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Ravindran, T. K. Sundari and Veloshnee, Govender, (2020). Sexual and reproductive health services in universal health coverage: a review of recent evidence from low- and middle-income countries. Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters, 1-34  2.84 326  
Lavanya Vijayasingham, Veloshnee Govender, Sophie Witter and Michelle Remme, (2020). Employment based health financing does not support gender equity in universal health coverage. BMJ, n/a-n/a  2.79 103 39
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Asha S George, Frances E McConville, Shaheem de Vries, Gustavo Nigenda, Shabnum Sarfraz and Michelle McIsaac, (2020). Violence against female health workers is tip of iceberg of gender power imbalances. BMJ, n/a-n/a  2.79 99 42
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Tharani Loganathan, Zhie X. Chan, Allard W. de Smalen and Nicola S. Pocock, (2020). Migrant Women’s Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Malaysia: A Qualitative Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(15), 1-18  2.39 102 57
Lane, Suzie, Ayeb-Karlsson, Sonja and Shahvisi, Arianne, (2020). Impacts of the Global Gag Rule on sexual and reproductive health and rights in the Global South: A scoping review. Global Public Health, n/a-n/a  2.39 435  
Eimear Ruane-McAteer, Kathryn Gillespie, Avni Amin, Áine Aventin, Martin Robinson, Jennifer Hanratty, Rajat Khosla and Maria Lohan, (2020). Gender-transformative programming with men and boys to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights: a systematic review of intervention studies. BMJ Global Health, 5(10), 1-17  2.37 79 46
Shari L Dworkin, Magaly Marques, Oswaldo Montoya, Anthony Keedi and Avni Amin, (2020). How can gender transformative programmes with men advance women’s health and empowerment?. BMJ Opinion, n/a-n/a  2.37 81  
Bhattacharyya, Sanghita, Marques de Abreu Lopes, Claudia, Nyamupachitu-Mago, Elizabeth, Ndejjo, Rawlance, Vergil de, Claro, Alpha A, Diallo, Adalbert, Tchetchia and Brynne, Gilmore (2020). Community Engagement for COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control: A Rapid Review of the Evidence. Community Health - Community of Practice.  2.37 238 1743
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Ravindran, T. K. Sundari and Govender, Veloshnee, (2020). Sexual and reproductive health services in universal health coverage: a review of recent evidence from low- and middle-income countries. Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters, 28(2), 1-22  2.35 208  
Fatima Ghani and David Tan, (2020). The Role of Green Urban Spaces in Enhancing Population Health and Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences, 16(4), 380-383  2.09 74 20
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Rajat Khosla, (2020). Technology, Health, and Human Rights: A Cautionary Tale for the Post-Pandemic World. Health and Human Rights Journal, 22(2), 63-66  2.09 80 20
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George, Asha, Amin, Avni, Marques de Abreu Lopes, Claudia and Ravindran, T. K. Sundari, (2020). Structural determinants of gender inequality: why they matter for adolescent girls’ sexual and reproductive health. BMJ Global Health, 368 1-5  1.80 301  
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Organic Waste Composting through Nexus Thinking: Practices, Policies, and Trends, ed. Hettiarachchi, Hiroshan, Caucci, Serena and Schwärzel, Kai (Cham, Switzerland: Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2020).  1.53 479