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Wolk-Lewanowicz, Agata, James, Keith, Huisman, Jaco, Habib, Hina, Brechu, Michelle G., Herreras-Martínez, Lucía and Chancerel, Perrine (2017). Assessment of Complementary Waste Flows. ProSUM Consortium. 2267  
Huisman, Jaco, Botezatu, Ioana, Herreras-Martínez, Lucía, Liddane, Mary, Hintsa, Juha, Luda di Cortemiglia, Vittoria, Leroy, Pascal, Vermeersch, Elise, Mohanty, Sangeeta, van den Brink, Susan, Ghenciu, Bogdan, Dimitrova, Denitsa, Nash, Emily, Shryane, Therese, Wieting, Melanie, Kehoe, James, Balde, Cornelis P., Magalini, Federico, Zanasi, Alessandro, Ruini, Fabio (2015). Countering WEEE Illegal Trade (CWIT) Summary Report, Market Assessment, Legal Analysis, Crime Analysis and Recommendations Roadmap. Countering WEEE Illegal Trade (CWIT) Consortium. 925  
Huisman, Jaco, Habib, Hina, Baldé, Kees, van Straalen, Vincent, Chancerel, Perrine, Chanson, Claude, Söderman, Maria L. and Kushnir, Duncan (2017). Product Stocks and Flows. ProSUM Consortium. 342  
Huisman, Jaco, Habib, Hina, Brechu, Michelle G., Downes, Sarah, Leroy, Pascal, Herreras-Martínez, Lucía, Løvik, Amund N., Wäger, Patrick, Cassard, Daniel, Tertre, François, Mählitz, Paul, Rotter, Susanne, Chancerel, Perrine and Söderman, Maria L. (2017). ProSUM Harmonisation paper for external feedback and consultation. ProSUM Consortium. 316  
Løvik, Amund N., Wäger, Patrick, Chanson, Claude, Huisman, Jaco, Söderman, Maria L., Brechu, Michelle G., Haarman, Arthur, Habib, Hina, Mählitz, Paul, Rösslein, Matthias and Ueberschaar, Maximilian (2017). Report on consolidation of data into CRM database. ProSUM Consortium. 309