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Oliver-Smith, Anthony and Shen, Xiaomeng (2009). Linking environmental change, migration & social vulnerability. UNU-EHS SOURCE. UNU- EHS. 6778 1541
Shen, Xiaomeng, "Linking Oriental and Western thinking to mitigate flood risk" in Coping with global environmental change, disasters and security : threats, challenges, vulnerabilities and risks ed. Brauch, Hans G. (Berlin & Heidelberg.: Springer, 2009), n/a-n/a. 771  
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Naudé, Wim (2009). Out with the Sleaze, in with the Ease : Insufficient for Entrepreneurial Development?. UNU-WIDER. 413  
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Timmermann, Martina and Kruesmann, Monika (2009). Partnerships for Women’s Health: Striving for Best Practice within the UN Global Compact. United Nations University Press. 415 276
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Belderbos, René, Gilsing, Victor and Lokshin, Boris (2009). Persistence of and interrelation between horizontal and vertical technology alliances. UNU-MERIT. 717 620
Sologon, Denisa Maria and O'Donoghue, Cathal (2009). Policy, institutional factors and earnings mobility. Maastricht University. 410 201
Sologon, Denisa Maria and O'Donoghue, Cathal (2009). Policy, international factors and earnings mobility. Maastricht University. 349 41
Naudé, Wim and Fosu, Augustin Kwasi (2009). Policy Responses to the Global Economic Crisis in Africa. United Nations University Press. 503 113
Molano Cruz, Giovanni (2009). Politiques régionales contre le traffic illicite de drogues. Les cas de l'Union Européenne et de la Communauté Andine. UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies. 109 82
Lundahl, Mats and Petersson, Lennart (2009). Post-Apartheid South Africa : An Economic Success Story?. UNU-WIDER. 384  
Bogardi, Janos J., Birkmann, Joern, Gebert, Niklas and Setiadi, Neysa J., "Preparing for low-frequency, extreme natural hazards : contributing to Human Security by enhancing freedom from hazard impact" in Facing global environmental change : environmental, human, energy, food, health and water security concepts / hexagon series on human and environmental security and Peace (vol. 4) ed. Brauch, Hans G., Oswald Spring, Úrsula, Grin, John, Mesjasz, Czeslaw, Kameri-Mbote, Patricia, Behera, Navnita C., Béchir, Chourou and Krummenacher, Heinz (Berlin & Heidelberg: Springer Verlag, 2009), 283-294. 496  
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Narula, Rajneesh and Michel, Julie (2009). Reverse knowledge transfer and its implications for European policy. UNU-MERIT. 378 92
Christiaensen, Luc (2009). Revisiting the Global Food Architecture : Lessons from the 2008 Food Crisis. UNU-WIDER. 294  
Theophilus Mooko, Richard Tabulawa, Tonic Maruatona, Anthony Koosimile, Hamidou Sall, Baye Ndiaye, Bakary Diarra, Mouhamadoune Seck, Cosmas Cobbold, Joseph Ampiah, Fiifi Mensah, Frederick Ocansey, Zacarias Ombe, Jaime Alipio and Arnaldo Nhavoto, Revitalizing Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa, ed. Francisco Seddoh, Soisik Maubec and Pierre Kouraogo (Tokyo: United Nations University, 2009). 76 21
Adeel, Zafar, Dent, David, Dobie, Philip, Mersmann, Christian, Niamir-Fuller, Maryam, Quatrini, Simone and Sokona, Youba (2009). Revitalizing the UNCCD. UNU-INWEH. 368 151
Naudé, Wim (2009). Rushing in where Angels Fear to Tread?’ : The Early Internationalization of Indigenous Chinese Firms. UNU-WIDER. 391  
Oliver-Smith, Anthony (2009). Sea level rise and the vulnerability of coastal peoples: responding to the local challenges of global climate change in the 21st century. UNU-EHS InterSecTions. UNU- EHS. 7060 1931
Ojo, Adegboyega, Janowski, Tomasz and Estevez, Elsa, "Semantic interoperability architecture for electronic government" 10th Annual International Digital Government Research Conference, Puebla, 2009. 632  
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Petrovic, Marina (2009). Social assistance, activation policy, and social exclusion: Addressing causal complexity. 329 45
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Douwe, Vincent, Estevez, Elsa, Ojo, Adegboyega and Janowski, Tomasz, "Software infrastructure for e-government: e-appointment service" Proceedings of the 2nd International conference on u- and e-Service, Science and Technology, Jeju, 2009. 740   0
European Commission Joint Research Centre – Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Soil Conservation Service of Iceland and UNU-INWEH, Soils, Society & Global Change Celebrating the Centenary of Conservation and Restoration of Soil Vegetation in Iceland, ed. Bigas, Harriet, Gudbrandsson, Gudmundur Ingi, Montanarella, Luca and Arnalds, Andres (Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2009). 364 601