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Fransen, Sonja, Kuschminder, Katherine and Siegel, Melissa (2012). Implementation of cross-country migration surveys in conflict-affected settings: Lessons from the IS Academy survey in Burundi and Ethiopia. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 774 153
Ramani, Shyama V., Frühauf, Timothée, Dutta, Arijita and Meijers, Huub (2012). Determinants of the prevalence of diarrhoea in adolescents attending school: A case study of an Indian village school. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 814 240
de Neubourg, Elise and de Neubourg, Chris (2012). The impact of malnutrition and post traumatic stress disorder on the performance of working memory in children. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 494  
Filippov, Sergey (2012). European investment promotion agencies vis-à-vis multinational companies from emerging economies: Comparative analysis of BRIC investor targeting. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 535 154
Cesaroni, Fabrizio, Giarratana, Marco S. and Martínez-Ros, Ester (2012). Technological capabilities and cost efficiency as antecedents of foreign market entry. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 411 93
Ziesemer, Thomas (2012). Worker remittances and government behaviour in the receiving countries. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 667 189
Perrot, Radhika (2012). The dynamics of renewable energy transition in developing countries - The case of South Africa and India. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 761 342
Brach, Juliane and Naudé, Wim (2012). International entrepreneurship and technological capabilities in the Middle East and North Africa. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 614 145
Tomini, Sonila, Groot, Wim and Pavlova, Milena (2012). The determinants of home based long-term care utilisation in Western European countries. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 440 55
Vandeninden, Frieda (2012). Foreign aid transaction costs. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 437  
Iizuka, Michiko and Katz, Jorge (2012). Globalization and the changing institution for sustainability: The case of the Salmon farming industry in Chile. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 932 561
Sfakianakis, Emmanouil and van de Laar, Mindel (2012). Assessing contingent liabilities in public-private partnerships (PPPs). UNU-MERIT.  3.29 786 234
Farla, Kristine (2012). Industrial policy for growth. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 514 290
Cowan, Robin and Kamath, Anant (2012). Informal knowledge exchanges under complex social relations: A network study of handloom clusters in Kerala, India. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 845 249
Vandeninden, Frieda (2012). A simulation of social pensions in Europe. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 536  
Letty, Brigid, Shezi, Zanele and Mudhara, Maxwell (2012). An exploration of agricultural grassroots innovation in South Africa and implications for innovation indicator development. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 854 409
Bluhm, Richard, De Crombrugghe, Denis and Szirmai, Adam (2012). Explaining the dynamics of stagnation: An empirical examination of the North, Wallis and Weingast approach. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 771 155
Li, Jinjing and O'Donoghue, Cathal (2012). A methodological survey of dynamic microsimulation models. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 678  
Sologon, Denisa Maria and O'Donoghue, Cathal (2012). Cross-national trends in permanent earnings inequality and earnings instability in Europe 1994-2001. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 463  
Bluhm, Richard and Szirmai, Adam (2012). Institutions and long-run growth performance: An analytic literature review of the institutional determinants of economic growth. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 833 582
Tiwari, Amaresh, Mohnen, Pierre, Palm, Franz and Schim van der Loeff, Sybrand (2012). Microeconometric evidence of financing frictions and innovative activity. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 845 229
Bierbaum, Mira and Gassmann, Franziska (2012). Chronic and transitory poverty in the Kyrgyz Republic: What can synthetic panels tell us?. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 890 266
Gries, Thomas, Jungblut, Stefan and Naudé, Wim (2012). New firm creation and failure: A matching approach. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 594 98
Farla, Kristine (2012). Institutions and credit. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 420 55
Siegel, Melissa and Fransen, Sonja (2012). New Technologies in remittances sending: Opportunities for mobile remittances in Africa. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 928 273
Casado, Jose Maria, Alvarez-Cuadrado, Francisco, Labeaga Azcona, José M. and Sutthiphisal, Dhanoos (2012). Envy and habits: Panel data estimates of interdependent preferences. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 503 321
Schuering, Esther and Gassmann, Franziska (2012). Whom to target - an obvious choice?. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 690 190
Opolot, Daniel (2012). Social interactions and complex networks. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 400 78
Waheed, Abdul (2012). Employment effect of innovation: microdata evidence from Bangladesh and Pakistan. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 474 100
Stel, Nora and Naudé, Wim (2012). Entrepreneurship and innovation in a hybrid political order: The case of Lebanon. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 908 442
Naudé, Wim (2012). Entrepreneurship and economic development: Theory, evidence and policy. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 631 1572
Iizuka, Michiko and Gebreeyesus, Mulu (2012). A systemic perspective in understanding the successful emergence of non-traditional exports: two cases from Africa and Latin America. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 1010 379
García-Gómez, Pilar, Labeaga Azcona, José M. and Oliva, Juan (2012). Employment and wages of people living with HIV/AIDS. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 542 216
Gassmann, Franziska (2012). Switching the lights off: The impact of energy tariff increases on households in the Kyrgyz Republic. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 830 431
Cingolani, Luciana and De Crombrugghe, Denis (2012). Exploring the panel components of the Institutional Profiles Database (IPD). UNU-MERIT.  3.29 514 82
Burlacu, Irina and O'Donoghue, Cathal (2012). Differential welfare state impacts for frontier working age families. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 460 90
Gassmann, Franziska, Siegel, Melissa, Vanore, Michaella and Waidler, Jennifer (2012). The impact of migration on elderly left behind in Moldova. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 751  
Perrot, Radhika, Mosaka, David, Nokaneng, Lefentse and Sikhondze, Rita (2012). Government R&D impact on the South African macro-economy. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 535 291
Naudé, Wim and Szirmai, Adam (2012). The importance of manufacturing in economic development: Past, present and future perspectives. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 1257 2222
Mupela, Evans and Szirmai, Adam (2012). Communication costs and trade in Sub-Saharan Africa. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 802 182
Rehm, Martin, Gijselaers, Wim and Segers, Mien (2012). The monkey on your back?! Hierarchical positions and their influence on participants' behaviour within communities of learning. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 434 36
Hervás Oliver, José Luis, Sempere-Ripoll, Francisca and Boronat-Moll, Carles (2012). Process innovation objectives and management complementarities: patterns, drivers, co-adoption and performance effects. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 471 91
Cingolani, Luciana and De Crombrugghe, Denis (2012). Techniques for dealing with reverse causality between institutions and economic performance. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 537 202
Siegel, Melissa and Kuschminder, Katherine (2012). Highly skilled temporary return, technological change and Innovation: The Case of the TRQN Project in Afghanistan. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 854 232
Siegel, Melissa and Waidler, Jennifer (2012). Migration and multi-dimensional poverty in Moldovan communities. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 779 170
Cadena-Gaitan, Carlos (2012). Political determinants of sustainable transport in Latin American cities. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 458 255
Muysken, Joan, Vallizadeh, Ehsan and Ziesemer, Thomas (2012). The impact of Medium-Skilled immigration: A general equilibrium approach. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 801 307
Li, Jinjing and O'Donoghue, Cathal (2012). Evaluating binary alignment methods in microsimulation models. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 508  
Bedasso, Biniam (2012). Lords of Uhuru: the political economy of elite competition and institutional change in post-independence Kenya. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 502 72
Konté, Almamy and Ndong, Mariama (2012). The informal ICT sector and innovation processes in Senegal. UNU-MERIT.  3.29 407