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(2009). Solving the E-waste Problem (Step) Initiative: Annual Report 2008. United Nations University. 744 201
(2009). Solving the E-waste Problem (Step) White Paper: E-waste Take-Back System Design and Policy Approaches. United Nations University. 532 148
(2009). Solving the E-waste Problem (Step) White Paper: One Global Understanding of Re-Use — Common Definitions. United Nations University. 512 112
Du, Jun and Girma, Sourafel (2009). Source of Finance, Growth and Firm Size – Evidence from China. UNU-WIDER. 319  
Birkmann, Joern, (2009). Soziale aspekte für den bevölkerungsschutz fassbar machen. Notfallvorsorge (02/2009), 40(2), 16-19 321  
Iizuka, Michiko (2009). Standards as a platform for innovation and learning in the global economy: a case study of Chilean salmon farming industry. UNU-MERIT. 753  
Henning, Florian and Ng, Gar Yein (2009). Steering collaborative e-justice. An exploratory case study of legitimisation processes in judicial videoconferencing in the Netherlands. 463 114
Azomahou, Théophile T. and Mishra, Tapas (2009). Stochastic environmental effects, demographic variation, and economic growth. UNU-MERIT. 617 142
Klerkx, Laurens, Hall, Andy and Leeuwis, Cees (2009). Strengthening Agricultural Innovation Capacity: Are Innovation Brokers the Answer?. UNU-MERIT. 725 1037
Zhang, Ying, Rajabzadeh, Iman and Lauterbach, Rodolfo (2009). Student Network Centrality and Academic Performance: Evidence from United Nations University. UNU-MERIT. 416 57
Weder, Beatrice and Weder, Rolf (2009). Switzerland’s Rise to a Wealthy Nation : Competition and Contestability as Key Success Factors. UNU-WIDER. 302  
Soete, Luc, Verspagen, Bart and Weel, Bas ter (2009). Systems of Innovation. UNU-MERIT. 571 669
Sulaiman, Rasheed, Thummuru, Laxmi, Hall, Andy and Dijkman, Jeroen (2009). Tacit Knowledge and Innovation Capacity: Evidence from the Indian Livestock Sector. UNU-MERIT. 728 371
Ramani, Shyama V., SadreGhazi, Shuan and Duysters, Geert, "Taking Innovations to the Poor: Lessons from Sanitation Activists in India" 7th GLOBELICS International Conference, Dakar, 2009/10/06-08. 656  
Belderbos, René, Faems, Dries, Leten, Bart and Van Looy, Bart (2009). Technological activities and their impact on the financial performance of the firm: Exploitation and exploration within and between firms. UNU-MERIT. 638 1196
Sanders, Mark and Audretsch, David B. (2009). Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Development. UNU-WIDER. 339  
Audretsch, David B. and Sanders, Mark (2009). Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Development. UNU-MERIT. 418 223
Azomahou, Théophile T., Diene, Bity and Diene, Mbaye (2009). Technology frontier, labor productivity and economic growth: Evidence from OECD countries. UNU-MERIT. 651 181
The Bioeconomy to 2030: Designing a Policy Agenda, ed. Arundel, Anthony and Sawaya, D. (Paris: OECD, 2009). 691  
Kaltenbrunner, Annina and Nissanke, Machiko (2009). The Case for an Intermediate Exchange Rate Regime with Endogenizing Market Structures and Capital Mobility : The Empirical Study of Brazil. UNU-WIDER. 282  
Svejnar, Jan and Uvalic, Milica (2009). The Czech Transition : The Importance of Microeconomic Fundamentals. UNU-WIDER. 295  
Lundvall, Bengt-Ake (2009). The Danish Model and the Globalizing Learning Economy : Lessons for Developing Countries. UNU-WIDER. 267  
Garcia, Abraham and Hollanders, Hugo (2009). The Diffusion of Informal Knowledge and Innovation Performance: A sectoral approach. UNU-MERIT. 604 129
Yao, Yang (2009). The Disinterested Government : An Interpretation of China’s Economic Success in the Reform Era. UNU-WIDER. 314  
Naudé, Wim (2009). The Financial Crisis of 2008 and the Developing Countries. UNU-WIDER. 384  
Jäntti, Markus and Vartiainen, Juhana (2009). The Finnish Developmental State and its Growth Regime. UNU-WIDER. 387  
Naudé, Wim (2009). The Global Economic Crisis after One Year: Is a New Paradigm for Recovery in Developing Countries Emerging?. United Nations University Press. 589 114
Naudé, Wim and Fosu, Augustin Kwasi (2009). The Global Economic Crisis : Towards Syndrome-Free Recovery for Africa. UNU-WIDER. 403  
Mani, Sunil (2009). The Growth of Knowledge-intensive Entrepreneurship in India, 1991–2007. UNU-MERIT. 333 117
Ziesemer, Thomas (2009). The Impact of the Credit Crisis on Poor Developing Countries: Growth, worker remittances, accumulation and migration. UNU-MERIT. 672 286
Kanerva, Minna and Hollanders, Hugo (2009). The impact of the economic crisis on innovation - Analysis based on the Innobarometer 2009 survey. 639 156
Roelen, Keetie, Gassmann, Franziska and de Neubourg, Chris, (2009). The Importance of Choice and Definition for the Measurement of Child Poverty – the case of Vietnam. Child Indicators Research, 245-263 793  
Kapur, Sandeep and Athreye, Suma (2009). The Internationalization of Chinese and Indian Firms: Trends, Motivations and Policy Implications. United Nations University. 606 260
Athreye, Suma and Kupar, Sandeep (2009). The Internationalization of Chinese and Indian Firms: Trends, Motivations and Policy Implications. UNU Policy Brief. n/a. 662 78
Zschocke, Thomas, Beniest, Jan, Paisley, Courtney, Najjar, Jehad and Duval, Erik, (2009). The LOM application profile for agricultural learning resources of the CGIAR. International Journal for Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies, 4(1/2/2015), 13-23 443  
van Hoestenberghe, Karel, Roelfsema, Hein and Khalidi, Swabiri, "The Making of the East African Community: A Case Study" in The EU and World Regionalism: The Makability of Regions in the 21st Century ed. Schulz, Michael and De Lombaerde, Philippe (Farnham: Ashgate, 2009), 235-249. 145  
Subramanian, Arvind (2009). The Mauritian Success Story and its Lessons. UNU-WIDER. 334  
Butsch, Carsten, Etzold, Benjamin and Sakdapolrak, Patrick (2009). The megacity resilience framework. UNU-EHS Policy Brief. UNU- EHS. 6998 694
Bodas Freitas, Isabel Maria and Verspagen, Bart (2009). The motivations, organisation and outcomes of university-industry interaction in the Netherlands. UNU-MERIT. 578 268
Looney, Robert E. (2009). The Omani and Bahraini Paths to Development : Rare and Contrasting Oil-based Economic Success Stories. UNU-WIDER. 327  
Slocum-Bradley, Nikki, "The Positioning Diamond: Conceptualizing Identity Constructions at the US-Mexico Border" in Promoting Conflict or Peace through Identity (London: Ashgate, 2009), n/a-n/a. 192  
De Lombaerde, Philippe, Söderbaum, Fredrik, Van Langenhove, Luk and Baert, Francis (2009). The Problem of Comparison in Comparative Regionalism. Jean Monnet Chair of the University of Miami. 220  
Van Langenhove, Luk, Vigilante, Antonio, Ferro, Monica, Tavares, Rodrigo, Fanta, Emmanuel, Scaramagli, Tiziana and Felício, Taniâ (2009). The Regional Dimension of Human Security. Lessons from the European Union and Other Regional Organisations. GARNET Policy Briefs. University of Warwick. 128  
Heydon, Kenneth and Woolcock, Stephen, The Rise of Bilateralism: Comparing American, European and Asian Approaches to Preferential Trade Agreements, (Tokyo: UNU Press, 2009). 598 1674
Azomahou, Théophile T., Diene, Bity and Soete, Luc (2009). The role of consumption and the financing of health investment under epidemic shocks. UNU-MERIT. 625  
Perrot, Radhika (2009). The Role of Firms in Energy Transformation. UNU-MERIT. 333  
Tacsir, Ezequiel, "The role of R&D in economic growth" DEIP, Design and Evaluation of Innovation Policies, San Salvador, 2009/10/26-30. 322  
The State of the Environment in Asia 2006/2007, ed. Japan Environmental Council (Tokyo: UNU Press, 2009). 916 1441
The United Nations and Nuclear Orders, ed. Boulden, Jane, Thakur, Ramesh and Weiss, Thomas G. (Tokyo: UNU Press, 2009). 5250 3118
Felício, Taniâ, (2009). The United Nations and Regional Organizations: The Need for Clarification and Cooperation. Studia Diplomatica, LXII(3), 13-20 109