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Van Lavieren, Hanneke and Klaus, Rebecca, (2012). An effective regional Marine Protected Area network for the ROPME Sea Area: Unrealistic vision or realistic possibility?. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 724 1394
Duke, Norman, Nagelkerken, Ivan, Agardy, Tundi, Wells, Sue and Van Lavieren, Hanneke, "Chapter 4. Reversing the Trends - Conservation and Management of Mangroves" in The Importance of Mangroves to People: A Call to Action ed. van Bochove, Jan-Willem, Sullivan, Emma and Nakamura, Takehiro (United Kingdom: ReproHouse, 2014), n/a-n/a. 497  
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Burt, John A., Van Lavieren, Hanneke and Feary, David A., (2015). Persian Gulf reefs: An Important Asset for Climate Science in Urgent Need of Protection. Ocean Challenge, 20 1-8 435  
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Van Lavieren, Hanneke, Metcalfe, Chris D., Drouillard, Kenneth, Sale, Peter F., Bouchot, Gerardo Gold, Reid, Raymond and Vermeulen, Lucie, (2011). Strengthening Coastal Pollution Management in the Wider Caribbean Region. Proceedings of the 64th Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institut, 1-11 578 273
Sale, Peter F., Feary, David A., Burt, John A., Bauman, Andrew G., Cavalcante, Geórgenes H., Drouillard, Kenneth, Kjerfve, Björn, Marquis, Elise, Trick, Charles, Usseglio, Paolo and Van Lavieren, Hanneke, (2011). The Growing Need for Sustainable Ecological Management of Marine Communities of the Persian Gulf. AMBIO, 40(1), n/a-n/a 441