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Estevez, Elsa and Janowski, Tomasz, (2013). Electronic governance for sustainable development: conceptual framework and state of research. Government Information Quarterly, 30(2013), 94-109  5.94 782   0
Janssen, Marijn and Estevez, Elsa, (2013). Lean government and platform-based governance: doing more with less. Government Information Quarterly, 30(1), S1-S8  5.94 631   0
Alarabiat, Ayman, Soares, Delfina and Estevez, Elsa, (2020). Determinants of citizens' intention to engage in government-led electronic participation initiatives through Facebook. Government Information Quarterly, 38(1), n/a-n/a  5.14 246  
Janssen, Marijn, Estevez, Elsa and Janowski, Tomasz, (2014). Interoperability in big, open, and linked data-organizational maturity, capabilities, and data portfolios. IEEE Computer, 70(10), 44-49  5.14 575   0
Ojo, Adegboyega, Janowski, Tomasz and Estevez, Elsa, (2011). Whole-of-government approach to technology strategy management: building a sustainable collaborative technology environment in government. Information Polity, 16(3), 17-17  5.14 443   0
Ojo, Adegboyega, Janowski, Tomasz and Estevez, Elsa, (2010). Semantic interoperability architecture for governance 2.0. Information Polity, 15(1), 18-18  5.14 603   0
Guillermina Cledou, Estevez, Elsa and Soares Barbosa, Luís, (2018). A taxonomy for planning and designing smart mobility services. Government Information Quarterly, 35(1), 61-76  5.14 583  
Ojo, Adegboyega, Janowski, Tomasz and Estevez, Elsa, (2012). Improving government enterprise architecture practice: maturity factor analysis. Journal of Enterprise Architecture, 1(1), 10-10  5.14 593  
Grosse, Katherine, Chesnevar, Carlos, Maguitman, Ana and Estevez, Elsa, (2012). Empowering na e-government platform through Twitter-based arguments. Revista Iberoamericana de Inteligencia Artificial, 50(15), 46-56  4.74 516  
Calo, Karla, Cenci, Karina, Fillottrani, Pablo and Estevez, Elsa, (2012). Information sharing: benefits. Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 12(2), 49-55  4.74 571 3326
Janssen, Marijn, Brous, Paul, Estevez, Elsa, Soares Barbosa, Luís and Janowski, Tomasz, (2020). Data governance: Organizing data for trustworthy Artificial Intelligence. Government Information Quarterly, 37(3), n/a-n/a  4.34 525