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Hercog, Metka and Wiesbrock, Anja (2010). The Legal Framework for Highly-Skilled Migration to the EU: EU and US Labour Migration Policies Compared. N/A.  4.37 395  
Salanauskaite, Lina (2010). Microsimulation modelling in transition countries: Review of needs, obstacles and achievements.  4.37 443 39
Tirivayi, Nyasha and Groot, Wim (2010). In kind transfers, Household spending behaviour and consumption responses in HIV-affected households: Evidence from Zambia.  4.37 506 168
Schuering, Esther (2010). Conditions, conditionality, conditionalities, responsibilities - Finding common ground.  4.37 672 257
Ahmed, Maha and Gassmann, Franziska (2010). Measuring Multidimensional Vulnerability in Afghanistan.  4.37 731 279
Suddhi-Dhamakit, Kwanpadh (2010). You, me, or us? Conjugal separation and parent-child separation in family migration: A case of rural Thailand.  4.37 403 249
Atamanov, Aziz and Van den Berg, Marrit (2010). Determinants of remittances in Central Asia: evidence based on the household budget survey in the Kyrgyz Republic. Maastricht University.  4.37 565 493
Salanauskaite, Lina and Verbist, Gerlinde (2010). The 2004 law on allowances to children in Lithuania: What do microsimulations tell us about its distributional impacts?. Maastricht University.  4.37 372 46
Tomini, Florian (2010). Transferring to family and friends: A review of the motives, evidence, and the role of economics.  4.37 447 89
Roelen, Keetie (2010). Girls in transition - How to build evidence and gain insight.  4.37 503 222
Tomini, Florian and Borghans, Lex (2010). Between children and friends; Financial solidarity of family and friends in the Netherlands.  4.37 622 100
Muñiz Castillo, Mirtha R. (2010). Project logic, organisational practices and human autonomy; Four foreign-aided projects in Nicaragua and El Salvador. n/a.  4.37 487 84
Atamanov, Aziz and Van den Berg, Marrit (2010). Rural non-farm activities in Central Asia: A regional analysis of magnitude, structure, evolution and drivers in the Kyrgyz Republic. Maastricht University.  4.37 475 389
Tirivayi, Nyasha, Koethe, John and Groot, Wim (2010). Food assistance and its effect on the weight and antiretroviral therapy adherence of HIV infected adults evidence from Zambia. N/A.  4.37 450 121
Tomini, Florian and Borghans, Lex (2010). Interdependent transfers and individual needs: Parental support to children in the Netherlands.  4.37 480 76