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Mauerhofer, Volker, (2012). A ‘legislation-check’ based on ‘3-D sustainability’ – addressing global precautionary land governance. Land Use Policy, 29(3), 652-660 677   0
Mauerhofer, Volker and Nyacuru, Felister, "Biodiversity, Migratory Species and Natural Heritage" in Routledge Handbook of Global Environmental Politics ed. Paul Harris (Abingdon and New York: Routledge, 2013), 481-493. 492  
Schindler, Stefan, Kropik, Michaela, Euller, Katrin, Bunting, Stuart W., Schulz-Zunkel, Christiane, Hermann, Anna, Hainz-Renetzeder, Christa, Kanka, Robert, Mauerhofer, Volker, Gasso, Viktor, Krug, Andreas, Lauwaars, Sophie G., Zulka, Klaus P., Henle, Klaus, Hoffmann, Maurice, Biró, Marianna, Essl, Franz, Jaquier, Sophie, Balázs, Lukács, Borics, Gábor, (2013). Floodplain management in temperate regions: is multifunctionality enhancing biodiversity?. Environmental Evidence, 1-11 9679  
Mauerhofer, Volker, Hubacek, Klaus and Coleby, Alastor, (2013). From Polluter Pays to Provider Gets: Distribution of Rights and Costs under Payments for Ecosystem Services. Ecology and Society, 18(4), n/a-n/a 503 63 0
Elbakidze, Marine, Hahn, Thomas, Mauerhofer, Volker, Angelstam, Per and Axelsson, Robert, (2013). Legal Framework for Biosphere Reserves as Learning Sites for Sustainable Development: A Comparative Analysis of Ukraine and Sweden. AMBIO – A Journal of the Human Environment, 42(2), 174-187 516 94 0
Mauerhofer, Volker, (2013). Lose less instead of win more: the failure of decoupling and perspectives for competition in a degrowth economy. Environmental Values, 22(1), 43-57 502   0
Schindler, Stefan, O’Neill, Fionnuala H., Biró, Marianna, Damm, Christian, Gasso, Viktor, Kanka, Robert, van der Sluis, Theo, Krug, Andreas, Lauwaars, Sophie G., Sebesvari, Zita, Pusch, Martin, Baranovsky, Boris, Ehlert, Thomas, Neukirchen, Bernd, Martin, James R., Euller, Katrin, Mauerhofer, Volker and Wrbka, Thomas, (2016). Multifunctional floodplain management and biodiversity effects: a knowledge synthesis for six European countries. Biodiversity and Conservation, 25(7), 1349-1382 951   0
Schindler, Stefan, Sebesvari, Zita, Damm, Christian, Euller, Katrin, Mauerhofer, Volker, Schneidergruber, Anna, Biró, Marianna, Essl, Franz, Kanka, Robert, Lauwaars, Sophie G., Schulz-Zunkel, Christiane, van der Sluis, Theo, Kropik, Michaela, Gasso, Viktor, Krug, Andreas, Pusch, Martin, Zulka, Klaus P., Lazowski, Werner, Hainz-Renetzeder, Christa, Henle, Klaus, (2014). Multifunctionality of floodplain landscapes: relating management options to ecosystem services. Landscape Ecology, 29(2), 229-244 1127  
Mauerhofer, Volker, "Rechtsaspekte des Biodiversitätsschadens’ nach der EU-Umwelthaftungs-Richtlinie" in Ressourcenknappheit, Umwelthaftung und Partizipation (Vienna: Manz, 2013), 49-67. 390  
Mauerhofer, Volker, (2013). Social capital, social capacity and social carrying capacity: perspectives for the social basics within environmental sustainability. Futures, 53 63-73 498   0
Huang, Beijia, Yang, Haizhen, Mauerhofer, Volker and Guo, Ru, (2012). Sustainability assessment of low carbon technologies–case study of the building sector in China. Journal of Cleaner Production, 32 244-250 502   0
Mauerhofer, Volker, (2013). The ‘governance-check’: assessing the sustainability of public spatial decision-making structures. Land Use Policy, 30(1), 328-336 380   0