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Ichikawa, Kaoru, (2013). Understanding Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes in the Context of Cambodia. International Journal of Environmental and Rural Development, 4(1), 57-62  4.38 406  
Ichikawa, Kaoru, (2012). 里地里山保全に関する国際的取組―SATOYAMAイニシアティブ. 多摩ニュータウン研究, 14 67-68  4.38 476  
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Doll, Christopher N.H. and Balaban, Osman, (2013). A methodology for evaluating environmental co-benefits in the transport sector: application to the Delhi Metro. Journal of Cleaner Production, 58 61-73  4.38 842   0
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Mauerhofer, Volker, (2013). Social capital, social capacity and social carrying capacity: perspectives for the social basics within environmental sustainability. Futures, 53 63-73  4.38 498   0
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Qiu, Zhenmian, Chen, Bixia and Takemoto, Kazuhiko, (2013). Conservation of terraced paddy fields engaged with multiple stakeholders: the case of Noto GIAHS Site in Japan. Paddy and Water Environment, 12(2), 275-283  4.38 670   0
Russell-Smith, Jeremy, Monagle, Catherine, Jacobsohn, Margaret, Beatty, Robin L., Bilbao, Bibiana, Millán, Adriana, Vessuri, Hebe and Sánchez-Rose, Isabelle, (2013). Can savanna burning projects deliver measurable greenhouse emissions reductions and sustainable livelihood opportunities in fire-prone settings?. Climatic Change, 47-61  4.38 524 36 0
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