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Mavrotas, George and Maimbo, Samuel Munzele (2003). Financial Sector Reforms and Savings Mobilization in Zambia. UNU-WIDER. 370  
Akinkugbe, Oluyele (2003). Flow of Foreign Direct Investment to Hitherto Neglected Developing Countries. UNU-WIDER. 340  
Dercon, Stefan and Krishnan, Pramila (2003). Food Aid and Informal Insurance. UNU-WIDER. 377  
Risto Päivinen, Suzuki, Motoyuki, P. Pelkonen, D. Gritten, Peter Mayer, Birger Solberg, Kazmierz Rykowski, Jerzy Mozgawa, Piotr Paschalis, Edward Stępień, Jan Ilavsky, Roman Longauer, Hristo Tsakov, Alexander Alexandrov, Radovan Nevenic, Milos Koprivica, Jovan Marković, Saša Orlović, Ilze Silamikele, Henn Tuherm, Forests in Transition: The Role of Research and Higher Education in Developing National Forest Programmes in Countries with Economies in Transition, (Tokyo: United Nations University, 2003). 94  
Van Langenhove, Luk, (2003). Frans-Duitse As is niet alleenzaligmakend. De Standaard, 16-16 109  
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Narula, Rajneesh (2003). Globalisation and trends in international R&D alliances. UNU-MERIT Research Memoranda. UNU-MERIT. 475 518
Ziesemer, Thomas (2003). Green Tax Reform and the Laffer curve in labour market models: A brief note. UNU-MERIT Research Memoranda. UNU-MERIT. 589 216
van Zon, Adriaan and Muysken, Joan (2003). Health as a Principal Determinant of Economic Growth. UNU-MERIT Research Memoranda. UNU-MERIT. 830 581
Dercon, Stefan and Hoddinott, John (2003). Health, Shocks and Poverty Persistence. UNU-WIDER. 365  
Friedman, Jed (2003). How Responsive is Poverty to Growth? A Regional Analysis of Poverty, Inequality, and Growth in Indonesia, 1984-99. UNU-WIDER. 289  
van Zon, Adriaan, Fortune, Emmanuelle and Kronenberg, Tobias (2003). How to Sow and Reap as You Go: a Simple Model of Cyclical Endogenous Growth. UNU-MERIT Research Memoranda. UNU-MERIT. 605 162
Lal, Kaushalesh (2003). ICTs for Innovation: Policy Issues for Developing Countries. UNU-INTECH Technology Policy Brief. UNU-INTECH. 378 62
Domanski, Dietrich (2003). Idiosyncratic Risk in the 1990s : Is It an IT Story?. UNU-WIDER. 269  
Letnes, Bjørn and Moses, Jonathon W. (2003). If People were Money : Estimating the Potential Gains from Increased International Migration. UNU-WIDER. 289  
Väyrynen, Raimo (2003). Illegal Immigration, Human Trafficking, and Organized Crime. UNU-WIDER. 392  
Fisher, David, Martin, Susan F. and Schoenholtz, Andrew I. (2003). Impact of Asylum on Receiving Countries. UNU-WIDER. 356  
Ghosh, Nilabja (2003). Impact of Trade Liberalization on Returns from Land : A Regional Study of Indian Agriculture. UNU-WIDER. 344  
Cornia, Giovanni Andrea, Addison, Tony and Kiiski, Sampsa (2003). Income Distribution Changes and their Impact in the Post-World War II Period. UNU-WIDER. 474  
Verbina, Inna (2003). Inconsistency in Savings Pattern : Is there an Endogeneity Bias?. UNU-WIDER. 289  
Mavrotas, George and Reyna-Cerecero, Mario (2003). Inflation, Output and Perfectly Enforceable Price Controls in Orthodox and Heterodox Stabilization Programmes. UNU-WIDER. 305  
Atkinson, Anthony Barnes (2003). Innovative Sources for Development Finance : Over-Arching Issues. UNU-WIDER. 282  
Addison, Tony and Baliamoune-Lutz, Mina (2003). Institutional Quality, Reforms and Integration in the Maghreb. UNU-WIDER. 412  
Van Ginkel, Hans, Van Langenhove, Luk, Ondo-Methogo, Emmanuel, Campbell, Bonnie, Goldstein, Andrea, Söderbaum, Fredrik, Slocum, Nikki, Mordonu, Aurora, De Lombaerde, Philippe, Francis, David, Diabré, Zéphirin, Kennes, Walter, Odano, Nobutake, Yanai, Shunji, Hatakeyama, Noboru and Azuma, Hisao, Integrating Africa: Perspectives on Regional Integration and Development, ed. Van Ginkel, Hans, Van Langenhove, Luk and Court, Julius (Tokyo: United Nations University Press, 2003). 279  
Integrating Africa : perspectives on regional intergration and development, ed. Ginkel, Hans van, Court, Julius and Van Langenhove, Luk (Tokyo: UNU/HQ, 2003). 459 283
Van Langenhove, Luk and Slocum-Bradley, Nikki, "Integration Speak: Introducing Positioning Theory in Regional Integration Studies" in The Self and Others: Positioning Individuals and Groups in Personal, Political, and Cultural Contexts ed. Harré, Rom and Moghaddam, Fathali (Westport: Praeger Publishers, 2003), n/a-n/a. 192  
Lin, Songhua (2003). International Trade, Location and Wage Inequality in China. UNU-WIDER. 255  
International waters in Southern Africa, ed. Nakayama, Mikiyasu (Tokyo: UNU Press, 2003). 587 3587
Gavin, Brigid (2003). Intégration Régionale et APEs : Timing et Mesures de Sauvegarde. UNU Institute on Regional Integration Studies. 195  
Söderbaum, Fredrik, "Introduction: Theories of New Regionalism" in Theories of New Regionalism ed. Söderbaum, Fredrik and Shaw, Timothy (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2003), 1-25. 144  
Chatelard, Géraldine (2003). Iraqi Forced Migrants in Jordan : Conditions, Religious Networks, and the Smuggling Process. UNU-WIDER. 256  
Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M. (2003). Irregular Migration and Asylum Seekers in the Caribbean. UNU-WIDER. 300  
Faini, Riccardo (2003). Is the Brain Drain an Unmitigated Blessing?. UNU-WIDER. 271  
de Lombaerde, Philippe, (2003). La problématique de l'intégration monétaire en Amérique Latine et dans les Caraïbes. Cahiers du GELA-IS, 3(4), 143-169 100  
De Lombaerde, Philippe and Franco, Andrés, (2003). Latin American Multinationals: A Historical and Theoretical Approach. Global Economic Review, 32(1), 81-102 151  
De Lombaerde, Philippe (2003). Le Soutien de l’Intégration Régionale: La Feuille de Route des Indicateurs et Outils. UNU Institute on Regional Integration Studies. 101  
Capasso, Salvatore and Mavrotas, George (2003). Loan Processing Costs and Information Asymmetries-Implications for Financial Sector Development and Economic Growth. UNU-WIDER. 296  
Silverberg, Gerald (2003). Long Waves: Conceptual, Empirical and Modelling Issues. UNU-MERIT Research Memoranda. UNU-MERIT. 436 261
Perälä, Maiju (2003). Looking at the Other Side of the Coin' : The Relationship between Classical Growth and Early Development Theories. UNU-WIDER. 286  
Sluismans, Raf (2003). Looking for synergy in organizations: The role of the concept of configuration in contemporary theory. UNU-MERIT Research Memoranda. UNU-MERIT. 579 209
Weinstein, David E. and Davis, Donald (2003). Market Size, Linkages, and Productivity : A Study Of Japanese Regions. UNU-WIDER. 348  
Heshmati, Almas (2003). Measurement of a Multidimentional Index of Globalization and its Impact on Income Inequality. UNU-WIDER. 295  
Measuring Knowledge Management in the Business Sector: First Steps, ed. Foray, Dominique and Gault, Fred (Paris: OECD, 2003). 754  
McGillivray, Mark (2003). Modelling Aid Allocation : Issues, Approaches and Results. UNU-WIDER. 295  
Boadway, Robin (2003). National Taxation, Fiscal Federalism and Global Taxation. UNU-WIDER. 342  
Windrum, Paul (2003). New cycles of innovation in a mature industry: the camera industry 1955-1974. UNU-MERIT Research Memoranda. UNU-MERIT. 427 92
Dimaranan, Betina, Keeney, Roman and Hertel, Thomas W. (2003). OECD Domestic Support and Developing Countries. UNU-WIDER. 339  
Menezes, Tatiane, Menezes-Filho, Naércio A. and Azzoni, Carlos R. (2003). Opening the Convergence Black Box : Measurement Problems and Demographic Aspects. UNU-WIDER. 274  
Heshmati, Almas and Masso, Jaan (2003). Optimality and Overuse of Labour in Estonian Manufacturing Enterprises. UNU-WIDER. 345  
Tobin, Brendan, Johnston, Sam and Barber, Charles V. (2003). Options for Developing Measures in User Countries to Implement the Access and Benefit-Sharing Provisions of the Convention on Biological Diversity (2nd edition). United Nations University Press. 417 558