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Santiago-Rodriguez, Fernando and Alcorta, Ludovico, "The Influence of Human Resource Management Practives on Learning and Innovation in Developing Countries: Pharmaceutical Firma in Mexico" DRUID-DIME Academy Winter 2009 PhD Conference on Economics and Management of Innovation, Technology and Organizational Change, Aalborg, 2009/01/22-24.  5.04 419  
Schuering, Esther and Lawson-McDowall, Julie, "Social protection in Zambia - whose politics?" CSP Conference 2011: Social Protection for Social Justice, Brighton, 2011/04/13-15.  5.04 410  
Garcia, Abraham, "Consumer Behaviour: Utility Maximization and the Seek of Novelty" DRUID Academy Winter 2004 PhD Conference, Aalborg, 2004/01/22-24.  5.04 519 634
Kwanjai, Nantawan Noi and den Hertog, Friso, "Cultural intelligence: A qualitative angle" 24th EGOS Colloquium: Upsetting Organizations / Sub-theme 17: Exploring the Cultural Mosaic: Competences and Processes in Intercultural Settings, Amsterdam, 2008/07/10-12.  5.04 715  
Tacsir, Ezequiel, "The role of R&D in economic growth" DEIP, Design and Evaluation of Innovation Policies, San Salvador, 2009/10/26-30.  5.04 335  
Buligescu, Bianca, Borghans, Lex and Fouarge, Didier, "Occupational gender pay gap and segregation in the European Union" 23rd Annual Conference of the European Association of Labor Economists, Cyprus, 2011/09/22-24.  5.04 407  
Tacsir, Ezequiel, "Choosing a career in Science and Technology" GLOBELICS 2009 Dakar, Dakar, 2009/10/06/08.  5.04 505  
Costa, Ionara and Filippov, Sergey, "A New Nexus Between Foreign Direct Investment, Industrial and Innovation Policies" Globalisation, TNCs and Industrial Policies in Developing and Transition Countries, Strasbourg, 2007/06/15.  5.04 577 56
Erbes, Analia, Tacsir, Ezequiel and Yoguel, Gabriel, "Endogenous competences and linkages development" IV Globelics Conference at Mexico City, Mexico City, 2008/09/22-24.  5.04 464  
Filippov, Sergey and Mooi, Herman, "Innovation Project Management: a research agenda" 6th International Conference for Innovation and Management (ICIM2009), Sao Paolo, 2009/12/08-10.  5.04 3274 5048
Haaland, Kirsten, Ghosh, Rishab Aiyer and Sowe, Sulayman K., "Investigating the Productivity of Open Source Software Developers" 3rd FLOSS International Workshop on Free/Libre Open Source Software, Padua, 2009/07/02-03.  5.04 655  
Duysters, Geert and Zhang, Ying, "The role of entrepreneurship education in university students' entrepreneurial intention" Annual Conference of the Academy Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2011, Beijing, 2011/07/01-03.  5.04 727  
Wiebe, Kirsten, "Complementarities in development" The First World Sustainability Forum (SciForum), 2011/11/01-30.  5.04 515  
Zhang, Ying and Duysters, Geert, "Entrepeneurship development and the role of economic transition in entrepreneurial activities in China" Globelics 2010: VIII International Conference, Kuala Lumpur, 2010/11/01-03.  5.04 155  
Ramani, Shyama V., SadreGhazi, Shuan and Duysters, Geert, "Taking Innovations to the Poor: Lessons from Sanitation Activists in India" 7th GLOBELICS International Conference, Dakar, 2009/10/06-08.  5.04 685  
Tacsir, Ezequiel, "Diasporas of highly-skilled: institutionalization, experiences and opportunities" DEIP, Design and Evaluation of Innovation Policies, San Salvador, 2009/10/26-30.  5.04 424  
Doranova, Asel, "Clean Development Mechanism and Technological Development" ETH-PhD - Academy on Sustainability and Technology 2007, Zurich.  5.04 570 268