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Avtar, Ram, Herath, Srikantha, Saito, Osamu, Gera, Weena, Singh, Gulab and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2013). Application of remote sensing techniques towards the role of traditional water bodies with respect to vegetation conditions. Environment, Development and Sustainability, 995-1011  4.56 852   0
Mohri, Hideyuki, Lahoti, Shruti, Saito, Osamu, Mahalingam, Anparasan, Gunatilleke, Nimal, Irham, I., Hoang, Van Thang, Hitinayake, Gamini, Takeuchi, Kazuhiko and Herath, Srikantha, (2013). Assessment of ecosystem services in homegarden systems in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Ecosystem Services, 5 124-136  4.56 875   0
Saito, Osamu, (2013). Resource use and waste generation by the tourism industry in the big island of Hawaii. Journal of Industrial Ecology,  4.56 687   0
Sasaki, Takehiro, Okuro, Toshiya, Kakinuma, Kaoru, Okayasu, Tomoo, Undarmaa, Jamsran and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2013). Vegetation in a post-ecological threshold state may nor recover after short-term livestock exclusion in Mongolian rangelands. Arid Land Research and Management, 27 101-110  4.56 583   0
Kakinuma, Kaoru, Okayasu, Tomoo, Sasaki, Takehiro, Undarmaa, Jamsran, Okuro, Toshiya and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2013). Rangeland management in highly variable environments: resource spatial heterogeneity mediates impact of grazing on vegetation. Grassland Science, 59 44-51  4.56 639   0
Ishikawa-Takashita, Eiko and Ito, Osamu, (2013). 環境測定分析技術・機器の最新動向 アジア沿岸水圏における有機汚染物質のモニタリングと管理. 月刊産業と環境, 42(1), 25-28  4.56 626 159
Futamura, Madoka, (2013). International justice and local justice in international criminal justice. Heiwa Kenkyu [Peace Studies], 41  4.56 447  
Futamura, Madoka, (2013). Michael N. Barnett: the international humanitarian order. Japanese Journal of Political Science, 14  4.56 494  
Wang, Feng, Huisman, Jaco, Stevels, Ab and Balde, Cornelis P., (2013). Enhancing e-waste estimates - improving data quality by multivariate input–output analysis. Journal of Waste Management, 2397-2407  4.56 630   0
Kuehr, Ruediger, (2013). Book review: what is sustainable technology? perceptions, paradoxes and possibilities, edited by Karel Mulder, Didac Ferrer and Harro van Lente. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 17  4.56 831  
De Silva, M. M. G. T., Weerakoon, S. B. and Herath, Srikantha, (2013). Modeling of event and continuous flow hydrographs with HEC-HMS; A case study in Kelani River basin Sri Lanka. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 19(4), 800-806  4.56 1024   0
Stevels, Ab, Huisman, Jaco, Wang, Feng, Li, Jinhui, Li, Boyang and Duan, Huabo, (2013). Take back and treatment of discarded electronics: a scientific update. Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering, 7(4), 1-8  4.56 578   0
Huisman, Jaco, (2013). Too big to fail, too academic to function. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 17(2),  4.56 604   0
Kumazawa, Terukazu, Kozaki, Kouji, Matsui, Takanori, Saito, Osamu, Ohta, Mamoru, Hara, Keishiro, Uwasu, Michinori, Kimura, Michinori and Mizoguchi, Riichiro, (2013). Initial design process of the sustainability science ontology for knowledge-sharing to support co-deliberation. Sustainability Science,  4.56 801   0
Tsuchiya, Kazuaki, Okuro, Toshiya and Takeuchi, Kazuhiko, (2013). The combined effects of conservation policy and co-management alter the understory vegetation of urban woodlands: a case study in the Tama Hills area, Japan. Urban and Landscape Planning, 110 87-98  4.56 771   0
Avtar, Ram, Kumar, Pankaj, Singh, P. K., Sahu, Netrananda, Verma, R. L., Thakur, Jay Krishna and Mukherjee, Saumitra, (2013). Hydrological assessment of groundwater quality of Bundelkhand, India using statistical approach. Water Quality Exposure and Health, 5(3), 105-115  4.56 587  
Avtar, Ram, Suzuki, Ryoko, Takeuchi, Wataru and Sawada, Haruo, (2013). PALSAR 50m mosaic based national level biomass estimation for REDD+ policies implementation. PLOSone 8, 10 1-11  4.56 426 20
Avtar, Ram, Kumar, Pankaj, Surjan, Akhilesh, Gupta, L. N. and Roychowdhury, Koel, (2013). Geochemical processes regulating groundwater chemistry with special reference to nitrate and fluorite enrichment in Chattarpur area, Madhya Pradesh, India. Environmental Earth Sciences, 70(4), 1699-1708  4.56 633  
Avtar, Ram, Sawada, Haruo and Kumar, Pankaj, (2013). Role of remote sensing and community forestry to manage forests for the effective implementation of REDD+ mechanism: a case study on Cambodia. Environment, Development and Sustainability,  4.56 580   0