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Arndt, Christiane and Oman, Charles (2008). The Politics of Governance Ratings. Maastricht University.  4.47 443 1292
Roelen, Keetie, Gassmann, Franziska and de Neubourg, Chris (2008). Child poverty in Vietnam providing insights using a countryspecific and multidimensional model. Maastricht University.  4.47 900 1033
Hagen-Zanker, Jessica Sabine, Siegel, Melissa and de Neubourg, Chris (2008). Strings attached: The impediments to migration. N/A.  4.47 673 182
Muñiz Castillo, Mirtha R. (2008). A proposal to analyse international aid projects: From individual autonomy to human development. UNU-MERIT.  4.47 637 96
Roelen, Keetie, Gassmann, Franziska and de Neubourg, Chris (2008). A global measurement approach versus a country-specific measurement approach - Do they draw the same picture of child poverty? The case of Vietnam. Maastricht University.  4.47 941 88
Wu, Treena, Borghans, Lex and Dupuy, Arnaud (2008). Aggregate shocks and how parents protect the human capital accumulation process: An empirical study of Indonesia.  4.47 721 206
Hagen-Zanker, Jessica Sabine (2008). Why do people migrate? A review of the theoretical literature.  4.47 515 508
Wu, Treena (2008). Circular migration and social protection in Indonesia.  4.47 671 152
Roelen, Keetie and Gassmann, Franziska (2008). Measuring child poverty and well-being: a literature review.  4.47 817 1968
Bauchmüller, Robert (2008). Evaluating causal effects of early childhood care and education investments: A discussion of the researcher's toolkit. Maastricht University.  4.47 522 132