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Thalheimer, Lisa, Williams, David, van der Geest, Kees and Friederike, Otto E.L., (2021). Advancing the evidence base of future warming impacts on human mobility in African drylands. Earth’s Future, 9(10), 1-10 610 113
Oakes, Robert, van der Geest, Kees, Schraven, Benjamin, Adaawen, Stephen, Ayeb-Karlsson, Sonja, De Sherbinin, Alex, Etzold, Benjamin, Groth, Juliane, Hermanns, Kathleen, Lakeman, Silvana, Nawrotzki, Raphael, Rademacher-Schulz, Christina, Romankiewicz, Clemens, Serraglio, Diogo, Sterly, Harald, Thalheimer, Lisa, Wiederkehr, Charlotte and Williams, David, (2023). A future agenda for research on climate change and human mobility. International Migration, 61(5), 116-125 260 40
Thalheimer, Lisa and Woi, Sok O., (2023). An inventory tool to assess displacement data in the context of weather and climate-related events. Climate Risk Management, 40(100509), 1-10 308 52
Otto, Friederike, Zachariah, Mariam, Saeed, Fahad, Siddiqi, Ayesha, Kamil, Shahzad, Mushtaq, Haris, Arulalan, T., ArchutaRao, Krishna, Chaithra, S.T., Barnes, Clair, Philip, Sjoukje, Kew, Sarah, Vautard, Robert, Koren, Gerbrand, Pinto, Izidine, Wolski, Piotr, Vahlberg, Maja, Singh, Roop, Arrighi, Julie, van Aalst, Maarten K., (2023). Climate change increased extreme monsoon rainfall, flooding highly vulnerable communities in Pakistan. Environmental Research Climate, 2(2), 1-20 127 23
Thalheimer, Lisa, Choquette-Levy, Nicolas and Garip, Filiz, (2022). Compound impacts from droughts and structural vulnerability on human mobility. iScience, 25(12), n/a-n/a 104 31
Kimutai, Joyce, Barnes, Clair, Zachariah, Mariam, Philip, Sjoukje, Kew, Sarah, Pinto, Izidine, Wolski, Piotr, Koren, Gerbrand, Vecchi, Gabriel, Yang, Wenchang, Li, Sihan, Vahlberg, Maja, Singh, Roop, Heinrich, Dorothy, Marghidan Pereira, Carolina, Arrighi, Julie, Thalheimer, Lisa, Kane, Cheikh and Otto, Friederike (2023). Human-induced climate change increased drought severity in Horn of Africa. Imperial College London. 205  
Thalheimer, Lisa, Heinrich, Dorothy, Haustein, Karsten and Singh, Roop, (2022). Integrating a Disaster Displacement Dimension in Climate Change Attribution. Meteorology, 1(4), 468-476 102 37
Kimutai, Joyce, Faka, Dieudonne N., Ayabagabo, Prosper, Barnes, Clair, Zachariah, Mariam, Pinto, Izidine, Koren, Gerbrand, Vahlberg, Maja, Singh, Roop, Heinrich, Dorothy, Raju, Emmanuel, Thalheimer, Lisa, Sivanu, Sajanika and Otto, Friederike (2023). Limited data prevent assessment of role of climate change in deadly floods affecting highly vulnerable communities around Lake Kivu. Grantham Institute, Imperial College London. 108  
Harrington, Luke J., Wolski, Piotr, Pinto, Izidine, Ramarosandratana, Anzelà M., Barimalala, Rondrotiana, Vautard, Robert, Philip, Sjoukje, Kew, Sarah, Singh, Roop, Heinrich, Dorothy, Arrighi, Julie, Raju, Emmanuel, Thalheimer, Lisa, Razanakoto, Thierry, van Aalst, Maarten K., Li, Sihan, Bonnet, Remy, Yang, Wenchang, Otto, Friederike and van Oldenborgh, Geert, (2022). Limited role of climate change in extreme low rainfall associated with southern Madagascar food insecurity, 2019-21. Environmental Research: Climate, n/a-n/a 138 35
Thalheimer, Lisa, Ficko, Andrej, Roque de Pinho, Joana, Hashimshony-Yaffe, Nurit, Paschalidou, Anastasia, Savic, Dragisa, Stavi, Ilan, Stojanov, Robert, Suska-Malawska, Malgorzata, van der Geest, Kees, Webersik, Christian and Williams, David (2019). Policy Brief: Food Security in Drylands Under a Changing Climate. COST Actions. 6543 781
Thalheimer, Lisa, Gaupp, Franziska and Webersik, Christian, (2023). Systemic risk and compound vulnerability impact pathways of food insecurity in Somalia. Climate Risk Management, 42(100570), 1-11 22  
Eberle, Caitlyn, Durand-Delacre, David, Link, Ann-Christine, O'Connor, Jack, Ramesh, Ananya, Sandholz, Simone, Sebesvari, Zita and Thalheimer, Lisa (2023). Technical Report: Unbearable heat. Interconnected Disaster Risks 2023: Risk Tipping Points. United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS). 134 34
Edwards, Clea, Ospina, Daniel, Pereira, Laura, Steinert, Norman J., Wunderling, Nico, Zickfeld, Kirsten, Hebden, Sophie, Achakulwisut, Ploy, Muttitt, Greg, Semieniuk, Gregor, Suk, Sunhee, Trencher, Gregory, Geden, Oliver, Hausfather, Zeke, Nemet, Gregory, Pongratz, Julia, Redman, Aaron, Bastos, Ana, Fernández-Martínez, Marcos, Gruber, Nicolas (2023). Ten New Insights in Climate Science 2023/2024. Future Earth, The Earth League & WCRP. 37 8
Edwards, Clea, Ospina, Daniel, Carr, Edward R., Lissner, Tabea, Mysiak, Jaroslav, Singh, Chandni, van Aalst, Maarten K., Langendijk, Gaby S., Hirota, Marina, Johannessen, Ola M., Prakash, Anjal, Steinert, Norman J., Hebden, Sophie, Ebi, Kristie L., Dhimal, Meghnath, Machalaba, Catherine, Murray, Virginia, Sioen, Giles Bruno, Rigaud, Kanta K., Šedová, Barbora (2022). Ten new insights in climate science 2022. Future Earth, The Earth League & WCRP. 35 5
Martin, Maria A., Boakye, Emmanuel A., Boyd, Emily, Broadgate, Wendy, Bustamante, Mercedes, Canadell, Josep G., Carr, Edward R., Chu, Eric K., Cleugh, Helen, Csevar, Szilvia, Daoudy, Marwa, de Bremond, Ariane, Dhimal, Meghnath, Ebi, Kristie L., Edwards, Clea, Fuss, Sabine, Girardin, Martin P., Glavovic, Bruce C., Hebden, Sophie, Hirota, Marina, (2022). Ten new insights in climate science 2022. Global sustainability, 5(e20), 1-41 198 88
Kuzma, Samantha, Kruitwagen, Lucas, Arderne, Christopher, Goswami, Sahana, Goyal, Anupriya, Lees, Thomas, Thalheimer, Lisa and Basak, Samrat (2023). Using a Deep Learning Framework to Forecast Reservoir Water Availability in India. World Resources Institute. 69 13