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UNU-IIGH ed. Shifting Power in Global Health: Decolonising Discourses — Dialogue 1 2021/11/02 Virtual. Kuala Lumpur, malaysia: UNU-IIGH, 2021.  2.09 888 425
Kumar, Sunil, Singh, Ekta, Mishra, Rahul, Kumar, Aman and Caucci, Serena, (2021). Utilization of Plastic Wastes for Sustainable Environmental Management: A Review. ChemSusChem, 14(19), 3985-4006  2.09 259  
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Soares, Delfina, Sarantis, Demetrios and Carvalho, Joana (2021). HSWAI: Instrument Design and Validation Process. United Nations University (UNU-EGOV).  1.81 309 89
Allotey, Pascale, Rhule, Emma, Abdalla, Salma M., Ettman, Catherine K., Galea, Sandro, Maani, Nason and Parsey, Lily (2021). Global Equity for Global Health. TF1 – Global Health and Covid-19. Think20 Italy2021.  1.53 361  
Sänger, Nathalie, Heinzel, Christine and Sandholz, Simone, (2021). Advancing Resilience of Critical Health Infrastructures to Cascading Impacts of Water Supply Outages—Insights from a Systematic Literature Review. Infrastructures, 1-19  1.53 590 97
Nyambura Gachanja, Ruth Juliet, Williams, Peter, Bauer, Ioana, Divakar Namala, Paul and Stoklosa, Hanni (2021). Justice Policy Guide. Delta 8.7 Policy Guides. United Nations University.  1.53 547 2508