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Cave, Kate, Heikoop, Bernhard, Quillérou, Emmanuelle and Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J. (2015). Ecotourism: Reinforcing Local Demand for a "Waste to Wealth" Approach to Sanitation. UNU-INWEH.  7.40 310  
Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J., Wild, Chris and Metcalfe, Chris D. (2015). Valuing Human Waste as an Energy Resource: A Research Brief Assessing the Global Wealth in Waste. UNU-INWEH.  7.40 530  
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Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J., Cave, Kate, McCormick, Haley, Watt, Susan and Dickson, Sarah (2015). WaSH: Integrated Social Empowerment Toolkit for Community WaSH and Wellbeing - W:ISE Toolkit Handbook. UNU-INWEH.  7.40 350 58
Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J., Grover, Velma I., Adeel, Zafar, Confalonieri, Ulisses E. C. and Elliott, Susan J. (2008). Safe Water as the Key to Global Health. UNU-INWEH.  7.40 527 240
Charron, Dominique F., Edge, Tom, Fleury, Manon, Galatianos, Wendelin, Gillis, Daniel, Kent, Rob, Maarouf, Abdel R., Neudoerffer, Cynthia, Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J., Thomas, Kate, Valcour, James and Waltner-Toews, David (2005). Links Between Climate, Water And Waterborne Illness, And Projected Impacts Of Climate Change. Final Technical Report to HPRP. Health Canada.  7.40 539 547
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Mengueze, Sandrine, Mbuvi, Dorcas, Dickin, Sarah and Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J. (2014). A Micro Financing Framework for Rural Water and Sanitation provisioning in Sub-Saharan Africa. UNU-INWEH.  7.40 656 1080
Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J., Cave, Kate and Metcalfe, Chris D. (2016). Dehcho - Great River: The State and Science in the Mackenzie Basin (1960-1985). UNU-INWEH.  7.40 583 316
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Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J., Watt, Susan, Cave, Kate and Mehta, Praem (2015). Doing Development Differently: Bridging Policy, Practice, and Research for WaSH and Wellbeing. UNU-INWEH.  7.40 355