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Blasiak, Robert, (2013). 海が(さらに)緑色になる前に、グリーン経済の構築を., n/a-n/a 598  
Blasiak, Robert, Yagi, Nobuyuki and Ichikawa, Kaoru, (2016). 持続可能な海洋管理:最新データと楽観視の理由., n/a-n/a 581  
Blasiak, Robert and Doll, Christopher, (2013). 持続可能な開発とメガ目標への陶酔., n/a-n/a 667  
Nakamura, Koji and Blasiak, Robert, (2013). 数千年を超える価値を持つ農業遺産., n/a-n/a 578  
Blasiak, Robert, (2012). 家畜を活用した砂漠化対策., n/a-n/a 812  
Blasiak, Robert, (2012). 農村回帰:効率に勝るレジリエンス., n/a-n/a 613  
Blasiak, Robert, (2011). 倫理と環境:コスタリカの教訓., n/a-n/a 612  
Blasiak, Robert and Kipp, Robert, (2012). リオ+20擁護論:歴史的観点から振り返る., n/a-n/a 599  
Blasiak, Robert and Bridgewater, Peter, (2012). ラムサール条約の新たな局面., n/a-n/a 627  
Blasiak, Robert and Nakamura, Koji, (2013). Agricultural Heritage Across the Millennia., n/a-n/a 583  
Minohara, Akane, Blasiak, Robert, Furukawa, Takuya, Ichikawa, Kaoru, Mulongoy, Jo, Nakamura, Kurtis K., Nakao, Fumiko, Takahashi, Ayumi, Takatsuki, Aya and Takemoto, Kazuhiko, (2011). BOUNCING BACK FROM DISASTERS: REBUILDING SATOYAMA AND SATOUMI COMMUNITIES AFTER THE GREAT EAST JAPAN EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI. CBD Technical Series No. 62 Contribution of Ecosystem Restoration to the Objectives of the CBD and a Healthy Planet for All People: Abstracts of Posters Presented at the 15th Meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice, 62 73-75 771  
Blasiak, Robert, (2013). Building a Green Economy Before the Oceans Turn Green(er)., n/a-n/a 420  
Blasiak, Robert, Spijkers, Jessica, Tokunaga, Kanae, Pittman, Jeremy, Yagi, Nobuyuki and Osterblom, Henrik, (2017). Climate change and marine fisheries: Least developed countries top global index of vulnerability. PLOS ONE, 12(6), 1-15 711 212 0
Blasiak, Robert, (2012). COP11の反省、楽観主義、現実世界., n/a-n/a 424  
Blasiak, Robert, Okayasu, Sana and Matsumoto, Ikuko, (2012). Deep Roots of Community Resilience., n/a-n/a 439  
Blasiak, Robert and Kipp, Robert, (2012). Defending Rio+20: A Historical Perspective., n/a-n/a 425  
Blasiak, Robert, Doll, Christopher, Yagi, Nobuyuki and Kurokura, Hisashi, (2015). Displacement, diffusion and intensification (DDI) in marine fisheries: A typology for analyzing coalitional stability under dynamic conditions. Environmental Science & Policy, 54 134-141 796   0
Blasiak, Robert, (2011). Ethics and Environmentalism: Costa Rica’s Lesson., n/a-n/a 490  
Bergamini, Nadia, Blasiak, Robert, Eyzaguirre, Pablo, Ichikawa, Kaoru, Mijatovic, Dunja, Nakao, Fumiko and Subramanian, Suneetha M.. Indicators of resilience in socio-ecological production landscapes (SEPLs). UNU-IAS Policy Report. 708 845
Blasiak, Robert, Pacheco, Erich, Furuya, Ken, Golden, Christopher D., Jauharee, Ahmed R., Natori, Yoji, Saito, Hiroaki, Sinan, Hussein, Tanaka, Takehiro, Yagi, Nobuyuki and Yiu, Evonne, (2016). Local and regional experiences with assessing and fostering ocean health. Marine Policy, 71(September 2016), 54-59 848 589
Blasiak, Robert, Rist, Stephan, Bonanomi, Elisabeth B. and Lannen, Anu (2016). Making the Commodity Sector Work for Developing Countries: Local Impacts, Global Links, and Knowledge Gaps. Swiss Academies Factsheets. Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. 458 100
Blasiak, Robert, Yagi, Nobuyuki, Kurokura, Hisashi, Ichikawa, Kaoru, Wakita, Kazumi and Mori, Aimee, (2015). Marine ecosystem services: Perceptions of indispensability and pathways to engaging citizens in their sustainable use. Marine Policy, 61 155-163 654   0
Blasiak, Robert, Pittman, Jeremy, Yagi, Nobuyuki and Sugino, Hiroaki, (2016). Negotiating the Use of Biodiversity in Marine Areas beyond National Jurisdiction. Frontiers in Marine Science, 3(224), 1-10 682 576 0
Blasiak, Robert and Bridgewater, Peter, (2012). Ramsar Convention at 41: New Dimensions., n/a-n/a 357  
Blasiak, Robert, (2012). Reflections on CBD COP11, Optimism and the Real World., n/a-n/a 353  
Blasiak, Robert, (2012). Return to Rural Communities: Resilience over Efficiency., n/a-n/a 367  
Blasiak, Robert, (2012). Reversing Desertification with Livestock., n/a-n/a 420  
Blasiak, Robert and Ichikawa, Kaoru, (2012). Revitalising Socio-ecological Production Landscapes., n/a-n/a 409  
Ichikawa, Kaoru, Blasiak, Robert and Takatsuki, Aya, "Revitalizing socio-ecological production landscapes through greening the economy" in Green economy and good governance for sustainable development: opportunities, promises and concerns (Tokyo: United Nations University Press, 2012), 117-135. 543  
Blasiak, Robert and Yagi, Nobuyuki, (2016). Shaping an international agreement on marine biodiversity beyond areas of national jurisdiction: Lessons from high seas fisheries. Marine Policy, 71 210-216 714   0
Doll, Christopher and Blasiak, Robert, (2013). Sustainable Development Goals and Our Fascination with Mega-targets., n/a-n/a 385  
Blasiak, Robert, Yagi, Nobuyuki and Ichikawa, Kaoru, (2015). Sustainable Ocean Management: New Data and Reasons for Optimism., n/a-n/a 384  
Blasiak, Robert, Durussel, Carole, Pittman, Jeremy, Senit, Carole-Anne, Petersson, Matilda and Yagi, Nobuyuki, (2017). The role of NGOs in negotiating the use of biodiversity in marine areas beyond national jurisdiction. Marine Policy, 81 1-8 416 940 0