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Warner, Koko, Woo, Gordon and Dumitru, Denisa (2009). Access to insurance by developing countries against climate related disasters. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 6604 362
Cashman, Adrian, Souvignet, Maxime, Schuster, Sandra and Zwick, Sabrina, (2018). Climate insurance and water-related disaster risk management: Unlikely partners in promoting development?. Global Water Partnership, 1-32 6596  
Forest, Rosemary (2018). Climate Risk Insurance: Transparency, Participation and Accountability – An overview assessment of regional risk pools. MCII Discussion Paper Series. United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security. 6513 340
Wrathall, David (2015). Differentiated migration as community disassembly: Resilience perspectives on catastrophic disturbances. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 6684 273
Birkmann, Joern, Setiadi, Neysa J., Hofmann, Sonja, Esswein, Kathrin and Burchi, Francesca (2007). Disaster risk reduction and sustainable development in tsunami affected countries. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 6560 687
Baudoin, Marie-Ange, Henly-Shepard, Sarah, Fernando, Nishara and Sitati, Asha (2014). Early warning systems and livelihood resilience: Exploring opportunities for community participation. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 6941 934
Renaud, Fabrice G. and Murti, Radhika (2013). Ecosystems and disaster risk reduction in the context of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: a scoping study Report to the Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 6577 601
Brenner, Thomas, Link, Ann-Christine, Reudenbach, Christoph, Pott, Hendrik, Rupp, Jan, Witzenrath, Martin, Rohde, Gernot, Pletz, Mathias, Bertrams, Wilhelm and Schmeck, Bernd (2022). Effects of Regional Meteorological and Air Conditions on Community-Acquired Pneumonia: Examining the Interaction of Individual, Meteorological, and Air Characteristics. Working Papers on Innovation and Space. Phillips-Universität Marburg. 87 13
Sandholz, Simone and Sett, Dominic (2019). Erfahrungen und Bedarfe von Akteuren der Stadtplanung im Hinblick auf Vulnerabilität gegenüber Hitzestress: Ergebnisse einer Haushalts-Umfrage zum Hitzeempfinden in Bonn. Zures Working Paper. United Nations University – Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS). 6274 597
Villagrán de León, Juan Carlos (2008). GIRO: the integral risk management framework an overview. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU- EHS. 6610 234
Renaud, Fabrice G., Martin-Bordes, Luis Jose and Schuster, Brigitte (2008). Groundwater and human security: case studies (GWAHS-CS) results from the kick-off workshop. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 6467 213
Kimutai, Joyce, Barnes, Clair, Zachariah, Mariam, Philip, Sjoukje, Kew, Sarah, Pinto, Izidine, Wolski, Piotr, Koren, Gerbrand, Vecchi, Gabriel, Yang, Wenchang, Li, Sihan, Vahlberg, Maja, Singh, Roop, Heinrich, Dorothy, Marghidan Pereira, Carolina, Arrighi, Julie, Thalheimer, Lisa, Kane, Cheikh and Otto, Friederike (2023). Human-induced climate change increased drought severity in Horn of Africa. Imperial College London. 166  
Fernández, Raúl and Schaefer, Laura (2018). Impact Evaluation of Climate Risk Insurance Approaches: Status quo and way forward. Discussion Paper Series. United Nations University- Institute for Environment and Human Security. 6368 278
Ayeb-Karlsson, Sonja, Tanner, Thomas, van der Geest, Kees, Warner, Koko, Adams, Helen, Ahmedi, Istiakh, Alaniz, Ryan, Andrei, Stephanie, Barthelt,Christian, Bhargava, Malashree, Bronen, Robin, Contreras, Diana, Cradock-Henry, Nick, Fernando, Nishara, Henly-Shepard, Sarah, Huq, Saleemul, Lawless, Christopher, Lewis, David, Loster, Thomas, McNamara, Karen (2015). Livelihood resilience in a changing world – 6 global policy recommendations for a more sustainable future. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 7860 859
Zommers, Zinta, Wrathall, David and van der Geest, Kees (2014). Loss and Damage to Ecosystem Services. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 7021 586
Adams, Helen, Alaniz, Ryan, Bronen, Robin and McNamara, Karen (2015). Maintaining and building ‘place’ through managed and forced community relocations: Lessons for a climate changed world. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 6583 254
Birkmann, Joern (2006). Measuring vulnerability: expert workshop in Kobe, Japan. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU- EHS. 6439 674
Stock, Eva, Sandholz, Simone, Luelf, Michael, Fekete, Alexander and Dierich, Axel (2020). Mindestversorgung zur Überbrückung von Ausfällen Kritischer Infrastrukturen- Wo wollen wir hin?. Fachtagung Katastrophenvorsorge. Deutsches Rotes Kreuz e. V.. 6300 659
Nadiruzzaman, Md and Wrathall, David (2012). Participatory Exclusion: Elite capture of participatory approaches in the aftermath of Cyclone Sidr. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 6467 250
Szabo, Sylvia, Brondizio, Eduardo, Hetrick, Scott, Matthews, Zoe, Renaud, Fabrice G., Nicholls, Robert J., Sebesvari, Zita, da Costa, Sandra, Dearing, John A., Foufoula-Georgiou, Efi, Tejedor, Alejandro and Tessler, Zachary (2016). Population dynamics in the context of environmental vulnerability: Comparison of the Mekong, Ganges- Brahmaputra and Amazon Delta regions. Working Paper. ESRC Centre for Population Change. 7052 422
Rehbach, Jakob and Hinsberger, Inés (2008). Prospective risk management: a review of German legislation targeting integral flood management. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU- EHS. 6334 1576
Renaud, Fabrice G., Shamir, Uri and Forkutsa, Oksana (2006). Quo vadis aquifers?. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU- EHS. 6305 256
De Souza, Roger M., Henly-Shepard, Sarah, McNamara, Karen and Fernando, Nishara (2015). Re-framing island nations as champions of resilience in the face of climate change and disaster risk. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 7006 757
Schaefer, Laura and Balogun, Kehinde (2015). Stocktaking of climate risk assessment approaches related to loss and damage. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 6618 681
Afifi, Tamer and Warner, Koko (2008). The impact of environmental degradation on migration flows across countries. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 8612 1864
Hossini, Vilma (2008). The role of vulnerability in risk management. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU- EHS. 6418 497
Kloos, Julia, Asare-Kyei, Daniel, Pardoe, Joanna and Renaud, Fabrice G. (2015). Towards the Development of an Adapted Multi-hazard Risk Assessment Framework for the West Sudanian Savanna Zone. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 6859 369
Lawless, Christopher (2015). Understanding the sociomaterial boundary qualities of livelihood resilience to climate change: Toward a methodological framework for more systematic social analysis. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 6680 231
Tellman, Beth, Alaniz, Ryan, Rivera, Andrea and Contreras, Diana (2014). Violence as an obstacle to livelihood resilience in the context of climate change. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 6728 258
van der Geest, Kees and Warner, Koko (2015). What the IPCC 5th Assessment Report has to say about loss and damage. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU-EHS. 6836 2223
Halder, Janine, Koch, Philipp and Renaud, Fabrice G. (2008). WISDOM project summary of the first PhD scientific seminar. UNU-EHS Working Paper. UNU- EHS. 6339 561