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Tanaka, Aurea C. and Tabucanon, Mario T., (2012). Improving network governance for sustainability in higher education: ProSPER.Net meets in the Philippines. Journal of Education for Sustainable Development, 6(1), 11-15  4.57 552  
Fadeeva, Zinaida and Galkute, Laima, (2012). Looking for synergies: education for sustainable development and the Bologna Process. Journal of Education for Sustainable Development, 6(1), 91-100  4.57 551  
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Agboola, Julius Ibukun, (2012). Technological Innovation and Developmental Strategies for Sustainable Management of Aquatic Resources in Developing Countries. Environmental Management, 54(6), 1237-1248  4.57 512   0
Huang, Beijia, Yang, Haizhen, Mauerhofer, Volker and Guo, Ru, (2012). Sustainability assessment of low carbon technologies–case study of the building sector in China. Journal of Cleaner Production, 32 244-250  4.57 501   0
Huenteler, Joern, Schmidt, Tobias S. and Kanie, Norichika, (2012). Japan's post-Fukushima challenge: implications from the German experience on renewable energy policy. Energy Policy, 45 6-11  4.57 1084   0
Lee, Lisa Y., Ancev, Tihomir and Vervoort, Willem, (2012). Evaluation of environmental policies targeting irrigated agriculture: the case of the Mooki catchment, Australia. Agricultural Water Management, 109 107-116  4.57 573   0
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Haslam, Gareth E., Jupesta, Joni and Parayil, Govindan, (2012). Assessing fuel cell vehicle innovation and the role of policy in Japan, Korea, and China. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 37(19), 14612-14623  4.57 636   0
Suwa, Aki and Jupesta, Joni, (2012). Policy innovation for technology diffusion: a case-study of Japanese renewable energy public support programs. Sustainability Science, 7(2), 185-197  4.57 567   0
Adenle, Ademola A., Aworh, Ogugua C., Akromah, Richard and Parayil, Govindan, (2012). Developing GM super cassava for improved health and food security: future challenges in Africa. Agriculture & Food Security, 1(11), 174-187  4.57 634 48 0
Ichikawa, Kaoru, (2012). 里地里山保全に関する国際的取組―SATOYAMAイニシアティブ. 多摩ニュータウン研究, 14 67-68  4.57 475  
Glemarec, Yannick and Puppim de Oliveira, José A., (2012). The role of the visible hand of public institutions in creating a sustainable future. Public Administration and Development, 32(3), 200-214  4.57 613   0
Adenle, Ademola A., (2012). Failure to achieve 2010 biodiversity’s target in developing countries: how can conservation help?. Biodiversity and Conservation, 21(10), 2435-2442  4.57 526   0
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Gu, Hongyan, Jiao, Yuanmei and Liang, Luohui, (2012). Strengthening the socio-ecological resilience of forest-dependent communities: the case of the Hani Rice Terraces in Yunnan, China. Forest Policy and Economics, 22 53-59  3.71 625   0
Adenle, Ademola A., Sowe, Sulayman K., Parayil, Govindan and Aginam, Obijiofor, (2012). Analysis of open source biotechnology in developing countries: an emerging framework for sustainable agriculture. Technology in Society, 34(3), 256-269  3.71 918 1549 0