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Warner, Koko, Afifi, Tamer, Kälin, Walter, Leckie, Scott, Ferris, Beth, Martin, Susan F. and Wrathall, David (2013). Changing climate, moving people: framing migration, displacement and planned relocation. UNU-EHS Policy Brief. UNU- EHS. 7699 4418
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Nadiruzzaman, Md and Wrathall, David (2012). Participatory Exclusion: Elite capture of participatory approaches in the aftermath of Cyclone Sidr. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 6431 240
Lu, Xin, Wrathall, David, Sundsøy, Pål, R., Nadiruzzaman, Md, Wetter, Erik, Iqbal , Asif, Qureshi, Taimur, Tatem, Andrew, Canright, Geoffrey, Engø-Monsen, Kenth and Bengtsson, Linus, (2016). Unveiling hidden migration and mobility patterns in climate stressed regions: A longitudinal study of six million anonymous mobile phone users in Bangladesh. Global Environmental Change, 38 1-7 407