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Burnham, Gilbert, Waters, Hugh and Garrett, Brinnon (2007). Rehabilitating Health Systems in Post-Conflict Situations. UNU-WIDER.  4.49 390  
Lustig, Nora (2006). Investing in Health for Economic Development : The Case of Mexico. UNU-WIDER.  4.29 390  
Bhalotra, Sonia R. (2006). Childhood Mortality and Economic Growth. UNU-WIDER.  4.27 474  
Guillaumont, Patrick, Korachais, Catherine and Subervie, Julie (2008). How Macroeconomic Instability Lowers Child Survival. UNU-WIDER.  4.05 366  
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Parthasarathy, Devanathan, Bantilan, Cynthia Serquina and Gandhi, B. Valentine Joseph (2008). Livelihood Risk from HIV in Semi-Arid Tropics of Rural Andhra Pradesh. UNU-WIDER.  4.05 382  
Martin, Marie-Claude (2008). Individual and Collective Resources and Health in Morocco. UNU-WIDER.  4.05 360  
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Rojas, Mariano (2008). Intra-Household Arrangements and Health Satisfaction : Evidence from Mexico. UNU-WIDER.  4.05 355  
Ivaschenko, Oleksiy (2004). Longevity in Russia's Regions Do Poverty and Low Public Health Spending Kill?. UNU-WIDER.  3.83 289  
Wolf, Susanna (2007). Does Aid Improve Public Service Delivery?. UNU-WIDER.  3.83 449  
Thorne-Lyman, Andrew and Webb, Patrick (2006). Entitlement Failure from a Food Quality Perspective : The Life and Death Role of Vitamins and Minerals in Humanitarian Crises. UNU-WIDER.  3.83 385  
Fielding, David, McGillivray, Mark and Torres, Sebastian (2006). A Wider Approach to Aid Effectiveness : Correlated Impacts on Health, Wealth, Fertility and Education. UNU-WIDER.  3.83 580  
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Cornia, Giovanni Andrea and Menchini, Leonardo (2006). Health Improvements and Health Inequality during the Last 40 Years. UNU-WIDER.  3.83 477  
Bach, Stephen (2006). International Mobility of Health Professionals : Brain Drain or Brain Exchange?. UNU-WIDER.  3.83 433  
Benn, Julia and Jespersen, Eva (2007). Issues to Consider in Assessing International Support for Realizing Children’s Rights : A Reflection on Aid Modalities and Transparency in Reporting, and a Review of Aid for Basic Social Services. UNU-WIDER.  3.61 309