNU-MERIT. 658 140
Ojo, Adegboyega, Janowski, Tomasz and Estevez, Elsa, (2011). Whole-of-government approach to technology strategy management: building a sustainable collaborative technology environment in government. Information Polity, 16(3), 17-17 429   0
Herrmann, Ludger, Oumarou, Hannatou Moussa, Haussmann, Bettina I.G. and Szarzynski, Joerg ed. Wood ash microdosing as fertiliser strategy for subsistence oriented and resource poor Sahelian farmers? 2011/10/5-7 Bonn. Bonn: n/a, 2011. 734 243
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Chancerel, Perrine and Schischke, Karsten (2011). Worldwide Impacts of Substance Restrictions of ICT Equipment. United Nations University. 462 183
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Birkmann, Joern, "Zusammenfassende thesen und vorschl�ge zum risikomanagement in der raumplanung" in Endbericht ARL-AK risikomanagement in der raumplanung, forschungs- und sitzungsberichte der akademie f�r raumforschung und landesplanung (Hannover: Endbericht ARL-AK Risikomanagement in der Raumplanung, Forschungs- und Sitzungsberichte der Akademie f�r Raumforschung und Landesplanung, 2011), 81-88,. 315