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Peres, Wilson (2011). Industrial Policies in Latin America. UNU-WIDER. 347  
Weiss, John (2011). Industrial Policy in the Twenty-First Century : Challenges for the Future. UNU-WIDER. 386  
Newman, Carol, Rand, John and Tarp, Finn (2011). Industry Switching in Developing Countries. UNU-WIDER. 433  
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Clarke, Matthew (2011). Innovative Delivery Mechanisms for Increased Aid Budgets : Lessons from a New Australian Aid Partnership. UNU-WIDER. 322  
Mina, Wasseem (2011). Institutional Reforms Debate and FDI Flows to MENA Region : Does One ‘Best’ Fit All?. UNU-WIDER. 287  
Okey, Mawussé K. N. (2011). Institutional Reforms, Private Sector, and Economic Growth in Africa. UNU-WIDER. 309  
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Drabo, Alassane (2011). Interrelationships among Health, Environment Quality, and Economic Activity : What Consequences for Economic Convergence?. UNU-WIDER. 296  
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Earle, Lucy (2011). Irregular Urbanization as a Catalyst for Radical Social Mobilization : The Case of the Housing Movements of São Paulo. UNU-WIDER. 323  
Ferré, Céline (2011). Is Internal Migration Bad for Receiving Urban Centres? : Evidence from Brazil, 1995-2000. UNU-WIDER. 305  
Lambert, Sylvie, Ravallion, Martin and van de Walle, Dominique (2011). Is It What You Inherited Or What You Learnt? : Intergenerational linkage and interpersonal inequality in Senegal. UNU-WIDER. 356  
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Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2011). Labour market and unemployment in Sudan. UNU-MERIT. 492  
Ghatak, Maitreesh and Mookherjee, Dilip (2011). Land Acquisition for Industrialization and Compensation of Displaced Farmers. UNU-WIDER. 340  
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Beall, Jo, Kanbur, Ravi and Rodgers, Dennis (2011). Latin American Urban Development into the 21st Century : Towards a Renewed Perspective on the City. UNU-WIDER. 314  
Hobday, Mike (2011). Learning from Asia’s Success Beyond Simplistic 'Lesson-Making'. UNU-WIDER. 274  
Burnell, Peter J. (2011). Lessons of Experience in International Democracy Support : Implications for Supporting Democratic Change in North Africa. UNU-WIDER. 279  
Gutiérrez Sanín, Francisco, Guzmán, Tania, Gutiérrez, María Teresa, Pinto, María Teresa and Gómez, Juan Carlos Arenas (2011). Local Government, Taxes, and Guns : Successful Policy Innovation in Three Colombian Cities. UNU-WIDER. 304  
Jin, Songqing, Yadav, Vandana and Deininger, Klaus W. (2011). Long-term Effects of Land Reform on Human Capital Accumulation : Evidence from West Bengal. UNU-WIDER. 293  
Malaysian Economy: Unfolding Growth and Social Change, ed. Rasiah, Rajah (Kuala Lumpur: Oxford University Press, 2011). 777  
Mbuvi, Dorcas and Tarsim, Achraf (2011). Managerial ownership and urban water utilities efficiency in Uganda. UNU-MERIT. 380 66
Van Lavieren, Hanneke, Burt, John A., Feary, David A., Cavalcante, Geórgenes H., Marquis, Elise, Benedetti, Lisa S., Trick, Charles, Kjerfve, Björn and Sale, Peter F. (2011). Managing the growing impacts of development on fragile coastal and marine ecosystems: Lessons from the Gulf. UNU-INWEH. 423 175
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Szirmai, Adam (2011). Manufacturing and Economic Development. UNU-WIDER. 681  
Szirmai, Adam and Verspagen, Bart (2011). Manufacturing and Economic Growth in Developing Countries, 1950-2005. UNU-MERIT. 1033 1750
Tregenna, Fiona (2011). Manufacturing Productivity, Deindustrialization, and Reindustrialization. UNU-WIDER. 293  
Wang, Lili and Notten, Ad (2011). Mapping the interdisciplinary nature and co-evolutionary patterns in five nano-industrial sectors. UNU-MERIT. 603 127
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Vollmer, Maike ed. Measuring disaster risk due to natural hazards, climate change and vulnerability: the WorldRiskIndex 11/12/2011 Maastrich. Maastrich: n/a, 2011. 552  
De Lombaerde, Philippe (2011). Measuring Intra-Regional Labour Mobility and Migration. ZEI Regional Integration Observer. Zentrum für Europäische Integrationsforschung Center for European Integration Studies. 100  
Arndt, Channing, Davies, Rob, Makrelov, Konstantin and Thurlow, James (2011). Measuring the Carbon Content of the South African Economy. UNU-WIDER. 418  
Atamanov, Aziz (2011). Microeconomic analysis of rural nonfarm activities in the Kyrgyz Republic: What determines participation and returns?. 398 172
Atamanov, Aziz and Van den Berg, Marrit (2011). Microeconomic analysis of rural nonfarm activities in the Kyrgyz Republic: What determines participation and returns?. UNU-MERIT Working Paper Series. UNU-MERIT. 401 190
Michels, Anne (2011). Migration and Inheritance Practices in the Bolivian Altiplano. UNU-WIDER. 285  
Kuschminder, Katherine (2011). Migration Policy Report No. 1: The Role of the Diaspora in Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building in Post-Conflict Settings: The Temporary Return of Qualified Nationals to Afghanistan. IS Academie Policy Report. 426 144