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Balamir Coskun, Bezen (2005). Region and Region Building in the Middle East Problems and Prospects. UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies. 90  
Gehl Sampath, Padmashree (2005). Regulating Bioprospecting: Institutions for Drug Research, Access and Benefit-Sharing. UNU Policy Brief. 971 105
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Taeb, Mohammad, Munder, Irmtraud, Kelar, Govind, Fan, Peilei, Gomes de Carvalho, Marilia and Nageen, Ainuddin, Revisiting Women’s Participation in Science and Technology: Emerging Challenges and Agenda for Reform, (Yokohama: United Nations University, 2005). 459 155
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Sawyer, Amos (2005). Social Capital, Survival Strategies, and their Potential for Post-Conflict Governance in Liberia. UNU-WIDER. 295  
Andrianova, Svetlana and Demetriades, Panicos O. (2005). Sources and Effectiveness of Financial Development : What We Know and What We Need to Know. UNU-WIDER. 389  
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Geda, Alemayehu and Shimeles, Abebe (2005). Taxes and Tax Reform in Ethiopia, 1990-2004. UNU-WIDER. 338  
Osei, Robert and Quartey, Peter (2005). Tax Reforms in Ghana. UNU-WIDER. 295  
Gholami, Roghieh, Heshmati, Almas and Lee, Sang-Yong (2005). The Causal Relationship between ICT and FDI. UNU-WIDER. 282  
The Dynamics of Socio-Economic Development. An Introduction, ed. Szirmai, Adam (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005). 987  
The Economics of the Digital Society, ed. Soete, Luc and Weel, Bas ter (Maastricht, NL: Edward Elgar, 2005). 384  
Becchetti, Leonardo and Hasan, Iftekhar (2005). The Effects of (within and with EU) Regional Integration : Impact on Real Effective Exchange Rate Volatility, Institutional Quality and Growth for MENA Countries. UNU-WIDER. 289  
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Van Langenhove, Luk and Costea, Ana-Cristina (2005). The EU as a Global Actor and the Emergence of 'Third Generation' Regionalism. UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies. 99 66
Lloyd, Tim, Morrissey, Oliver and Osei, Robert (2005). The Fiscal Effects of Aid in Ghana. UNU-WIDER. 305  
Sharma, Kanhaiya Lal, Srinivasan, Gopalan and Arcelus, Francisco J. (2005). The Human Development Index Adjusted for Efficient Resource Utilization. UNU-WIDER. 346  
Dimova, Ralitza, Landon-Lane, John S. and Gang, Ira N. (2005). The Informal Sector During Crisis and Transition. UNU-WIDER. 312  
de Hoyos, Rafael E. (2005). The Microeconomics of Inequality, Poverty and Market Liberalizing Reforms. UNU-WIDER. 286  
Dibeh, Ghassan (2005). The Political Economy of Postwar Reconstruction in Lebanon. UNU-WIDER. 297  
Mavrotas, George and Murshed, S. Mansoob (2005). The Poverty Macroeconomic Policy Nexus : Some Short-Run Analytics. UNU-WIDER. 385  
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Zhao, Jinhua (2005). The Role of Information in Technology Adoption under Poverty. UNU-WIDER. 340  
Graham, Kennedy, (2005). The Security Council and Counterterrorism: Global and Regional Approaches to an Elusive Public Good. Terrorism and Political Violence, 17 37-65 141  
Wanjala, Bernadette and Karingi, Stephen Njuguna (2005). The Tax Reform Experience of Kenya. UNU-WIDER. 282  
Fielding, David and Mavrotas, George (2005). The Volatility of Aid. UNU-WIDER. 320  
Brauch, Hans G. (2005). Threats, challenges, vulnerabilities and risks in environmental and human security. UNU-EHS SOURCE. UNU- EHS. 7581 5813
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Robbani, Golam, (2005). Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights and Least Developed Countries. Journal of World Intellectual Property, 8(4), 565-573 239  
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Transformation of Cities in Central and Eastern Europe: Towards Globalization, ed. Hamilton, Ian F.E, Andrews,Kaliopa Dimitrovska and Pichler-Milanovic,Nata∫a (Tokyo: UNU Press, 2005). 507 1700
Kelegama, Saman (2005). Transforming Conflict with an Economic Dividend : the Sri Lankan Experience. UNU-WIDER. 327  
Tavares, Rodrigo (2005). Understanding Regional Peace and Security: A Framework for Analysis. UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies. 168 420
Cowan, Robin (2005). Universities and the Knowledge Economy. UNU-MERIT Research Memoranda. UNU-MERIT. 777 341
Ostrom, Elinor (2005). Unlocking Public Entrepreneurship and Public Economies. UNU-WIDER. 286  
Little, Peter D. (2005). Unofficial Trade When States Are Weak : the Case of Cross-Border Commerce in the Horn of Africa. UNU-WIDER. 309  
Kool, Clemens and Ziesemer, Thomas (2005). Unstable Debt/GDP Dynamics as an Early Warning Indicator. UNU-MERIT Research Memoranda. UNU-MERIT. 588 121
UNU-CRIS (2005). UNU-CRIS Annual Report 2005. Van Langenhove, Luk. 89 60