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Iizuka, Michiko, Technological capability building by developing countries in the new global production system: empirical findings from the Chilean salmon farming industry. Raten Amerika Ronshu (Latin American Studies),  4.14 154  
Reinstaller, Andreas and Sanditov, Bulat, Social structure and consumption: on the diffusion of consumer good innovation. Journal of Evolutionary Economics,  4.14 181  
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Shafique, Muhammad, Thinking inside the box? intellectual structure of the knowledge base of innovation research (1988-2008). Strategic Management Journal,  4.14 195   0
Akçomak, Semih and ter Weel, Bas, (2012). The impact of social capital on crime: Evidence from the Netherlands. Regional Science and Urban Economics, (1), 323-340  4.14 1378   0
Lissoni, Francesco, Llerena, Patrick, McKelvey, Maureen and Sanditov, Bulat, Academic Patenting in Europe: New Evidence from the KEINS Database. Research Evaluation, (2),  4.14 229  
Hailu, Degol, Osorio, Rafael Guerreiro and Tsukada, Raquel, Privatization and Renationalization: What Went Wrong in Bolivia’s Water Sector?. World Development, (12),  4.14 139  
Atamanov, Aziz and Van den Berg, Marrit, (2012). International labour migration and local rural activities in the Kyrgyz Republic: determinants and trade-offs. Central Asian Survey, 31(12), 119-136  4.14 506   0
Filippov, Sergey, Russia’s Emerging Multinationals. Journal of Strategic Management Education, (3-4),  4.14 161  
Reinstaller, Andreas and Sanditov, Bulat, Social structure and consumption: on the diffusion of consumer good innovation. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, (5),  4.14 191  
Valentova, Marie and Zhelyazkova, Nevena, Women's Perceptions of Consequences of Career Interruptions due to Childcare in Central and Eastern Europe. Journal of Social Policy, (1),  4.14 192  
Fransen, Sonja, Caarls, Kim and Ruben, Ruerd, Can Migratory Contacts and Remittances Contribute to Reconciliation and Reconstruction in Rwanda. International Migration,  4.14 223  
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Triulzi, Giorgio and Pyka, Andreas, Learning-by-Modeling: Insights from an Agent-Based Model of University-Industry Relationships. Cybernetics and Systems, (7),  4.14 192   0
Akçomak, Semih and Kasnakoglu, E. Zehra, The determinants of earnings differentials in Ankara and İstanbul. METU Studies in Development,  4.14 108  
Godlewski, Christophe J., Sanditov, Bulat and Burger-Helmchen, Thierry, (2012). Bank lending networks, experience, reputation, and borrowing costs: Empirical evidence from the French syndicated lending market. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, (1), 113-140  4.14 777  
Kamath, Anant, India's Graduates lack Inspiration, not Infrastructure. Science and Development Network (SciDev.Net),  4.14 148  
Naudé, Wim and Rossouw, Stephanie, Early International Entrepreneurship in China: Extent and Determinants. Journal of International Entrepreneurship, (1),  4.14 213  
Rousseva, Rossitza, Identifying technological capabilities with different degree of coherence: The challenge to achieve high technological sophistication in latecomer software companies (based on the Bulgarian case). Technological Forecasting and Social Change, (75),  4.14 130  
Rousseva, Rossitza, book review of Andrej Jasinski (ed.) Transition economies in European research and innovation area. New Challenges for their science and technology. Research Policy, (9),  4.14 144  
Kuschminder, Katherine, Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building Through the Temporary Return of Qualified Nationals to Afghanistan. International Migration,  4.14 207  
Jacob, Jojo and Szirmai, Adam, International knowledge spillovers to developing countries: the case of Indonesia. Review of Development Economics, (3),  4.14 222  
Getachew, Yoseph Yilma, Distributional effects of public policy choices. Economics Letters, (2012),  4.14 184   0
Wiebe, Kirsten, Lutz, Christian, Bruckner, Martin and Giljum, Stefan, Calculating energy-related CO2 emissions embodied in international trade using a global input-output model. Economic Systems Research,  4.14 286   0
Muñiz Castillo, Mirtha R. and Gasper, Des, (2012). Human Autonomy Effectiveness and Development Projects. Oxford Development Studies, (1), 49-67  4.14 520   0
Ramani, Shyama V. and Guennif, Samira, Explaining divergence in catching-up in pharmaceuticals between India and Brazil using the NSI framework. Research Policy,  4.14 213   0
Hou, Jun and Mohnen, Pierre, Complementarity between In-house R&D and Technology Purchasing: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms Complementarity between In-house R&D and Technology Purchasing: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms. Oxford Development Studies, (3),  4.14 155  
Hou, Jun, Complementarity between In-house R&D and Technology Purchasing: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms. Oxford Development Studies, (3),  4.14 189  
Freire Junior, Clovis and Isgut, Alberto E., (2011). High food and oil prices and their impact on the achievement of MDG 1 in Asia and the Pacific. Journal of Regional Studies and Development, (1), N/A-N/A  4.14 424  
Goedhuys, Micheline, Learning, product innovation and firm heterogeneity in developing countries, evidence from Tanzania. Industrial and Corporate Change,  4.14 189  
Naudé, Wim and Minniti, Maria, What do We Know About the Patterns and Determinants of Female Entrepreneurship Across Countries?. The European Journal of Development Research, (3),  4.14 165  
Vertesy, Daniel, Mi motiválja Közép- és Kelet-Európa vállalatainak K+F kiadásait?. Társadalom és Gazdaság, (1),  4.14 121  
Meiszner, Andreas, Glott, Rüdiger and Sowe, Sulayman K., Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) Communities as an Example of successful Open Participatory Learning Ecosystems. The European Journal for the Informatics Professional, UPGRADE, (3),  4.14 198  
Galaviz, Jonathan, The Boomerang Effect: Asia's casino industry growth can "fly back" to benefit Las Vegas. UNLV Gaming Research & Review Journal, (1),  4.14 116  
Kesidou, Effie and Szirmai, Adam, Local Knowledge Spillovers, Innovation and Export Performance in Developing Countries. Empirical Evidence from the Uruguay Software Cluster. European Journal of Development Research, (2),  4.14 217  
Gebreeyesus, Mulu and Iizuka, Michiko, Discovery of Flower Industry in Ethiopia: Experimentation and Coordination. Journal of Globalization and Development, (2),  4.14 225  
Settas, Dimitris, Sowe, Sulayman K. and Stamelos, Ioannis, Addressing Software Project Management Antipattern Ontology Similarity Using Semantic Social Networks. The Knowledge Engineering Review, (3),  4.14 177   0
Wang, Lili and Szirmai, Adam, Capital inputs in the Chinese economy: Estimates for the total economy, industry and manufacturing. China Economic Review, (1),  4.14 215  
Naudé, Wim, (2010). The Global Economic Crisis and Developing Countries: Impacts, Responses and Options for Sustainable Recovery. Poverty & Public Policy, (2), 211-235  4.14 517  
Soete, Luc and Weehuizen, Rifka, The Economics of e-Government: A Bird's eye view. International Journal of Communications Law and Policy,  4.14 172  
Mbuvi, Dorcas and Schwartz, Klaas, (2013). The politics of utility reform: A case study of the Ugandan water sector. Public Money & Management, (5), 377-382  4.14 401  
Van Dijk, Michiel and Szirmai, Adam, (2011). The Micro-Dynamics of Catch Up in Indonesian Paper Manufacturing: An International Comparison of Plant-Level Performance. Review of Income and Wealth, (1), 61-83  4.14 611  
Vertesy, Daniel, The lion with wings: Innovation system dynamics in the aerospace industry of Singapore. International Journal of Technology and Globalisation, (1-2),  4.14 217  
Goedhuys, Micheline and Sleuwaegen, Leo, (2013). The impact of international standards certification on the performance of firms in less developed countries. World Development, N/A-N/A  4.14 728  
Toro, Francisco and Feinman, Sacha, Invisitble Continuities: The Media and Its Freedom in the Venezuelan Petrostate. Lateinamerika Analysen, (19),  4.14 153  
Sowe, Sulayman K. and Stamelos, Ioannis, Involving Software Engineering Students in Open Source Software Projects: Experiences from a Pilot Study. Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE), (4),  4.14 156  
Jacob, Jojo and Meister, Christoph, Productivity Gains, Technology Spillovers, and Trade: Indonesian Manufacturing, 1980-1996. Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, (1),  4.14 202  
Jacob, Jojo, Belderbos, René and Gilsing, Victor, Technology alliances in emerging economies: persistence and interrelation in European firms’ alliance formation. R&D Management,  4.14 154   0
Naudé, Wim, Bosker, Maarten and Matthee, Marianne, (2010). Export Specialization and Local Economic Growth. The World Economy, (4), 552-572  4.14 533