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Nakazawa, Nahoko, Kamiyama, Chiho, Saito, Osamu, Okuro, Toshiya and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2014). 能登地域のキノコ・山菜の採取活動と生態系サービス. 土木学会論文集G(環境)環境システム研究論文集, 70(6), II 141-II 150 828  
Kajikawa, Yuya, Saito, Osamu and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2017). Academic landscape of 10 years of sustainability science. Sustainability Science, 1-5 2768   0
Jarzebski, Marcin Pawel, Elmqvist, Thomas, Gasparatos, Alexandros, Fukushi, Kensuke, Eckersten, Sofia, Haase, Dagmar, Goodness, Julie, Khoshkar, Sara, Saito, Osamu, Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, Theorell, Töres, Dong, Nannan, Kasuga, Fumiko, Watanabe, Ryugo, Sioen, Giles Bruno, Yokohari, Makoto and Pu, Jian, (2021). Ageing and population shrinking: implications for sustainability in the urban century. npj Urban Sustainability, 1(17), 1-11 998 298
Avtar, Ram, Herath, Srikantha, Saito, Osamu, Gera, Weena, Singh, Gulab and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2013). Application of remote sensing techniques towards the role of traditional water bodies with respect to vegetation conditions. Environment, Development and Sustainability, 995-1011 869   0
Mohri, Hideyuki, Lahoti, Shruti, Saito, Osamu, Mahalingam, Anparasan, Gunatilleke, Nimal, Irham, I., Hoang, Van Thang, Hitinayake, Gamini, Takeuchi, Kazuhiko and Herath, Srikantha, (2013). Assessment of ecosystem services in homegarden systems in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Ecosystem Services, 5 124-136 887   0
Somanje, Albert Novas, Mohan, Geetha, Lopes, Julia, Mensah, Adelina, Gordon, Christopher, Zhou, Xin, Moinuddin, Mustafa, Saito, Osamu and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2020). Challenges and Potential Solutions for Sustainable Urban-Rural Linkages in a Ghanaian Context. Sustainability, 12(2), 1-19 477 128
Sasaki, Takehiro, Okuro, Toshiya, Undarmaa, Jamsran and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2012). Changes in the herbage nutritive value and yield associated with threshold responses of vegetation to grazing in Mongolian rangelands. Grass and Forage Science, 776   0
Liang, Luohui, Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, Yiu, Evonne, Nagata, Akira, Carandang, Antonio, Sein, Chaw Chaw, Myint, Zaw Win, Nakama, Yuei and Chen, Bixia (2017). Coastal Forest Management in the Face of Global Change Based on Case Studies in Japan, Myanmar and the Philippines. APN E-Library. 1003 827
Saito, Osamu, Kamiyama, Chiho, Hashimoto, Shizuka, Matsui, Takanori, Shoyama, Kikuko, Kabaya, Kei, Uetake, Tomoko, Taki, Hisatomo, Ishikawa, Yoichi, Matsushita, Kohei, Yamane, Fumihiro, Hori, Juri, Ariga, Toshinori and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2018). Co-design of national-scale future scenarios in Japan to predict and assess natural capital and ecosystem services. Sustainability Science, 13 1-17 595  
Melts, Indrek, Ivask, Mari, Mohan, Geetha, Takeuchi, Kazuhiko and Heinsoo, Katrin, (2019). Combining bioenergy and nature conservation: An example in wetlands. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 111 293-302 612 311
Yiu, Evonne, Nagata, Akira and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2016). Comparative Study on Conservation of Agricultural Heritage Systems in China, Japan and Korea. Journal of Resources and Ecology, 7(3), 170-179 1138 1058
Yiu, Evonne, Takiguchi, Hiroaki and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, "Conserving Biodiversity for a Sustainable Future: Perspectives from the Satoyama Initiative" in Implementing the Satoyama Initiative for the Benefit of Biodiversity and Human Well-being ed. Lin, Kuo-Ching and Lee, Kuang-Chung (Taipei: Food and Fertilizer Technology Center for the Asian and Pacific Region, 2020), 43-54. 554  
Avornyo, Vincent Kodjo, Ito, Osamu, Kranjac-Berisavljevic, Gordana, Saito, Osamu and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2014). Cropping systems in some drought-prone communities of the northern region of Ghana: factors affecting the introduction of rice. Journal of Disaster Research, 9(4), 475-483 805  
Okayasu, Tomoo, Okuro, Toshiya, Undarmaa, Jamsran and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2012). Degraded rangeland dominated by unpalatable forbs exhibits large-scale spatial heterogeneity. Plant Ecology, 213(4), 805   0
Jasaw, Godfred S., Saito, Osamu, Gasparatos, Alexandros, Shoyama, Kikuko, Boafo, Yaw A. and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2017). Ecosystem services trade-offs from high fuelwood use for traditional shea butter processing in semi-arid Ghana. Ecosystem Services, 27(Part A), 127-138 675   0
Jalilov, Shokhrukh-Mirzo, Masago, Yoshifumi, Nishikawa, Junko, Bai, Xuemei, Elmqvist, Thomas, Takeuchi, Kazuhiko and Fukushi, Kensuke (2017). Enhancing Urban Water Resilience: Science-based Approaches and Strategies for Asian Megacities. UNU-IAS Policy Brief Series. United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability. 1139 1009
Takeuchi, Kazuhiko (2012). Forest carbon stocks in shifting cultivation of Thailand and Lao PDR, APN Science Bulletin. Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research. 763 657
Koyanagi, Tomoyo, Kusumoto, Yoshinobu, Yamamoto, Shori, Okubo, Satoru, Iwasaki, Nobusuke and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2012). Grassland plant functional groups exhibit distinct time-lags in response to historical landscape change. Plant Ecology, 213 327-338 717   0
Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, Saito, Osamu, Lahoti, Shruti and Gondor, Darek, (2017). Growing up: 10 years of publishing sustainability science research. Sustainability Science, 1-6 495   0
Boakye-Danquah, John, Antwi, Effah Kwabena, Saito, Osamu, Abekoe, Mark Kofi and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2014). Impact of farm management practices and agricultural land use on soil organic carbon storage potential in the savannah ecological zone of Northern Ghana. Journal of Disaster Research, 9(4), 484-500 817  
Gasparatos, Alexandros, Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, Stromberg, Per M., Lee, Janice S.H., Garcia-Ulloa, John and Pin Koh, Lian (2010). Impacts of Liquid Biofuels on Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity. United Nations University. 682 1486
Jiao, Yuanmei, Li, Xiuzhen, Liang, Luohui, Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, Okuro, Toshiya, Zhang, Dandan and Sun, Lifang, (2012). Indigenous ecological knowledge and natural resource management in the cultural landscape of China's Hani terraces. Ecological Research, 27 247-263 829   0
Okayasu, Tomoo, Okuro, Toshiya, Undarmaa, Jamsran and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2012). Inherent density-dependency of wet-season range even at the extreme of nonequilibrium environments. Journal of Arid Environments, 78 144-153 776   0
Hahn, Thomas, Sioen, Giles Bruno, Gasparatos, Alexandros, Elmqvist, Thomas, Brondizio, Eduardo, Gómez-Baggethun, Erik, Folke, Carl, Setiawati, Martiwi Diah, Atmaja, Tri, Arini, Enggar Yustisi, Jarzebski, Marcin Pawel, Fukushi, Kensuke and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2023). Insurance value of biodiversity in the Anthropocene is the full resilience value. Ecological Economics, 208(June 2023), n/a-n/a 73 24
Saito, Osamu, Hashimoto, Shizuka and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2014). 生物多様性及び生態系サービスに関する政府間プラットフォーム(IPBES)の設立経緯と最新動向. 環境研究, 174 1-7 596  
Okubo, Satoru, Tomatsu, Akari, Parikesit, Pampang, Muhamad, Dendi, Harashina, Koji and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2012). Leaf functional traits and functional diversity of multistoried agroforests in West Java, Indonesia. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 149 91-99 780   0
Kumar, Pankaj, Herath, Srikantha, Avtar, Ram and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2016). Mapping of groundwater potential zones in Killinochi area, Sri Lanka, using GIS and remote sensing techniques. Sustainable Water Resources Management, 1-12 812 1424
Boafo, Yaw Agyeman, Saito, Osamu and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2014). Provisioning ecosystem services in rural savanna landscapes of Northern Ghana: an assessment of supply, utilization, and drivers of change. Journal of Disaster Research, 9(4), 501-515 903  
Boafo, Yaw A., Saito, Osamu, Jasaw, Godfred Seidu, Otsuki, Kei and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2016). Provisioning ecosystem services-sharing as a coping and adaptation strategy among rural communities in Ghana's semi-arid ecosystem. Ecosystem Services, 19 92-102 616 609
Kakinuma, Kaoru, Okayasu, Tomoo, Sasaki, Takehiro, Undarmaa, Jamsran, Okuro, Toshiya and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2013). Rangeland management in highly variable environments: resource spatial heterogeneity mediates impact of grazing on vegetation. Grassland Science, 59 44-51 664   0
Handel, Steven N., Saito, Osamu and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, "Restoration ecology in an urbanizing world" in Urbanization, biodiversity and ecosystem services: challenges and opportunities ed. Elmqvist, Thomas (Online: Springer, 2013), n/a-n/a. 662  
Takahashi, Yasuo, Kien, Dang, Camacho, Leni, Nishi, Maiko, Dunbar, William, Matsuo, Akane, Miwa, Koji, Mader, Andre, Yanagiya, Makiko and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko (2020). Role of socio-ecological production landscapes and seascapes in the face of COVID-19 and towards transformative change. Institute for Global Environmental Strategies. 505 269
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Saito, Osamu, Managi, Shunsuke, Kanie, Norichika, Kauffman, Joanne and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2017). Sustainability science and implementing the sustainable development goals. Sustainability Science, Special Feature: Sustainability Science and Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals 1-4 758   0
Saito, Osamu, Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, Chaves-Chaparro, Juliana and Aguirre-Bastos, Carlos, "Sustainability science: Where and how?" in Co-Designing Science in Africa: First steps in assessing the sustainability science approach on the ground ed. Saito, Osamu, Aricò, Salvatore and Chaves-Chaparro, Juliana (Paris: UNESCO, 2019), 21-36. 268  
Camacho, Leni, Gevana, Dixon, Sabino, Lorena, Ruzol, Clarissa, Garcia, Josephine, Camacho, April Charmaine, Naing Oo, Thaung, Maung, Aye Chan, Saxena, K.G., Yiu, Evonne, Takeuchi, Kazuhiko and Liang, Luohui, (2020). Sustainable mangrove rehabilitation: Lessons and insights from community-based management in the Philippines and Myanmar. APN Science Bulletin, 10(1), n/a-n/a 464  
Tsuchiya, Kazuaki, Okuro, Toshiya and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2013). The combined effects of conservation policy and co-management alter the understory vegetation of urban woodlands: a case study in the Tama Hills area, Japan. Urban and Landscape Planning, 110 87-98 789   0
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Sasaki, Takehiro, Okuro, Toshiya, Kakinuma, Kaoru, Okayasu, Tomoo, Undarmaa, Jamsran and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2013). Vegetation in a post-ecological threshold state may nor recover after short-term livestock exclusion in Mongolian rangelands. Arid Land Research and Management, 27 101-110 597   0