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Van Langenhove, Luk, (2004). Opinie: De Europese Unie en de Verenigde Naties: Samen Sterk?. Wereldbeeld, (2), 23-25 93  
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Van Langenhove, Luk, (2004). Theorising Theoretical Psychology. Theory and Psychology, 15(1), 134-135 82  
Capéau, Bart and Decoster, Andre (2004). The Rise or Fall of World Inequality : A Spurious Controversy?. UNU-WIDER. 258  
Graham, Kennedy, (2004). The Security Council and Counter-Terrorism:  Global and Regional Approaches to an Elusive Public Good. Terrorism and Political Violence, 16(4), 37-65 153  
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Graham, Kennedy, (2004). The United Nations: Facing A Fork in the Road. New Zealand International Review, XXIX(5), 24-28 90