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Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2011). Assessment of the impacts of oil: Opportunities and challenges for economic development in Sudan. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 660  
Brach, Juliane and Naudé, Wim (2012). International entrepreneurship and technological capabilities in the Middle East and North Africa. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 598 141
Kwanjai, Nantawan Noi and den Hertog, Friso (2008). Portrait of an Odd-Eyed Cat: Cultural Crossing as a Trademark for a Dutch-Thai Strategic Alliance. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 797 308
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Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2011). The importance (impact) of knowledge at the macro-micro levels in Sudan. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 335 82
Costa, Ionara, Doranova, Asel and Eenhoorn, Geert-Jan (2008). Beyond the emission market: Kyoto and the international expansion of waste management firms. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 640 276
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Mani, Sunil (2009). The Growth of Knowledge-intensive Entrepreneurship in India, 1991–2007. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 348 121
Cowan, Robin and Kamath, Anant (2013). Interactive knowledge exchanges under complex social relations: A simulation model. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 659  
Akçomak, Semih and ter Weel, Bas (2008). The Impact of Social Capital on Crime: Evidence from the Netherlands. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 665 512
Huang, Can (2012). Estimates of the value of patent rights in China. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 509  
Urem, Branka, Alcorta, Ludovico and An, Tongliang (2008). The Innovativeness of Foreign Firms in China. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 454 185
Hall, Andy, Mytelka, Lynn K. and Oyelaran-Oyeyinka, Banji (2006). Concepts and guidelines for diagnostic assessments of agricultural innovation capacity. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 973 255
Habiyaremye, Alexis and Ziesemer, Thomas (2006). Absorptive Capacity and Export Diversification in Sub-Saharan African Countries. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 902 295
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Roediger-Schluga, Thomas and Dachs, Bernhard (2006). Does technology affect network structure? - A quantitative analysis of collaborative research projects in two specific EU programmes. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 440 89
Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2011). Assessment of effectiveness of China aid in financing development in Sudan. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 603  
van Zon, Adriaan and Fuss, Sabine (2006). Irreversible Investment under Uncertainty in Electricity Generation: A Clay-Clay-Vintage Portfolio Approach with an Application to Climate Change Policy in the UK. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 650 234
Roediger-Schluga, Thomas and Barber, Michael J. (2006). The structure of R&D collaboration networks in the European Framework Programmes. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 438 128
Ziesemer, Thomas (2010). Net-immigration of developing countries: The role of economic determinants, disasters, conflicts, and political instability. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 646  
Raymond, Wladimir, Mohnen, Pierre, Palm, Franz and Schim van der Loeff, Sybrand (2009). Innovative Sales, R&D and Total Innovation Expenditures: Panel Evidence on their Dynamics. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 670 155
Azomahou, Théophile T., Boucekkine, Raouf and Diene, Bity (2008). A closer look at the relationship between life expectancy and economic growth. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 995 482
Los, Bart and Verspagen, Bart (2008). Localized Innovation, Localized Diffusion and the Environment: An Analysis of CO2 Emission Reductions by Passenger Cars, 2000-2007. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 600 460
Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2010). Higher education and science policies in the Arab region: National, regional and global processes. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 408 241
Cesaroni, Fabrizio, Giarratana, Marco S. and Martínez-Ros, Ester (2012). Technological capabilities and cost efficiency as antecedents of foreign market entry. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 402 91
Santiago-Rodriguez, Fernando and Dutrenit, Gabriela (2010). Determinants of PRO-industry interactions in pharmaceutical R&D: the case of Mexico. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 503 253
Arvanitis, Spyros, Lokshin, Boris, Mohnen, Pierre and Wörter, Martin (2013). Impact of external knowledge acquisition strategies on innovation - A comparative study based on Dutch and Swiss panel data. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 721  
Bilgili, Ozge and Siegel, Melissa (2011). Understanding the changing role of the Turkish diaspora. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 638 557
Zhang, Ying (2009). A Different Look at Inward FDI into Mainland China. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 572 268
Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2013). The importance (impacts) of knowledge at the macro-micro levels in the Arab Gulf countries. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 376 173
Verspagen, Bart (2012). Stylized facts of governance, institutions and economic development. Exploring the institutional profiles database. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 731 183
Sologon, Denisa Maria and O'Donoghue, Cathal (2012). Cross-national trends in permanent earnings inequality and earnings instability in Europe 1994-2001. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 447  
Crespi, Gustavo A. and Zuniga, Pluvia (2012). Innovation strategies and employment in Latin American firms. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 602 309
Perrot, Radhika, Mosaka, David, Nokaneng, Lefentse and Sikhondze, Rita (2012). Government R&D impact on the South African macro-economy. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 520 284
Iizuka, Michiko and Katz, Jorge (2012). Globalization and the changing institution for sustainability: The case of the Salmon farming industry in Chile. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 912 556
Nour, Samia Satti O. M. (2010). The incidence and transfer of knowledge in the Arab countries. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 371 66
Gassmann, Franziska (2011). Protecting vulnerable families in Central Asia: Poverty, vulnerability and the impact of the economic crisis. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 751 419
Burlacu, Irina and O'Donoghue, Cathal (2012). Differential welfare state impacts for frontier working age families. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 449 83
David, Paul A. (2011). Mitigating 'anticommons' harms to research in science and technology. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 638  
Wamae, Watu (2006). Are North-South Technological Spillovers Substantial? A dynamic panel data model estimation. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 564 66
Beckers, Pascal and Borghans, Lex (2011). Segregation in neighbourhoods and labour market outcomes of immigrants: Evidence from random assignment in the Netherlands. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 459 147
Hall, Andy, Sulaiman, Rasheed, Dhamankar, Mona, Bezkorowajnyj, Peter and Prasad, Leela (2008). Reframing technical change: Livestock Fodder Scarcity Revisited as Innovation Capacity Scarcity: Part 1. A Review of Historical and Recent Experiences. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 677  
Mbuvi, Dorcas and Tarsim, Achraf (2011). Managerial ownership and urban water utilities efficiency in Uganda. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 402 72
Bauchmüller, Robert (2013). Centre-based versus home-based childcare. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 442 143
Iizuka, Michiko and Soete, Luc (2011). Catching up in the 21st century: Globalization, knowledge & capabilities in Latin America, a case for natural resource based activities. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 909 221
van Zon, Adriaan and Kiiver, Hannah (2006). On the Persistence of Inequality in the Distribution of Personal Abilities and Income. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 637 122
Filippov, Sergey (2011). Russia's emerging multinational companies amidst the global economic crisis. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 424  
Athreye, Suma (2010). Economic Adversity and Entrepreneurship-led Growth - Lessons from the Indian Software Sector. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 752  
Figueiredo, Paulo N., Cohen, Marcela and Gomes, Saulo (2013). Firms' innovation capability-building paths and the nature of changes in learning mechanisms: Multiple case-study evidence from an emerging economy. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 394  
Dyrnes, Inger Karin Moen (2012). Perspectives on human development theory in democracy promotion: A comparison of democracy promotion programmes in Egypt through the lenses of classical and revised modernisation theory. UNU-MERIT.  3.11 504 103