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Doherty, Tanya, Coutsoudis, Anna, McCoy, David, Lake, Lori, Pereira-Kotze, Catherine, Goldhagen, Jeffrey and Kroon, Max, (2022). Is the US infant formula shortage an avoidable crisis?. The Lancet, 1-2  6.22 57 1
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Allotey, Pascale and Denton, Fatima, (2020). Challenges and priorities for delivering on the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action 25 years on. The Lancet, 1-2  6.22 567  
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Allotey, Pascale and Reidpath, Daniel D, (2022). Improving diversity in global health governing boards. The Lancet, n/a-n/a  6.22 250 1
Kuruppu, Natasha and Capon, Anthony G., (2016). Climate change and health. The Lancet, 387(10017), 430-430  6.22 587   0
Barmania, Sima and Aljunid, Syed M., (2016). Faith-based health care. The Lancet, 387(10017), 429-429  6.22 383   0
Allotey, Pascale and Reidpath, Daniel D., (2021). Undoing supremacy in global health will require more than decolonisation. The Lancet, 397(10279), n/a-n/a  6.22 201 54
Riha, Johanna, Malhotra, Anju and Oluseye, Ayomide, (2022). Gender equality and climate action: lessons from evidence on SRHR. The Lancet, 339(10343), n/a-n/a  6.22 55 29
Fisseha, Senait, Sen, Gita, Ghebreyesus, Tedros Adhanom, Byanyima, Winifred, Diniz, Deborah, Fore, Henrietta, Kanem, Natalia, Karlsson, Ulrika, Khosla, Rajat, Laski, Laura, Mired, Dina, Mlambo-Ngcuka, Phumzile, Mofokeng, Tlaleng, Rao Gupta, Geeta, Steiner, Achim, Remme, Michelle and Allotey, Pascale, (2021). COVID-19: the turning point for gender equality. The Lancet, 398(10299), 471-474  6.22 375  
Vijayasingham, Lavanya, Bischof, Evelyne and Wolfe, Jeannette, (2021). Sex-disaggregated data in COVID-19 vaccine trials. The Lancet, 397(10278), 966-967  6.22 89 35
Barmania, Sima, (2016). Deadly denim: sandblasting-induced silicosis in the jeans industry. The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, 1-1  5.36 519  
Narasimhan, Manjulaa, Pillay, Yogan, García, Patricia J., Allotey, Pascale, Gorna, Robin, Welbourn, Alice, Remme, Michelle, Askew, Ian, Nordström, Anders and Haufiku, Bernard, (2018). Investing in sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls to reach HIV and UHC goals. The Lancet Global Health, 6(10), 1058-1059  5.36 431 173
Cheong, Mark W.L., Piedagnel, Jean-Michel and Khor, Swee K., (2021). Ravidasvir: Equitable access through an alternative drug development pathway. The Lancet Global Health, 9(11), 1496-1497  5.36 64 34
Minas, Harry, Izutsu, Takashi, Tsutsumi, Atsuro, Kakuma, Ritsuko and Lopez, Alan D., (2015). Asia-pacific ready to act on mental health target in the SDGs. The Lancet Psychiatry, 2(3), 199-201  5.36 903   0
Hannon, Elliot, Hanbali, Layth, Lehtimaki, Susanna and Schwalbe, Nina, (2022). Why We Still Need a Pandemic Treaty. The Lancet Global Health, n/a-n/a  5.36 78 15
Hargreaves, Sally, Rustage, Kieran, Nellums, Laura B., McAlpine, Alys, Pocock, Nicola S., Devakumar, Delan, Aldridge, Robert W., Abubakar, Ibrahim, Kristensen, Kristina L., Himmels, Jan W., Friedland, Jon S. and Zimmerman, Cathy, (2019). Occupational health outcomes among international migrant workers: a systematic review and meta-analysis. The Lancet Global Health, 7(7), 872-882  5.36 244  
Izutsu, Takashi, Tsutsumi, Atsuro, MInas, Harry, Thornicroft, Graham, Patel, Vikram and Ito, Akiko, (2015). Mental health and wellbeing in the Sustainable Development Goals. The Lancet Psychiatry, 2(12), 1052-1054  5.36 559   0