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Innovation Cooperation (PRO INNO Europe ®)

During 2006-2012, the PRO INNO Europe® initiative has been the focal point for innovation policy analysis and policy cooperation in Europe, aimed at learning from the best and contributing to the development of new and better innovation policies in Europe.

The ultimate objective was to help European enterprises to innovate better and faster and to optimise and leverage complementarities between the various innovation support measures in Europe, be it at regional, national or European level. To achieve this, PRO INNO Europe® has given a prominent role to national and regional innovation policy and innovation support actors.

The initiative comprises 5 building blocks that provide an integrated policy approach to develop new and better innovation policies. Together they provide analysis, benchmarking and development tools and activities to enhance the performance of innovation policy and support measures and to further cooperation between innovation policy makers across Europe. Each building block forms part of either the policy analysis or the policy cooperation pillars of the PRO INNO Europe® initiative:

Policy analysis

1. Benchmarking of innovation performance (INNO-Metrics)
2. Analysing major innovation trends (INNO-Policy Trendchart)
3. Pooling of world-wide knowledge and contacts with regard to innovation policy and business innovation and facilitating a dialogue between public authorities, industry and academia on innovation policy (INNO-GRIPS)

The main objectives of the policy analysis pillar are to measure and benchmark innovation performance, analyse innovation policy trends at national and regional level and bring together available worldwide information on innovation issues from policy, business and academia. More information is available here.

Policy cooperation

4. Stimulating transnational innovation policy cooperation (INNO-Nets)
5. Providing incentives for joint innovation actions (INNO-Actions)

The policy cooperation pillar focuses on cooperation between innovation policy makers It has served to develop and test new innovation policy concepts with a view to improving the design, implementation and delivery of innovation policies and support measures at Member State and European level thereby raising the effectiveness and more rapid uptake of new forms of innovation policy support throughout Europe.

See the Episis final report pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] .

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