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Annim, Samuel Kobina (2011). Sensitivity of Loan Size to Lending Rates : Evidence from Ghana’s Microfinance Sector. UNU-WIDER. 262  
Rodgers, Dennis (2011). Separate but Equal Democratization? : Participation, Politics, and Urban Segregation in Latin America. UNU-WIDER. 323  
Page, John (2011). Should Africa Industrialize?. UNU-WIDER. 361  
Janches, Flavio (2011). Significance of Public Space in the Fragmented City : Designing Strategies for Urban Opportunities in Informal Settlements of Buenos Aires City. UNU-WIDER. 328  
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Aliaga Linares, Lissette (2011). Socio-Spatial Implications of Street Market Regulation Policy The Case of Ferias Libres in Santiago de Chile. UNU-WIDER. 274  
(2011). Solving the E-waste Problem (Step) Initiative: Annual Report 2010. United Nations University. 459 133
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Speijcken, Renée (2011). Strengthening the roles of political parties in Public Accountability - A case study of a new approach in political party assistance. UNU-MERIT. 613 298
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Belderbos, René, Gilsing, Victor and Jacob, Jojo (2011). Technology alliances in emerging economies: Persistence and interrelation in European firms' alliance formation. UNU-MERIT. 833 9177 0
Mupela, Evans, Mustard, Paul and Jones, Huw (2011). Telemedicine and primary health: The virtual doctor project Zambia. UNU-MERIT. 384  
Fosu, Augustin Kwasi (2011). Terms of Trade and Growth of Resource Economies : A Tale of Two Countries. UNU-WIDER. 291  
Warr, Peter (2011). Thailand’s Development Strategy and Growth Performance. UNU-WIDER. 271  
Molano Cruz, Giovanni, (2011). The Andean Integration process: Origins, Transformations and Structures. Integration & Trade, 15(33), 34-45 96  
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DiCaprio, Alisa (2011). The Demand Side of Social Protection : Lessons from Cambodia’s Labour Rights Experience. UNU-WIDER. 276  
Fransen, Sonja and Siegel, Melissa (2011). The Development of Diaspora Engagement Policies in Burundi and Rwanda. UNU-MERIT. 633 397
Galiani, Sebastian and Schargrodsky, Ernesto (2011). The Dynamics of Land Titling Regularization and Market Development. UNU-WIDER. 289  
Muysken, Joan and Ziesemer, Thomas (2011). The effect of net immigration on economic growth in an ageing economy: transitory and permanent shocks. UNU-MERIT. 694 208
Kareem, Fatima Olanike and Kareem, Olayinka (2011). The Effects of the European Union’s and China’s Trade Agreements on Africa’s Exports. UNU-WIDER. 296  
Sridhar, Kala Seetharam (2011). The Efficiency of States and Cities : Is There a Case for Public Land Leasing and Sales to Finance India’s Cities?. UNU-WIDER. 272  
Speijcken, Renée and Bakker, Wieger (2011). The elusive quest for the golden standard: Concepts, policies and practices of accountability in development cooperation. UNU-MERIT. 617 264
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(2011). The EU and Multilateralism: Nine Recommendations. EU-GRASP. United Nations University. 782 90
De Lombaerde, Philippe, (2011). The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Comparative Regionalism. Journal of Common Market Studies, 49(3), 675-681 107  
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Wacker, Konstantin M. (2011). The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Developing Countries’ Terms of Trade. UNU-WIDER. 278  
Lavopa, Alejandro (2011). The impact of sectoral heterogeneities in economic growth and catching up: Empirical evidence for Latin American manufacturing industries. UNU-MERIT. 318 41
Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2011). The importance (impact) of knowledge at the macro-micro levels in Sudan. UNU-MERIT. 314 75
Hall, Bronwyn (2011). The internationalization of R&D. UNU-MERIT. 504 446
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Cuyvers, Ludo, De Lombaerde, Philippe and Rayp, Glenn, (2011). The Labour Market Consequences of Globalisation and Regionalisation. Special Issue of the International Journal of Manpower, 32(2), 252-256 176