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Lommelen, Tinne, den Hertog, Friso, Beck, Lien and Sluismans, Raf (2009). Designing plans for organizational development, lessons from three large-scale SME-initiatives. UNU-MERIT. 772 138
Teague, Paul (2009). Developing Ireland : Committing to Economic Openness and Building Domestic Institutional Capabilities. UNU-WIDER. 375  
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Molano Cruz, Giovanni (2009). Dynamique, Themes et Acteurs: Des Relations entre la Communauté Andine et l'Union Européenne. UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies. 100 71
Naudé, Wim and Rossouw, Stephanie (2009). Early International Entrepreneurship in China : Extent and Determinants. UNU-WIDER. 528  
Sologon, Denisa Maria and O'Donoghue, Cathal (2009). Earnings Dynamics and Inequality among men across 14 EU countries, 1994 - 2001. Evidence from ECHP. Maastricht University. 438 188
Sologon, Denisa Maria (2009). Earnings dynamics and inequality amoung men in Luxembourg, 1988-2004: Evidence from administrative data. 425 112
Sologon, Denisa Maria and O'Donoghue, Cathal (2009). Earnings dynamics and inequality in EU, 1994-2001. n/a. 494 405
Chakraborty, Pinaki and Zhang, Yan (2009). Economic Reforms and Infrastructure Spending : Evidence from China and India. UNU-WIDER. 324  
Baghana, Rufin and Mohnen, Pierre (2009). Effectiveness of R&D Tax Incentives in Small and Large Enterprises in Québec. UNU-MERIT. 635  
Afifi, Tamer, "Egyptian water and soil : a cause for migration and security threats?" in Water scarcity, land degradation and desertification in the Mediterranean region ed. Rubio, Jose L., Safriel, Uriel N. and Daussa, Raul (Dordrecht: Springer, 2009), 131-143. 605  
Molano Cruz, Giovanni, (2009). El apoyo de la Unión Europea a los programas de desarrollo alternativo en Colombia. Cooperación para el combate contra el terrorismo y el tráfico ilícito de estupefacientes. Análisis Político, 22(66), 100-122 115  
El sistema nacional de innovación mexicano: estructuras, políticas, desempeño y desafíos, ed. Dutrenit, Gabriela, Capdeville, Mario, Corona, Juan Manuel, Puchet, Martin, Santiago-Rodriguez, Fernando and Vera Cruz, Alexandre (Mexico and Uruguay: UAM/Textual, 2009). 449  
Kimhi, Ayal (2009). Entrepreneurship and Income Inequality in Southern Ethiopia. UNU-WIDER. 389  
Amorós, José Ernesto (2009). Entrepreneurship and Quality of Institutions : A Developing-Country Approach. UNU-WIDER. 325  
Baliamoune-Lutz, Mina (2009). Entrepreneurship and Reforms in Developing Countries. UNU-WIDER. 359  
Tamvada, Jagannadha Pawan (2009). Entrepreneurship and Welfare. UNU-WIDER. 369  
Nijkamp, Peter (2009). Entrepreneurship, Development, and the Spatial Context : Retrospect and Prospect. UNU-WIDER. 322  
Thurik, A. Roy (2009). Entrepreneurship, Economic Growth and Policy in Emerging Economies. UNU-WIDER. 318  
Naudé, Wim (2009). Entrepreneurship is not a Binding Constraint on Growth and Development in the Poorest Countries. UNU-WIDER. 426  
Grote, Ulrike and Warner, Koko, (2009). Environmental change and forced migration : evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa. International Journal of Global Warming, 2(1), 17-47 475  
Kanerva, Minna, Arundel, Anthony and Kemp, René (2009). Environmental innovation: Using qualitative models to identify indicators for policy. UNU-MERIT. 761 357
Envisioning Reform: Enhancing UN Accountability in the Twenty-first Century, ed. Kuyama, Sumihiro and Fowler, Michael Ross (Tokyo: UNU Press, 2009). 950 1320
Sologon, Denisa Maria and O'Donoghue, Cathal (2009). Equalizing or disequalizing lifetime earnings differntials? Earnings mobility in the EU: 1994 - 2001. Maastricht University. 402 57
Bogardi, Janos J., "Ethical aspects of unforeseen and extreme events management such as floods and droughts" in Water ethics ed. Llamas, Ramón M., Martinez-Cortina, Luis and Mukherji, Aditi (London: Taylor and Francis, 2009). 589 3325
European Science And Technology Policy - Towards Integration or Fragmentation?, ed. Delanghe, Henri, Muldur, Ugur and Soete, Luc (Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2009). 410  
De Lombaerde, Philippe, Schulz, Michael and Pietrangeli, Giulia, "EU Support to Latin American Regionalism" in The European Union and the Rise of Regionalism: Source of Inspiration and Active Promoter / L’Union Européenne et la Montée du Régionalisme: Exemplarité et Partenariats (Brussels: Academia, Bruylant, 2009). 163  
Sindzingre, Alice and Gavin, Brigid, (2009). EU trade relations with Emerging Asia: identifying the issues. Asia Europe Journal, 7(1), 9-22 145  
Droste-Franke, Bert, Krüger, Jörg, Lingner, Stephan and Ziesemer, Thomas (2009). Explaining the lack of dynamics in the diffusion of small stationary fuel cells. UNU-MERIT. 666 596
Muñiz Castillo, Mirtha R. and Gasper, Des (2009). Exploring human autonomy effectiveness: Project logic and its effects on individual autonomy. Maastricht University. 442 234
Roelen, Keetie, Gassmann, Franziska and de Neubourg, Chris (2009). False positives or hidden dimensions - What can monetary and multidimensional measurement tell us about child poverty?. Maastricht University. 647 324
De Lombaerde, Philippe and Garay, Luis Jorge (2009). FDI Policies in Time of Conflict: The Case of Colombia. UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies. 222 93
Chen, Fang and Mohnen, Pierre (2009). FDI, R&D and Innovation Output in the Chinese Automobile Industry. UNU-MERIT. 728 321
Amsden, Alice H. (2009). Firm Ownership, FOEs, and POEs. UNU-WIDER. 319  
Amsden, Alice H. (2009). Firm Ownership, FOEs, and POEs. UNU-MERIT. 391 75
Cowan, Robin, Jonard, Nicolas and Sanditov, Bulat (2009). Fits and Misfits: Technological Matching and R&D Networks. UNU-MERIT. 625 135
Filippov, Sergey and Kalotay, Kálmán (2009). Foreign Direct Investment in Times of Global Economic Crisis: Spotlight on New Europe. UNU-MERIT. 481 367
Haaland, Kirsten, Stamelos, Ioannis, Ghosh, Rishab Aiyer and Glott, Rüdiger ed. Fourth Balkan Conference in Informatics 2009/09/17-19 Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki: UNU-MERIT, 2009. 667  
Filippov, Sergey and Guimón, José (2009). From Quantity to Quality: Challenges for Investment Promotion Agencies. UNU-MERIT. 398 152
Lindert, Kathy, Shapiro, Joseph and Skoufias, Emmanuel (2009). Globalization and the Role of Public Transfers in Redistributing Income in Latin America and the Caribbean. UNU-WIDER. 344  
Shintaro Ito, Koichiro Matsuura, Hirokazu Matsuno, Konrad Osterwalder, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, Olabiyi Yaï, Stephen May, Adama Samassékou, Hans D’Orville, Gregory Kamwendo, Yoshiki Mikami, Barbara Trudell and Hannah Vari-Bogiri (2009). Globalization & Languages: Building on Our Rich Heritage. UNESCO-UNU International Conference. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. 74 17
Mani, Sunil (2009). Growth of Knowledge-intensive Entrepreneurship in India, 1991–2007. UNU-WIDER. 310  
Ziesemer, Thomas (2009). Growth with imported resources: On the sustainability of U.S. growth and foreign debt. UNU-MERIT. 601 113
Deubzer, Otmar (2009). Guidelines and Standards for EoL Operations on e-Waste. United Nations University. 41 12
Garcia, Abraham (2009). Habit Formation, Demand and Growth through product innovation. UNU-MERIT. 401 63
Heads Up! Early Warning Systems for Climate-, Water- and Weather-Related Hazards, ed. Glantz, Michael H. (Tokyo: UNU Press, 2009). 388 239
De Lombaerde, Philippe and Vidal, Maarten, (2009). Het nieuwe Benelux-Verdrag: Wat zit erin voor Vlaanderen. EWI Review, 2(6), 42-44 151  
Goedhuys, Micheline and Sleuwaegen, Leo (2009). High-Growth Entrepreneurial Firms in Africa : A Quantile Regression Approach. UNU-WIDER. 652