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Arndt, Channing, Strzepek, Kenneth, Tarp, Finn, Thurlow, James, Fant, Charles and Len Wright (2010). Adapting to Climate Change: An Integrated Biophysical and Economic Assessment for Mozambique. UNU-WIDER. 131 40
Arndt, Channing, Davies, Rob, Hartley, Faaiqa, Makrelov, Konstantin, Thurlow, James, Gabriel, Sherwin and Merven, Bruno (2014). An Integrated Approach to Modelling Energy Policy in South Africa : Evaluating Carbon Taxes and Electricity Import Restrictions. UNU-WIDER. 501  
Alton, Theresa, Arndt, Channing, Gebretsadik, Yohannes, Hartley, Faaiqa, Makrelov, Konstantin, Strzepek, Kenneth, Thurlow, James, Schlosser, C. Adam, Gabriel, Sherwin, Cullis, James, Cartwright, Anton, Chang, Alice, de Jager, Gerald and Robertson, Gordon (2015). An Uncertainty Approach to Modelling Climate Change Risk in South Africa. UNU-WIDER. 520  
Arndt, Channing, Msangi, Siwa and Thurlow, James (2010). Are Biofuels Good for African Development? : An Analytical Framework with Evidence from Mozambique and Tanzania. UNU-WIDER. 591  
Thurlow, James, Yu, Winston H. and Dorosh, Paul A. (2011). A Stochastic Simulation Approach to Estimating the Economic Impacts of Climate Change in Bangladesh. UNU-WIDER. 506  
Thurlow, James and Dorosh, Paul A. (2012). Can Cities or Towns Drive African Development? Economy-wide Analysis for Ethiopia and Uganda. UNU-WIDER. 486  
Arndt, Channing, Farmer, William, Strzepek, Kenneth and Thurlow, James (2011). Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security in Tanzania. UNU-WIDER. 452  
Arndt, Channing, Strzepek, Kenneth, Thurlow, James and Chinowsky, Paul S. (2011). Climate Change and Infrastructure Investment in Developing Countries : the Case of Mozambique. UNU-WIDER. 430  
Arndt, Channing and Thurlow, James (2013). Climate Uncertainty and Economic Development : Evaluating the Case of Mozambique to 2050. UNU-WIDER. 449  
Diao, Xinshen, Thurlow, James and Zhu, Tingju (2011). Current Climate Variability and Future Climate Change : Estimated Growth and Poverty Impacts for Zambia. UNU-WIDER. 404  
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Arndt, Channing, Breisinger, Clemens, McCoy, Simon, Tarp, Finn, Thurlow, James and Nguyen, Manh Hai (2010). Impact of the Global Commodity and Financial Crises on Poverty in Vietnam. UNU-WIDER. 489  
Arndt, Channing, Asante, Felix and Thurlow, James (2014). Implications of Climate Change for Ghana’s Economy. UNU-WIDER. 342  
Arndt, Channing, Davies, Rob, Makrelov, Konstantin and Thurlow, James (2011). Measuring the Carbon Content of the South African Economy. UNU-WIDER. 418  
Pauw, Karl and Thurlow, James (2013). Prioritizing Rural Investments in Africa : a Hybrid Evaluation Approach Applied to Uganda. UNU-WIDER. 360  
Branca, Giacomo, Felix, Erika, Maltsoglou, Irini, Thurlow, James and Rincon, Luis E. (2014). Producing Biofuels in Low-Income Countries : An Integrated Environmental and Economic Assessment for Tanzania. UNU-WIDER. 337  
Thurlow, James, Yang, Ling and Lahr, Michael L. (2012). The (Declining) Role of Households in Sustaining China's Economy : Structural Path Analysis for 1997-2007. UNU-WIDER. 367  
Arndt, Channing, Tarp, Finn and Thurlow, James (2012). The Economic Costs of Climate Change : a Multi-Sector Impact Assessment for Vietnam. UNU-WIDER. 478  
Alton, Theresa, Arndt, Channing, Davies, Rob, Hartley, Faaiqa, Makrelov, Konstantin, Thurlow, James and Ubogu, Dumebi (2012). The Economic Implications of Introducing Carbon Taxes in South Africa. UNU-WIDER. 409  
Arndt, Channing, Pauw, Karl and Thurlow, James (2014). The Economywide Impacts and Risks of Malawi’s Farm Input Subsidy Programme. UNU-WIDER. 373  
Resnick, Danielle, Tarp, Finn and Thurlow, James (2012). The Political Economy of Green Growth : Illustrations from Southern Africa. UNU-WIDER. 446