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Notten, Geranda and Gassmann, Franziska (2006). Size matters: Poverty reduction effects of means-tested and universal child benefits in Russia.  4.27 670  
Sologon, Denisa Maria (2009). Earnings dynamics and inequality amoung men in Luxembourg, 1988-2004: Evidence from administrative data.  4.27 447 117
Hagen-Zanker, Jessica Sabine, Siegel, Melissa and de Neubourg, Chris (2008). Strings attached: The impediments to migration. N/A.  4.27 662 177
Roelen, Keetie, Gassmann, Franziska and de Neubourg, Chris (2008). Child poverty in Vietnam providing insights using a countryspecific and multidimensional model. Maastricht University.  4.27 865 1023
Hagen-Zanker, Jessica Sabine and Siegel, Melissa (2007). A critical discussion of the motivations to remit in Albania and Moldova.  4.27 946  
Muñiz Castillo, Mirtha R. (2007). Autonomy and aid projects: Why do we care?. n/a.  4.27 591 93
Bauchmüller, Robert (2008). Evaluating causal effects of early childhood care and education investments: A discussion of the researcher's toolkit. Maastricht University.  4.27 512 124
Hercog, Metka and Wiesbrock, Anja (2010). The Legal Framework for Highly-Skilled Migration to the EU: EU and US Labour Migration Policies Compared. N/A.  4.27 395  
Roelen, Keetie, Gassmann, Franziska and de Neubourg, Chris (2009). False positives or hidden dimensions - What can monetary and multidimensional measurement tell us about child poverty?. Maastricht University.  4.27 684 336
Wu, Treena (2007). Types of households most vulnerable to physical and economic threats: Case studies in Aceh after the tsunami.  4.27 408 207
Tirivayi, Nyasha and Groot, Wim (2009). The welfare effects of integrating HIV/AIDS. Treatment with cash or in kind transfers.  4.27 401 187
Siegel, Melissa and Lücke, Matthias (2009). What Determines the Choice of Transfer Channel for Migrant Remittances? The Case of Moldova. Maastricht University.  4.27 591 656
Salanauskaite, Lina (2010). Microsimulation modelling in transition countries: Review of needs, obstacles and achievements.  4.27 443 39
Tirivayi, Nyasha and Groot, Wim (2010). In kind transfers, Household spending behaviour and consumption responses in HIV-affected households: Evidence from Zambia.  4.27 506 168
Muñiz Castillo, Mirtha R. and Gasper, Des (2009). Exploring human autonomy effectiveness: Project logic and its effects on individual autonomy. Maastricht University.  4.27 470 249
Henning, Florian and Ng, Gar Yein (2009). Steering collaborative e-justice. An exploratory case study of legitimisation processes in judicial videoconferencing in the Netherlands.  4.27 484 125
Ahmed, Maha and Gassmann, Franziska (2009). Defining vulnerability in post conflict environments.  4.27 909 820
Wu, Treena and Borghans, Lex (2009). Children working and attending school simultaneously: Tradeoffs made in a financial crisis.  4.27 552 97
Wu, Treena (2008). Circular migration and social protection in Indonesia.  4.27 647 145
Wu, Treena, Borghans, Lex and Dupuy, Arnaud (2008). Aggregate shocks and how parents protect the human capital accumulation process: An empirical study of Indonesia.  4.27 701 201
Schuering, Esther (2010). Conditions, conditionality, conditionalities, responsibilities - Finding common ground.  4.27 672 257
Muñiz Castillo, Mirtha R. (2009). Autonomy as foundation for human development: A conceptual model to study individual autonomy. n/a.  4.27 550 2726
Ahmed, Maha and Gassmann, Franziska (2010). Measuring Multidimensional Vulnerability in Afghanistan.  4.27 731 279
Siegel, Melissa (2007). Immigrant integration and remittance channel choice.  4.27 721 331
Hagen-Zanker, Jessica Sabine (2008). Why do people migrate? A review of the theoretical literature.  4.27 503 493
Hodges, Anthony, Dufay, Anne-Claire, Dashdorj, Khurelmaa, Yun Jong, Kang, Mungun, Tuya and Budragchaa, Uranchimeg (2007). Child benefits and poverty reduction: Evidence from Mongolia's Child Money.  4.27 550 182
Suddhi-Dhamakit, Kwanpadh (2010). You, me, or us? Conjugal separation and parent-child separation in family migration: A case of rural Thailand.  4.27 403 249
Hagen-Zanker, Jessica Sabine and Siegel, Melissa (2007). The determinants of remittances: A review of the literature.  4.27 693  
Roelen, Keetie, Gassmann, Franziska and de Neubourg, Chris (2009). Child poverty in Vietnam - providing insights using a country-specific and multidimensional model. Maastricht University.  4.27 877 278
Atamanov, Aziz and Van den Berg, Marrit (2010). Determinants of remittances in Central Asia: evidence based on the household budget survey in the Kyrgyz Republic. Maastricht University.  4.27 565 493
Notten, Geranda and De Crombrugghe, Denis (2006). Poverty and consumption smoothing in Russia. Maastricht University.  4.27 455 217
Notten, Geranda (2007). Managing risks: what Russian households do to smooth consumption.  4.27 433 317
Arndt, Christiane and Oman, Charles (2008). The Politics of Governance Ratings. Maastricht University.  4.27 434 1255
Roelen, Keetie and Gassmann, Franziska (2008). Measuring child poverty and well-being: a literature review.  4.27 801 1932
Notten, Geranda and de Neubourg, Chris (2007). The policy relevance of absolute and relative poverty headcounts: What's in a number?. Maastricht University.  4.27 417 296
Roelen, Keetie, Gassmann, Franziska and de Neubourg, Chris (2008). A global measurement approach versus a country-specific measurement approach - Do they draw the same picture of child poverty? The case of Vietnam. Maastricht University.  4.27 916 82
Tomini, Florian and Hagen-Zanker, Jessica Sabine (2009). How has internal migration in Albania affected the receipt of transfers from kinship members?.  4.27 475 223
Sologon, Denisa Maria and O'Donoghue, Cathal (2009). Policy, institutional factors and earnings mobility. Maastricht University.  4.27 446 207
Salanauskaite, Lina and Verbist, Gerlinde (2010). The 2004 law on allowances to children in Lithuania: What do microsimulations tell us about its distributional impacts?. Maastricht University.  4.27 372 46
Sologon, Denisa Maria and O'Donoghue, Cathal (2009). Earnings dynamics and inequality in EU, 1994-2001. n/a.  4.27 520 495
Muñiz Castillo, Mirtha R. (2008). A proposal to analyse international aid projects: From individual autonomy to human development. UNU-MERIT.  4.27 616 91
Sologon, Denisa Maria and O'Donoghue, Cathal (2009). Earnings Dynamics and Inequality among men across 14 EU countries, 1994 - 2001. Evidence from ECHP. Maastricht University.  4.27 462 197
Gassmann, Franziska (2005). How to improve access to social protection for the poor? Lessons from the social assistance reform in Latvia.  4.27 811 195
Sologon, Denisa Maria and O'Donoghue, Cathal (2009). Increased opportunity to move up the economic ladder? Earnings mobility in EU: 1994-2001. Maastricht University.  4.27 396 96
Tomini, Sonila and Maarse, Hans (2009). How do patient characteristics influence informal payments for inpatient and outpatient Healthcare in Albania. n/a.  4.27 451 72
Tomini, Florian (2010). Transferring to family and friends: A review of the motives, evidence, and the role of economics.  4.27 447 89
Petrovic, Marina (2009). Social assistance, activation policy, and social exclusion: Addressing causal complexity.  4.27 342 49
Roelen, Keetie (2010). Girls in transition - How to build evidence and gain insight.  4.27 503 222
Tomini, Sonila, Groot, Wim and Pavlova, Milena (2009). Paying informally in the Albanian health care sector: A two-tiered stochastic frontier bargaining model.  4.27 408 49
Atamanov, Aziz (2011). Microeconomic analysis of rural nonfarm activities in the Kyrgyz Republic: What determines participation and returns?.  4.27 423 178