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Sulaiman, Rasheed, Hall, Andy and Reddy, T.S. Vamsidhar (2011). Missing the target: Lessons from enabling innovation in South Asia. UNU-MERIT. 610 142
David, Paul A. (2011). Mitigating 'anticommons' harms to research in science and technology. UNU-MERIT. 627  
Ismail, Tashmia and Masinge, Khumbula (2011). Mobile banking: Innovation for the poor. UNU-MERIT. 633 671
Awotwi, Johanna, Ojo, Adegboyega and Janowski, Tomasz, "Mobile governance for development: strategies for migrant head porters in Ghana" 5th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance (ICEGOV2011), Tallinn, 2011/09/26-28. 656 198
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Beckers, Pascal and Sleutjes, Bart (2011). Neighbourhood spatial order and firm mobility in disadvantaged urban neighbourhoods of the Netherlands. UNU-MERIT. 350 48
Narula, Rajneesh and Santangelo, Grazia D. (2011). New insights on the role of location advantages in international innovation. UNU-MERIT. 426 219
Buligescu, Bianca, Borghans, Lex and Fouarge, Didier, "Occupational gender pay gap and segregation in the European Union" 23rd Annual Conference of the European Association of Labor Economists, Cyprus, 2011/09/22-24. 391  
Mora, Camilo and Sale, Peter F., (2011). Ongoing global biodiversity loss and the need to move beyond protected areas: a review of the technical and practical shortcomings of protected areas on land and sea. Marine Ecology, :251-266 453  
Ramani, Shyama V., Chowdhury, Nupur, Coronini, Roger and Reid, Susan (2011). On India's plunge into Nanotechnology: What are good ways to catch-up?. UNU-MERIT. 688 374
Barrientos, Armando (2011). On the Distributional Implications of Social Protection Reforms in Latin America. UNU-WIDER. 341  
Fosu, Augustin Kwasi, Getachew, Yoseph Yilma and Ziesemer, Thomas (2011). Optimal public investment, growth, and consumption: Evidence from African countries. UNU-MERIT. 657 326
de la Cruz Gitau, Rosalia (2011). Outfits: Narrowly Tailored Laws that Harm Instead of Help : A case study of Liberia’s telecommunication laws. UNU-WIDER. 281  
Siegel, Melissa and Vanore, Michaella (2011). OxfamNovib study on the needs and wants of African migrants in Europe with regards to remittance sending. 649  
Dobbelaere, Sabien and Mairesse, Jacques, (2011). Panel data estimates of the production function and product and labor market imperfections. Journal of Applied Economics, 1-46 644   0
Fioramonti, Lorenzo, Santini, Ruth Hanau, Pinfari, Marco and Fanta, Emmanuel (2011). Paper on Human Rights Violations: Multilateralism and Human Security: the EU’s Discourse in Cases of Human Rights Violations. The EU as a Global-Regional Actor in Security and Peace (EU-GRASP). UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies. 111  
Tomini, Sonila, Groot, Wim and Pavlova, Milena, (2011). Paying informally in the Albanian health care sector: a two-tiered stochastic frontier model. European Journal of Health Econnomics, 777-788 369   0
Hoai, Pham Manh, Sebesvari, Zita, Minh, Tu Binh, Viet, Pham Hung and Renaud, Fabrice G., (2011). Pesticide pollution in agricultural areas of northern Vietnam. Environmental Pollution, 159 3344-3350 905  
Leighton, Michelle, Shen, Xiaomeng, Warner, Koko and Zissener, Michael (2011). Policy and institutional mechanisms to address the needs of climate-related migrants. UNU-EHS Research Brief. UNU- EHS. 6637 205
Markussen, Thomas and Tarp, Finn (2011). Political Connections and Investment in Rural Vietnam. UNU-WIDER. 375  
Brückner, Markus (2011). Population Size, Per Capita Income, and the Risk of Civil War : Regional Heterogeneity in the Structural Relationship Matters. UNU-WIDER. 287  
Shaw, Timothy, "Postscript: Asymmetric Trade Negotiations After the Turn-of-the-decade ‘Global’ Financial Crisis?" in Asymmetric Trade Negotiations ed. Sanoussi, Bilal and De Lombaerde, Philippe (Farnham: Ashgate, 2011), n/a-n/a. 126  
Keswell, Malcolm and Carter, Michael R. (2011). Poverty and Land Distribution : Evidence from a Natural Experiment. UNU-WIDER. 296  
Block, Paul and Strzepek, Kenneth (2011). Power Ahead : Meeting Ethiopia’s Energy Needs Under a Changing Climate. UNU-WIDER. 303  
Schuering, Esther (2011). Preferences for conditioning and being conditioned - experimental & survey evidence from Zambia. UNU-MERIT. 332 54
Estevez, Elsa and Janssen, Marijn ed. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance (ICEGOV2011) 2011/09/26-28 Tallin. Tallin: ACM Press, 2011. 593  
Hercog, Metka and Siegel, Melissa (2011). Promoting return and circular migration of the highly skilled. UNU-MERIT. 682 302
Gassmann, Franziska (2011). Protecting vulnerable families in Central Asia: Poverty, vulnerability and the impact of the economic crisis. UNU-MERIT. 728 413
Goytia, Cynthia, Pasquini, Ricardo and Sanguinetti, Pablo (2011). Public-Private Co-operation for Gas Provision in Poor Neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires : Impact on Housing Improvements and Health. UNU-WIDER. 276  
Hall, Andy (2011). Putting agricultural research into use: Lessons from contested visions of innovation. UNU-MERIT. 644 187
Realizing the Development Potential of Diasporas, ed. Sharma, Krishnan, Kashyap, Arun, Montes, Manuel F. and Ladd, Paul (Tokyo: UNU Press, 2011). 959 1958
Chen, Lurong and De Lombaerde, Philippe, (2011). Redes de distribución regional de la producción y organización en ejes en América latina y en el Este Asiático: una perspectiva a largo plazo. Integración & Comercio, 15(32), 21-39 114  
Van Langenhove, Luk and Scaramagli, Tiziana, "Regional Integration as a Response to Globalisation" in The Dark Side of Globalization (Tokyo: UNU Press, 2011). 143  
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Birkmann, Joern, "Regulation and coupling of society and nature in the context of natural hazards" in Coping with global environmental change, disasters and security: threats, challenges, vulnerabilities and risks ed. Brauch, Hans G., Oswald Spring, Úrsula, Mesjasz, Czeslaw, Grin, John, Kameri-Mbote, Patricia, Béchir, Chourou, Dunay, P. and Birkmann, Joern (Berlin / Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, 2011), 1103-1128.. 517  
De Lombaerde, Philippe, Deacon, Bob, Macovei, Maria-Cristina and Nita, Sonja, (2011). Reinforcing Regional Rights: Labour and Migration. UNU Website, 1-1 114  
Van Langenhove, Luk, Vaquer, Jordi, De Peyron, Kristin and Aspinwall, Mark (2011). Report on the Global Europe Conference. EU-GRASP Deliverables. UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies. 91  
Glewwe, Paul, Polasky, Stephen, Xu, Jintao and Zheng, Haochi (2011). Reputation, Policy Risk, and Land Use : A Study of China’s ‘Grain for Green’ Programme. UNU-WIDER. 270  
Otsuki, Kei and Takahashi, Shimako (2011). Research Capacity Development for Environmental Management in Cambodia: Outlining a Multi-Sector Approach. UNU Policy Brief. United Nations University. 558 594
Ritzen, Jo and Soete, Luc (2011). Research, higher education and innovation: redesigning multi-level governance within Europe in a period of crisis. UNU-MERIT. 687 391
Garschagen, Matthias, (2011). Resilience and organisational institutionalism from a cross-cultural perspective: an exploration based on urban climate change adaptation in Vietnam. Natural Hazards, 67(1), 24-46 625  
Wu, Harry X. (2011). Rethinking China’s Path of Industrialization. UNU-WIDER. 262  
Heller, Peter S. (2011). Rethinking the World of Aid in the Twenty First Century. UNU-WIDER. 268  
Filippov, Sergey (2011). Russia's emerging multinational companies amidst the global economic crisis. UNU-MERIT. 409  
Gondor, Darek and Morimoto, Hideka, (2011). Seafood ecolabelling for the public good – case of the MSC and WWF in Japan. Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal, 2(2), 214-230 396  
Lawson-Remer, Terra (2011). Security of Property Rights for Whom?. UNU-WIDER. 325  
Beckers, Pascal and Borghans, Lex (2011). Segregation in neighbourhoods and labour market outcomes of immigrants: Evidence from random assignment in the Netherlands. UNU-MERIT. 447 141