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Haque, Syed E., Rahman, Mosiur, Kawashima, Itsuko, Mutahara, Mahmuda and Sakisaka, Kayako, (2014). The effect of a school-based educational intervention on menstrual health: an intervention study among adolescent girls in Bangladesh.. BMJ Open, 4(e004607), 1-9  3.58 629   0
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Basu, Alaka Malwade and Basu, Kaushik (2014). The Prospects for an Imminent Demographic Dividend in Africa : The Case for Cautious Optimism. UNU-WIDER.  1.81 317  
Capon, Anthony G. and Hamid, Zakri, (2014). Obesity: an urgent global epidemic and local challenge., n/a-n/a  1.81 424  
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Gebregziabher, Fiseha and Niño-Zarazúa, Miguel (2014). Social Spending and Aggregate Welfare in Developing and Transition Economies. UNU-WIDER.  1.53 448  
van Campenhout, Bjorn, Ssekabira, Haruna and Aduayom, Dede H. (2014). Consumption Bundle Aggregation in Poverty Measurement : Implications for Poverty and its Dynamics in Uganda. UNU-WIDER.  1.53 312