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Mikhalev, Vladimir (2000). Inequality and Transformation of Social Structures in Transitional Economies. UNU-WIDER. 350  
Pohjola, Matti (2000). Information Technology and Economic Growth : A Cross-Country Analysis. UNU-WIDER. 408  
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Amin, Aloysius Ajab (2000). Long-Term Growth in the CFA Franc Zone Countries. UNU-WIDER. 389  
Bhaduri, Amit (2000). Nationalism and Economic Policy in the Era of Globalization. UNU-WIDER. 434  
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Anderberg, Stefan, Prieler, Sylvia, Olendrzynski, Krzysztof and de Bruyn, Sander, Old Sins: Industrial Metabolism, Heavy Metal Pollution, and Environmental Transition in Central Europe, (Tokyo: United Nations University Press, 2000). 148 75
Brookfield, Harold, Parsons, Helen, Miguel Pinedo-Vasquez, Christine Padoch, David McGrath, Tereza Ximenes, Emmanuel Owusu-Bennoah, Lewis Enu-Kwesi, Elizabeth Ardayfio-Schandorf, Mariama Awumbila, Kranjac-Berisavljevic, Gordana, Gandaa, Bizoola, Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M., Hugh Semple and Balfour Spence (2000). PLEC News and Views – June 2000. PLEC (People Land Management and Ecosystem Conservation) News & Views. United Nations University and the Australian National University. 151 25
Brookfield, Harold, Stephen Brush, Kaihura, Fidelis, P. Ndondi, E. Kemikimba, Huijun Guo, Christine Padoch, Yongneng Fu, Zhiling Dao, Kevin Coffey, Antoinette WinklerPrins, David McGrath and Parsons, Helen (2000). PLEC News and Views – September 2000. PLEC (People Land Management and Ecosystem Conservation) News & Views. United Nations University and the Australian National University. 105 22
Chowdhury, Anis (2000). Politics, Society and Financial Sector Reform in Bangladesh. UNU-WIDER. 390  
Sun, Laixiang (2000). Price Scissors, Rationing, and Coercion : An Extended Framework for Understanding Primitive Socialist Accumulation. UNU-WIDER. 324  
Frenken, Koen and Windrum, Paul (2000). Product differentiation and product complexity: A conceptual model and an empirical application to microcomputers. UNU-MERIT Research Memoranda. UNU-MERIT. 434 124
Slaughter, Matthew (2000). Protectionist Tendencies in the North and Vulnerable Economies in the South. UNU-WIDER. 324  
Murshed, S. Mansoob and Subagjo, Djono (2000). Prudential Regulation of Banks in Less Developed Economies. UNU-WIDER. 328  
Suzuki, Motoyuki (2000). Realization of a Sustainable Society – Zero-Emission Approaches. United Nations University. 82 15
Jha, Raghbendra (2000). Reducing Poverty and Inequality in India : Has Liberalization Helped?. UNU-WIDER. 316  
Eastwood, Robert and Lipton, Michael (2000). Rural-Urban Dimensions of Inequality Change. UNU-WIDER. 282  
Gooptu, Nandini (2000). Sex Workers in Calcutta and the Dynamics of Collective Action : Political Activism, Community Identity and Group Behaviour. UNU-WIDER. 317  
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Surdej, Aleksander (2000). Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprise Development in Poland after 1990. UNU-WIDER. 257  
Fukasaku, Kiichiro (2000). Special and Differential Treatment for Developing Countries : Does It Help Those Who Help Themselves?. UNU-WIDER. 290  
Jenkins, Carolyn and Thomas, Lynne (2000). The Changing Nature of Inequality in South Africa. UNU-WIDER. 311  
Eichengreen, Barry and Mathieson, Donald J. (2000). The Currency composition of Foreign Exchange Reserves : Retrospect and Prospect. UNU-WIDER. 358  
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Begg, David (2000). The Impact of EMU on European Transition Economies : Commitment, institutional Capacity and the Monetary-Fiscal Mix. UNU-WIDER. 325  
Yeldan, A. Erinc (2000). The Impact of Financial Liberalization and the Rise of Financial Rents on Income Inequality : The Case of Turkey. UNU-WIDER. 332  
Brooks, Elizabeth, Emel, Jacque, Jokisch, Brad and Robbins, Paul, The Llano Estacado of the US Southern High Plains : environmental transformation and the prospect for sustainability, (Tokyo: UNU Press, 2000). 393 1301
Hori, Hiroshi, The Mekong: Environment and Development, (Tokyo: United Nations University, 2000). 564 357
Tharakan, P. K. M. (2000). The Problem of Anti-Dumping Protection and Developing Country Exports. UNU-WIDER. 270  
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Liang, Hong and Cuddington, John T. (2000). Will the Emergence of the Euro Affect World Commodity Prices?. UNU-WIDER. 377